Longman thesaurus of modern English Word definitions in Longman dictionary of modern English noun COLLOCATIONS FROM corpus ■ ADJECTIVE blue ▪ the town hall a youth in a blue tunic and also spangles performing top top the slack rope, he figured out to attempt a similar feat. White ▪ he wore a red-and-gold headdress, and also a white tunic trimmed with the same colours....

The Collaborative worldwide Dictionary Word definitions in The collaborative International thesaurus Tunic \Tu"nic\, n. (Rom. Antiq.) an under-garment worn by the old Romans that both sexes. It was made through or there is no sleeves, reached to or listed below the knees, and also was confined in ~ the waist by a girdle. Any similar garment worm...

Wiktionary Word interpretations in Wiktionary n. A garment worn over the torso, with or there is no sleeves, and of assorted lengths reaching from the hips to the ankles.

Douglas Harper"s Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper"s Etymology dictionary late 15c., from middle French tunique (12c.) or directly from Latin tunica "undergarment worn by one of two people sex" (source the Spanish tunica , Italian tonica , Old English tunece , Old High German tunihha ), most likely from a Semitic source (compare Hebrew kuttoneth...

WordNet Word interpretations in WordNet n. An enveloping or spanning membrane or great of body tissue any type of of a selection of loose fitting cloaks prolonging to the hips or knees

Wikipedia Word meanings in Wikipedia A tunic is any type of of several species of garment because that the body, usually an easy in style, reaching from the shoulders come a length somewhere in between the hips and also the ankles. The surname derives from the Latin tunica, the simple garment worn by both men and women in...

usage examples the tunic.

Tiriki scampered into the room, her silky fair hair all aflutter around the elfin face, her little tunic torn, one pink foot sandalled and the various other bare, whose fast uneven measures bore her quickly to Domaris.

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Her expression was grim, however she proved no surprise as soon as he shrugged the end of his tunic, squirmed into a padded buckram aketon, and lifted his scale shirt from its rack.

Stepping away as far as that could, Alec pulled the harp string from his tunic and also waved it like a pass.

She pulled the collar of she tunic up over her mouth to safeguard her teeth from the algid wait she breathed.

I tucked myself ago into my bra and, quiet clutching the aquamanile, buttoned up my tunic.

The young Arend had readjusted out the his garish clothing and now wore brown hose, a green tunic, and a dark-brown wool cape.

He to be undressing and folding his tunic when Argan walked slowly through the hatch, plainly trying to manage each step.

Then, as he bent end the sword, the thong-tied, golden ring fell out native his tunic, swinging in front of him choose a subtle message from the mighty god Axan himself.

He clenched his fist end the golden axes ~ above his black color tunic coat and also bowed jerkily from the waist.

The street lock were following crossed a small square in which a madness gesticulating ayatollah clad in a yellow tunic and also green smock was haranguing a crowd pressed from wall surface to wall.

He was simply however well dressed in one indigo buffin tunic and also leather breeches.

Both the Gate-guards to be clad in loose-fitting tunics belted at the middle, taltry-hoods v camails, and also cross-gartered breeches tucked right into boots.

The priests and priestesses that Azza wore saffron tunics with the crimson chlamys, or half-cloak, fastened v bronze brooches.

He was dried ~ above towels of well linen, perfumed v chypre and dressed in saffron-dyed linen breeches and a long tunic.

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Under his jubbah Cipres wore a tunic that white damask that Tirant had given him with the cross of Saint George embroidered on it.