The Nissl bodies , likewise called substance of Nissl, is a structure that is in the inner of the neurons. In particular, that is it was observed in the nucleus of the cabinet (called soma) and in the dendrites. The axons or nerve expansions through i m sorry neural signals take trip never lack Nissl bodies.

lock consist of clusters of unstable endoplasmic reticles. This structure exists only in cells that have nuclei, such together neurons.

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The body of Nissl serve, mainly, come synthesize and to relax proteins. These are essential for neuronal growth and regeneration the axons in the peripheral concerned system.

Nissl bodies are defined as basophilic accumulations discovered in the cytoplasm the neurons created of unstable endoplasmic reticulum and also ribosomes. Its name originates from the psychiatrist and also German neurologist Franz Nissl (1860-1919).

that is crucial to understand that in part physiological conditions and in particular pathologies Nissl bodies can change and also dissolve and disappear. An instance is the Chromatolysis , Which will certainly be defined later.

The body of Nissl deserve to be observed very easily in the optical microscope, because they room stained selectively by their content of RNA.

exploration of the body of Nissl

A couple of years ago, researchers were trying to discover a way to recognize the location of mind damage.

To perform this, lock realized that a an excellent way to uncover out to be to dye the sums (nuclei) the the cells of the postmortem brains.

in ~ the end of last century, Franz Nissl uncovered a dye referred to as methylene blue. This to be originally supplied to dye fabrics, but was discovered to have the ability to stain the to move sums of mind tissue.

Nissl realized the there were details elements in the dye-picking neurons, which obtained the name"bodies of Nissl"or"substance the Nissl." it is likewise called"chromophilic substance"because the its high affinity to it is in dyed by an easy dyes.

that observed the they were created of RNA, DNA and related proteins in the cell core of the cell. In addition, lock were additionally dispersed in the type of granules by the cytoplasm. The last is an important component the cells the is located within the plasma membrane but outside the cell nucleus.

In enhancement to methylene blue, numerous other dyes are used to look in ~ the sums of cells. The many used is cresyl violet. This has enabled to identify masses of cellular sums, besides the location of the body of Nissl.

Structure and also composition of the bodies of Nissl

The body of Nissl room accumulations of unstable endoplasmic illusion (RER). These space organelles that synthesize and also transfer proteins.

lock are placed next come the envelope the the neuronal soma, attached to it v the target of recording the essential information for a correct synthesis that proteins.

Its framework is a collection of stacked membranes. The is called"rough"by its appearance, together it additionally has a big amount the ribosomes i ordered it in a spiral top top its surface. Ribosomes are clusters the proteins and ribonucleic mountain (RNA) the synthesize protein from the genetic information they get from DNA with messenger RNA.

Structurally, the body of Nissl are formed by a series of cisterns the are dispersed throughout the cellular cytoplasm.

these organelles, having actually a big number the ribosomes, contain ribosomal ribonucleic acid (rRNA) and also messenger ribonucleic mountain (mRNA):


the is a form of ribonucleic mountain that comes from Ribosomes , and also is important for the synthetic of protein in all living beings. It is the many abundant component of the ribosomes, being uncovered in 60%. RNA is among the only genetic materials found in all cells.

on the other hand, antibiotics such together chloramphenicol, ricin or paromomycin plot by affecting rRNA.


Messenger RNA is the type of ribonucleic acid that transmits genetic information native the DNA the the neuronal soma come a ribosome of the problem of Nissl.

In this way, it specifies the order in which the amino mountain of a protein are to be joined. Work by dictating a design template or pattern so the that protein is synthesized in the best way.

Messenger RNA is typically transformed before performing the function. Because that example, pieces are removed, others room not encoded, or particular nitrogen bases are modified.

Alterations in this processes may be possible causes of diseases of hereditary origin, mutations and the syndrome of premature aging ( Progeria of Hutchinson-Gilford).


Apparently, Nissl bodies have the same function as the endoplasmic reticulum and the Golgi apparatus of any cell: come create and also secrete proteins.

These structures synthesize protein molecules the are necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses in between neurons.

They also serve to maintain and also regenerate nerve fibers. The synthesized proteins travel along the dendrites and also axons and also replace proteins the are destroyed in to move activity.

Subsequently, the excess proteins that produce Nissl bodies room transmitted come the Golgi apparatus. Over there they are stored temporarily, and some are included carbohydrates.

In addition, once there is damage to the neuron or problems in that functioning, the body of Nissl space mobilized and gathers in the perimeter of the cytoplasm to shot to mitigate the damages.

on the other hand, Nissl bodies can store proteins to stop their release right into the cytoplasm that the cell. Thus, it does not interfere through the work of the neuron, releasing only once needed.

for example, if that releases untreated enzymatic proteins the degrade other substances, they would eliminate vital elements critical to the neuron.


The main change associated through Nissl bodies is the chromatolysis. The is characterized as the disappearance of the Nissl problem from the cytoplasm ~ a mind injury and also is a form of axon regeneration.

damages to axons will produce structural and also biochemical alters in neurons. One of these transforms is the mobilization towards the periphery and the damage of Nissl"s bodies.

once these disappear, the cytoskeleton is restructured and also repaired, accumulating intermediary fibers in the cytoplasm. Nissl bodies can additionally disappear under extreme neuronal fatigue.

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