The frustration! There has been a mathematics riddle being mutual on Facebook that is a type of fruit math problem and also it’s being shared like WILDFIRE. Some room calling the “fruit algebra” while rather are just calling it the “fruit math problem” and it’s driving them nuts!

Here is the difficulty below, let’s check out if girlfriend can figure it out an initial and then later on I’ll walk you through the steps on one possible way to resolve the problem. You’ll should be acquainted with Algebra though.

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Bet girlfriend didn’t watch close at the bananas! WHAT?! since the bananas space a different image too! instead of seeing 4 bananas in the cluster, we just see 3 bananas (Some still argue they view 4). Because the initial cluster that 4 bananas equaled 4. That way that every banana is worth 1. This team of 3 bananas equates to 3.

So… Finally… we have the right to solve: 1 + 10 + 3 = 14. And also the fruit math difficulty is lastly solved.


Now because that the world out over there who are math majors will more than likely be shaking your heads best now since TECHNICALLY… you yes, really can’t associate just how a fruit picture (variable) looks to it’s value. It would really it is in a different variable all together. That’s choose me saying the V is half the worth of X because it looks prefer two V’s consist of the top and also bottoms that the X.

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BUT, that’s just if you’re saying that the fruit pictures are just variables. Anyways, this is all in good fun and also it’s an ext of a math riddle and math difficulty mixed right into one than simply a pure math problem alone. 

How go you execute on the Fruit math Problem?

Let us understand in the comments below! did you acquire it the very first time, or did the images trick you? Or execute you no agree?

Hope you appreciated this math riddle! re-publishing this with your friends v the buttons below to see if they can solve it too!