"I already advised friend to prevent playing around, I must see your complete power Galactic Hero..." said Vados who started to acquire bored of Frost quickly.

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Frost chose that sufficient is enough and he go straight right into his Final form kind of eager to impress Vados.

"I need to warn you now... This is my strongest form" stated Frost smiling.

Frost strikes Vados with both his fists and also tail however this time Vados puts the end a little bit that her strength to block his attack and also strikes earlier which stunned Frost then he fires a heroic shot(A blue colored and also less deadly version of the Chaos Shot) at Vados once he shook off the pain the felt indigenous Vados to win meanwhile, Vados is rather pleased with Frost's "Full Power" yet deep under she has actually a hunch he's hiding a fifth form as she nullified the blast through 2 fingers.

"You're hiding your true power still.. Present me what you're really capable of Frost." said Vados in significant tone.

Frost transforms once again transforming into his 5th form the goes past his final Form, Frost phone call this form his Berserker form.

"That's what i was feather for! oh my, You're stronger than what I supposed you to it is in Galactic Hero! stated Vados who is satisfied through Frost's 100% complete Power.

"This form drains my stamina somewhat but I can manage it enough to show you what I'm really qualified of!" said Frost getting into a fighting stance.

"Please do! I'd love come see how well you deserve to do against me!" claimed Vados smiling.

Vados waits because that Frost to do the first move and also they rigid at each other for a when to see who'll make the very first move.

S/N:1st form Frost=DBS Piccolo's level the power2nd type Frost=DBS Gohan SSJ2 Level that Power 3rd Form Frost=Base Goku and Base Vegeta level that powerTrue/Final form Frost=DBS SSJ2 Goku and also DBS SSJ2 Vegeta level that power5th form Frost=SSJ3 DBS Goku and DBS SSJ3 Vegeta level the power.

"HAAAA!!!" stated Frost yelling if making the an initial move.

Frost started punching Vados as rapid as he can at full power and she blocks all.

"That's the spirit! walk all out!" stated Vados that starts attack Frost through 2% of she power.

Vados instantly pushes Frost to use all of his power right into one vast blast i m sorry is his can be fried attack!

"I don't know if this will work but it's every got, Brave Beam ATTACK!" said Frost together he puts every his power into his ultimate attack called Thr Brave beam.

Vados nullified Frost's Ulimate strike Brave Beam with simply 1 finger which renders Frost's eyes widen in shock as his ultimate assault was nullified through 1 finger.

"I think that'll it is in enough, You have a long method to walk Frost yet you have actually the potential come be among the the strongest mortals if not, thee strongest of our universe" said Vados laugh at Frost.

Frost bows in respect and also smiles as he received the compliment from Vados.

"Really?... Execute you yes, really think so?.. I'd like to train under you!" said Frost who is interested in Vados.

Frost is very curious around Vados and also what she can possibly teach him.

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"I'm fairly flattered! I'll train girlfriend after the tournament win or lose." stated Vados through a laugh on she face.