The main product from the front Mission job line,Front Mission 5: Scars that the War, was released top top the playstations 2 in 2005. That is the pinnacle that the series, gift a culmination that the best elements of the previous games. It’s the perfect tribute to the pan who have actually stuck with the collection from day one. While it draws greatly the an initial two games – the most liked installments –Scars that the Warleaves none of its predecessors empty-handed.

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The story ofScars the the Warencompasses the whole timeline established in the previousFront Missiongames and takes place over five decades. Together the collection conclusion, all unresolved on-going stories room covered and also are eventually concluded decisively. The lion’s share of these stories space fromFront Mission 1stand2, with the remainder taking the leftovers. These on-going stories operation in sync with the standalone story, i beg your pardon covers the life that Walter Feng and also his military career over the decades. A major focus that the story revolves approximately the physical, mental, and emotional damages that battle inflicts on all persons involved, combatant or non-combatant.


Walter Feng

The main male protagonist, Walter is a soldier for the USN military. At an early stage in his life, he to be scarred by a covering casing in the outbreak the the 1st Huffman Conflict. Walter and also his finest friend, Randy O’Neill, came to be war orphans after ~ their households were killed. The two were bring away in by the USN after the war.

Randy O’Neill

A USN soldier, Randy is just one of Walter’s childhood friends before the 1st Huffman conflict began. Orphaned after his family members was killed throughout the war, he and also Walter were climate made right into citizens of the USN. Randy’s a little of a dope, yet he’s a good person that believes in the rules and fair play.

Glen Duval

A soldier for the OCU GDF, valley is also one the Walter’s childhood friends prior to the 1st Huffman Conflict. During the war’s outbreak, he was scarred trying to save Walter from a wanzer’s shell casings. He continued to be with the OCU after the war, placing him squarely against his friends on the contrary side.

Lynn Wenright

The key female protagonist, Lynn is the commanding officer that the to win Wyverns attack unit. Prefer Walter, she came to be a war orphan after ~ the first Huffman Conflict. Once a shy boy who love books, Lynn is a strict, demanding leader feared by she colleagues after she enlisted in the USN military.

The intuitive presentation inScars of the Waris a massive development over the direct predecessor. Because that the first time, the video game delves into cinematic cut-scene storytelling. Rather of the town hall 2D portraits of characters, players are treated come a fully realized 3D human being like inFront Mission Online. Utilizing the graphic engine the the playstation 2Final Fantasygames,Scars of the Waris very gorgeous game. Backgrounds are an ext vibrant, wanzers are more detailed, and also a ton of special results serve to enhance the in its entirety impact. The fight sequences are also an ext engaging many thanks to dynamic camera angle that emulate war footage. In a nod toFront Mission 2, these begin with combatants acquiring into position, who then start attacking once they stop moving. Lastly, Yusuke Naora return to carry out art direction and even despite his stylish character artwork is not seen in the game, it translates well right into 3D.

Hidenori Iwasaki returns together the composer, with help from Kenichiro Fukui (Einhander) and Yasuhiro Yamanaka (Code age Commanders). Iwasaki’s development as a composer is noticeable in his compositions because that the game; monitor such together “War that the Titans” and also “Scars the the War” space lively, powerful, and also memorable. Also, few of the tracks are re-arrangements from ones discovered inFront Mission Online(“A Minefield”),Front Mission 3(“Invasion”) andFront Mission 4(“Lock and Load”). Complementing the music space voice-overs and sound effects. If they are in Japanese, the voice-overs room beautiful, convey a big range the emotions, and also avoid troubles that many Japanese gamings tend to have, favor high-pitched voices. The sound impacts are an ext diverse and also booming 보다 ever, from the sound of wanzers wade on water to artillery rockets raining hell indigenous above.

LikeFront Mission 4,Scars that the War‘s video game mechanics are heavily influenced byFront Mission 2. The difference in here is the the video game finishes the project its predecessor could not do. The job system is a mix ofFront Mission 2and4, in that training in various other roles is no discouraged, yet specializing returns the many rewards. Likewise, elements of the Honor mechanism return, particularly the ideas of leader units and also pilot types. By remove the leader unit of a linked squad, the combat performance of the abovementioned squad drops. Pilot varieties are boosted in that during Links, they might or might not carry out support depending on the situation at hand. (Aggressive pilots will act even in familiar fire cases)Front Mission Alternative‘s briefings,1st‘s Arena,3‘s upgrades, and4‘s web links are some much more of the attributes brought ago inScars of the War.

The game additionally introduces brand-new features, such together recruiting pilots, survival Simulator, and also friendly fire. After a details point in the game, players are cost-free to recruit pilots to suit their needs. Survival Simulator is a setting where football player go with a variety of floors and also collect gear to be used in the main game, lot like the Item human being in Nippon Ichi’sDisgaea. In terms of friendly fire, ranged weapons currently shoot through any unit in the heat of fire. The interface has actually been upgraded in that countless menus have actually been integrated into one key system. With new options such as component sorting, setup up your devices is much simpler now. Finally, the substantial scale war ofFront Mission 2have went back as well.

Through the considerably improved presentation and also game mechanics,Scars the the Warhits the best notes in every area. Once Toshiro Tsuchida remarked the he wanted the collection to walk out with a bang in a Japanese interview, he expected every word of it. It’s clear the a many effort and also care got in the game’s advance and together a result, it’s difficult to really single out any significant flaws in the design. The only noticeable flaw lies in storytelling as the video game was clearly made because that the collection fan the played every one of the vault installments. Additionally, knowledge the video game mangas and also graphic novels additionally plays a role in the story’s impact. Collection newcomers deserve to enjoy the well-crafted standalone story for sure, however the much more immersed one is intoFront Mission, the stronger the impact of the entirety story. Collection fans can find hundreds the nods and also references throughout the game, ones the newcomers will most likely not pick up.

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Unfortunately,Front Mission 5: Scars the the Warwas only released in Japan. An official English localization was apparently planned at some point, however the idea was never ever made right into a reality. The negative sales ofFront Mission 4overseas are often used together a reason, yet a an ext likely reason is Square’s bad handling of the series outside of Japan. As many of theFront Missiongames were never ever localized, it would certainly be difficult to relax a video game that is very dependent on them for maximum story impact. Thankfully, a group of loyal long-time pan of the collection completed an unofficially English localization ofScars the the War.