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The distinction Starts v Customer Service

We carry out excellent foreign auto maintenance, service and repair because that Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, VW, Jaguar, smart Car, Mini Cooper, Lexus and also Sprinter van owners and also the various other cars own by our customers.

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At Frank’s European organization we’re committed to taking treatment of our client in the exact same manner we care for our families and also friends. That way providing you with the highest possible quality service and also repair because that safe and reliable transportation

Golden Wrench service is our commitment to you to carry out timely and also consistent automotive services with integrity, quality and also value. We ensure the each and also every customer experiences the greatest standard of client assistance and satisfaction.

Our auto repair shop is capable of servicing every makes and also models. We just do the work-related that is required to resolve your problem.
For reliable, quality, professional automotive repair and also personal, friendly client service, look at no further than Frank"s European.
We have invested in the recent auto repair tools and also diagnostic software that is particularly tailored for the software program in her vehicle.

Our mission is to provide the finest automotive service and also repair experience feasible by serving our customers through unparalleled honesty, integrity and quality.

Always telling the truth throughout the service and repair process, never exaggerate or mislead. Constantly making referrals by stimulate of priority therefore the customer can plan for future business needs.
Always law the appropriate thing, even when nobody is looking. If we make a failure take immediate steps to correct it.
Always using the best possible equipment, parts, fluids and personnel; to carry out the ideal warranty available, 3 years/36,000 miles.
We know plenty of las Vegas inhabitants drive a Mercedes-Benz. Us at Frank"s European company are specialists in all things Mercedes-Benz repair. Whether you are having an concern with your brakes, engine, or just want to take it preventative treatment of your Mercedes-Benz, we can assist with all parts of your car.
With a range of models ~ above the industry today, BMWs are well-known for the smooth drive they provide, your standout look, and also their quiet purring engines. If her BMW needs continual servicing or an ext specific repairs, us at Frank"s European company can take treatment of her car, bumper come bumper. Ours team has decades of merged experience and we have actually repaired numerous BMW"s.
From SUVs come Coupes and Convertibles, there is one Audi out there for every kind of driver. Even if it is you own an Audi A4, A6, Q7, A8, TT, or any other model, we deserve to perform any kind of repair your car may need. From instead of spark plugs and also air filters to flushing brake fluid, our technicians in ~ Frank"s European service are very skilled and also are professionals in all things Audi repair.
While we specialization in europe makes, we at Frank"s europe Service likewise have huge knowledge on assorted American and also Asian makes. Some vehicle makes we organization include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Mini, soil Rover, Lexus, and also Porsche. We likewise repair number of hybrid and also electric vehicles, prefer Toyota hybrid cars and Teslas.
"Great organization as usual! I"ve been utilizing Frank"s for over 6 years. The whole staff is committed to 100% to the best service. Very great coordination by Jeremy, Jason, and Patrick on my long term SL560 project. I very recommend Frank"s for your Mercedes work."
"Another great experience through Frank"s! Drop off one day, picked up the following with a myriad of purpose of use related business needs completed and also a wheel alignment. Picked up through a party of water because that the journey home. Many thanks Frank"s"
"Their inspection and diagnosis that the difficulty was very through and also their referrals to resolve the problems were complete and accurate. Permitting me to have confidence that the difficulty would be resolved correctly."
We at Frank"s European company know exactly how busy our customers" schedules are. If your automobile is in our shop because that an extended period of time, we"d be happy to drop you turn off at work, school, or everywhere else through our complimentary shuttle service. Us can likewise pick girlfriend up when your car is ready! you re welcome let your service advisor know if friend would choose to do an appointment for our shuttle service.
Need come be the end and about while your auto is in ours shop? No problem! in ~ Frank"s europe Service, us can carry out you with a complimentary loan automobile so you have the right to continue about your work while us work tough on her vehicle.
At Frank"s european Service, us guarantee client satisfaction. This is why many of our solutions are spanned by ours 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. V this warranty, you space covered for 3 years after ~ your car is serviced with us or 36,000 miles - whichever comes first.

“HOW come TAKE care OF YOUR car SO IT will TAKE care OF YOU”

Ask in ~ the front workdesk for your complimentary copy the this valuable source for motorists. Transparent this text, candid Scandura will offer you an useful insight on usual maintenance myths, neglected company areas, customer organization as the an essential to an excellent business, and preventive maintenance, amongst other topics.

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Frank Scandura is the owner that Frank’s european Service, through one location in ras Vegas and one ar in Henderson, Nevada. Candid is an experienced on whatever cars and trucks. He started out young together an avid hobbyist and also went top top to focus on the daunting difficulty of europe cars as they obtained popularity in ~ the united States. With an ext than thirty-five years working on vehicles and 20 years running one auto shop the specializes in european cars.
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