This Lunar brand-new Year, celebrate your friends and family through these DIY fortune cookies. And also feel cost-free to do the fortunes funny and/or personal for extra fun!



Circle cutter (or 4-inch container lid, saucer, or other 4-inch circle come trace)Decorative paperPenWhite paperScissorsHot-glue gun

Step 1: reduced a 4-inch one on her decorative record with one cutter and collection aside.

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Step 2: cut strips of white document and create fortunes ~ above them.

Step 3: ar fortune in facility of circle.

Step 4: Fold height side of circle under (do no crease/fold all the way).


Step 5: Fold bottom fifty percent over and also press in in ~ the center to kind a bend/crease.

Step 6: Pinch sides together.

Step 7: location a dot of warm glue ~ above the within of your crease.

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Step 8: host fortune cookie in location for a couple of seconds to permit glue to dry.

Invite friends and family over because that Lunar new Year v this invitation:


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