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PATCH notes 2.28.1 – for HONOR

PS4: 10.1Mb, Xbox One: 10.1Mb, PC: 10.1Mb


PATCH notes 2.28.0 – for HONOR

PS4: 1.8Gb, Xbox One: 1.8Gb, PC: 1.9Gb



__CHANGES combined from the testing Grounds: __Top Light:Top irradiate is now 500ms (was 600ms)Top Light now deals 12 damages (was 13) due to speed increaseTop light now costs 9 stamina (was 12)Top irradiate After Feint is now 400ms (was 500ms)Top irradiate After Feint currently deals 11 damages (was 12) due to speed increaseTop irradiate After Feint now prices 6 stamina (was 9)Top light OOS is now 800ms (was 900ms)

Developer’s comment: These changes normalize all of Berserker’s neutral irradiate attacks, giving them every the very same utility.

__Sprint Attack: __Sprint Attack variety increased come 2.5m (was 2)Sprint strike forward activity increased

Developer’s comment: Berserker have to now be able to catch up to adversaries fleeing fights much more easily.

__Dodge front Heavy: __Dodge Forward hefty Long street attack range increased come 2.5m (was 2.25m)Forward movement during Dodge Forward heavy Long Distance increased to 6m (was 4.75m)Added rotation speed on miss out on recovery come ensure it appropriately rotates in the direction of the locked target on missFixed worries with not relocating correctly but still registering a hitFixed problems with missing but hold a direction that would certainly weirdly snap you forward at the endFixed worries with default movement speed in ~ the finish of the attackFixed worries that permitted Berserker to target swap as well late, causing really glitched movement__Dodge forward Light: __Forward movement during Dodge forward Light boosted to 5m (was 2.25m)Set Attack variety on evade Forward irradiate to 2m (was 2.5m)Attack is now Enhanced__Side dodge Lights: __Are now Enhanced

Developer’s comment: Berserker must now be able to use your dodge attacks to both chase and allow their offense more reliably.


__NEW CHANGES based upon Testing Grounds Feedback: __

__Heavy Finishers __

Heavy Finishers need to now always connect when feinted to Guardbreak no matter which attack precedes it

Charge the the Oni

Recovery is 400ms (up from 300ms), staying clear of “infinite sprint”Super Sprint has actually feedback now

__Headbutt __

Headbutt has actually VFX now

__Demon’s adopt __

Demon’s adopt recovery is currently 1300ms (down from 1500ms)After Demon’s Embrace, Shugoki can block in ~ 1000ms

__CHANGES incorporated from the trial and error Grounds: __

__Heavy attacks __

Uncharged heavy Finishers currently have reduced rotation, enabling most heroes to have the ability to comfortably evade the attacksFixed concerns related to strikes not hitting external targets due to the fact that the trajectory was inserted too highAdjusted feint timings top top Charged heavy Finishers to ensure that works properly (can currently feint during charge, feint wake up 100ms before clip ends)

__Headbutt __

Headbutt in chains is 500msHeadbutt currently deals 10 damageHeadbutt no much longer stuns or transaction stamina damage

__New move: evade Forward Headbutt __

Attack is 500msStarts 300ms into front dodge

__New move: evade Side Headbutt __

Attack is 533msSide Dodge currently branches to Headbutt native 300 come 500ms (was native 300 to 600ms)Side evade Headbutt miss recovery branches to heavy from 100ms to 600ms

Developer’s comment: Shugoki’s Headbutt is currently used in many much more situations, and as such it demands to be an ext of a risk than previously.

New move: evade Forward HeavyAdded new attack: evade forward heavyAdded Uninterruptible stance on evade Forward hefty at 400ms right into the clip

Developer’s comment: these brand-new dodge strikes should provide Shugoki with enough options to properly respond to opponent bashes as well as opponents who have tendency to role away too much. It also gives Shugoki a neutral opener, i m sorry should assist him flow much better into his offense.

__Dodges __Fixed branching speed on left/right dodges to be regular (they room both in ~ 300ms now)__Demon's embrace __Now reflects the Unblockable symbol during the initial part of the attackNo longer has variable duration and also reach - that is now fully static at 900ms (the previous shortest duration)Now deals 20 damage and heals because that 10 (down from 22 damage and also heals because that 18). This is to compensate for the assault being accessible from light Parry.Now only obtainable from down + GB in neutral and after a litter (removed branching indigenous front dodge)Now has actually no armor whatsoeverNow recovers stamina for the opponentAdding web links to Demon's adopt from feint clips for input comfortFixed an insect on movement

Developer’s comment: These changes are aimed in ~ making Demon’s take on the ganking relocate it must be; its position in chains together a soft feint prevents it from gift a thorough ganking move.

__Charge that the Oni __Charge the the Oni is no much longer an strike - it is accessed v tapping the Sprint button while sprinting, comparable to Shinobi. The relocate no longer has dodge frames, bumps, etc. That is currently a "super sprint" move.Shugoki cannot carry out Charge that the Oni if OOS

Developer’s comment: Shugoki has a an overwhelming time performing his rotations – going from the lane to a side allude or native side point to side point; with this, Shugoki gains an ability similar to what Shinobi possesses and also is able come move approximately the battlefield more swiftly.

Zone AttackZone assault now effectively branches come finishers at the correct time (frame 166ms)__Light assaults __Removed Uninterruptible view from Neutral LightsRemoved Uninterruptible view from OOL Lights

Developer’s comment: This helps protect against frustration when fighting against Shugoki, who could hit irradiate on reaction come anything his adversaries threw.


__NEW CHANGES based on Testing Grounds Feedback: __

__Skewer __

Skewer now generates 30 point out of Revenge

__Dodge Melee __

Now transaction 10 stamina damageNo longer stunsNo longer pauses stamina regenerationForward evade Melee is currently 500ms, have the right to branch native 300ms come 500ms in front dodgeSide evade Melee currently occurs in ~ 300ms in the dodge (is no longer delayable)

__Toe Stab __

No much longer Unbalances enemies who space OOS

__CHANGES incorporated from the trial and error Grounds: __

__Toe Stab __

No longer avoids ExecutionsNow transaction 10 damage (was 6)Now chains to hefty Finisher and Skewer (at 300ms)

Developer’s comment: Fuscina Ictus now deals a an ext respectable amount of damages while enhancing its ganking ability.

__Zone strike __Now chain to heavy Finisher and also Skewer in ~ 100ms

Developer’s comment: Gladiator currently has an ext ways to go into chains and also initiate Skewer and other species of pressure.

__Skewer __Now expenses 12 staminaBind struggle Reaction the plays on leave from Skewer as soon as the Gladiator Dodges has been diminished to 400ms (was 800ms) to remove the capability to combo with Dodge Light

Developer’s comment: Skewer have to now be much an ext usable together there are multiple means to initiate the attack, and as such it is now more in-line with other attacks.

__Side dodge Lights __Now have Dodge energetic from 33ms come 233msSide evade MeleesNow have actually Dodge energetic from 100ms to 300msNow chain to SkewerNow have actually 2.75m range (was 2m)

Developer’s comment: These changes are aimed at making Gladiator an ext in-line with other heroes in terms of their dodge attacks, while additionally granting Gladiator much more chase.

__Front evade Light __2nd movement phase now moves 4m front (was 3.25m)Light AttacksNow chain come Skewer at 100ms (to ensure Feint to GB deserve to connect)


__NEW CHANGES based on Testing Grounds Feedback: __

Forward Movement

Added extra forward movement to Neutral side Heavies and Neutral heavy Feints to ensure Feint come GB works within normal distancesHeavy Finishers now move forward much more during the attackInfinite irradiate Chains now relocate forward an ext consistentlyInfinite hefty Chains now move forward an ext during the attack

__Top hefty __

Top hefty now deals 24 damage (was 22)

__Forward dodge __

Front evade now has actually defense and also can block if dodging

__Fury Unleashed __

GB effort no much longer bounces off

__CHANGES combined from the experimentation Grounds: __

__Blade Blockade __

Blade Blockade have the right to now be accessed after 100ms in any type of attack's restore on hit/miss/bad block

Blade Blockade light follow-up is now 333ms and also deals 20 damages (now guaranteed)

Blade Blockade irradiate follow-up stamina price is now 9 (was 12)

Blade Blockade light follow-up is now thought about a light attack

Blade Blockade irradiate follow-up now reasons a medium reaction (was Heavy)

Blade Blockade hefty follow-up is now 333ms, has actually zone properties and deals 16 damage (now guaranteed)

Blade Blockade follow-ups now constantly happen at 300ms in the tongue Blockade home window (gives a lot more input comfort)

Ring the Bell gotten rid of from blade Blockade, and also is currently a soft-feint from hefty Opener and Dodge front Heavy

Developer’s comment: These changes should enhance Blade Blockade to wherein you usage the ideal follow-up relying on the situation, making tongue Blockade much easier to access.

__Ring the Bell __Ring the Bell gotten rid of from blade Blockade, and also is now a soft-feint from hefty Opener and also Dodge front HeavyFixed Ring the Bell damages timing to be on fight (rather than begin of the bind)Adjusted problems on infinites come chain after Ring the BellRemoved Uninterruptible stance from Soft Feinted Ring the BellRing the Bell now deals 12 damage

Developer’s comment: Aramusha currently gains a tool to both open up opponents also as set up ganks.

__New Move: next Dodge hefty __New assault - Side evade Heavy. Evade frames and iframes happen at 200ms throughout side dodge, and the to win is 600msRemoved web links to front evade side attacks

Developer’s comment: Aramusha have to now be able to attend to opponent bashes and initiate his offense better.

__Dodge Forward heavy __Dodge front Heavy's armor now starts at 400ms (was 100ms)Added ability to do Ring the Bell Soft Feint from dodge Forward HeavyDodge Forward hefty is currently 800ms (was 600ms, to support the Soft Feint)Dodge Forward hefty now moves 4m front (was 3m)__Light assaults __Bug Fix: Neutral Lights currently have ideal dodge time (was 100ms after start of parry, currently starts at parry timing)Bug Fix: fixed inconsistencies top top branching come light attacks in recoveries__Heavy strikes __Bug Fix: eliminated branching to evade on Neutral Top hefty Miss recoveryBug Fix: infinite chain top hefty dodge home window fixed (was 100ms after begin of parry, now starts at parry timing)__Chain circulation __Removed hard flow to top from sides. Aramusha have the right to now easily chain to any kind of other directionStaying in the exact same direction provides a hefty Finisher, yet otherwise continues the boundless chain

Developer’s comment: This gets rid of the need for Aramusha to carry out Side -> optimal -> next to proceed his boundless chain. This should mitigate some that the predictability and also give brand-new options in team fights.

OOL ChainOOL chain currently chains left->right->left->etc (and no longer uses peak Light)

Jiang Jun

NEW CHANGES based on Testing Grounds Feedback:Dou Shi’s ChokeNow transaction 30 stamina damages when totally held

Developer’s comment: Dou Shi's Choke to be dealing too lot Stamina damages when used. This should carry it more in heat with various other stamina draining attacks.

Sprint Attack

Bug Fix: addressed an issue that to be reported via an insect reporter that Jiang Jun's security break will bounce turn off the enemy every time as soon as performed after ~ feinted sprint assault - by changing the strike to a medium Hit Reaction (was Heavy)

Side Heavy

Stamina cost is currently 12 (was 30)

__CHANGES combined from the trial and error Grounds: __

__Heavy strikes __

Top hefty Starter is currently 800ms (was 900ms)Top hefty Starter damage is currently 24 (was 27), as result of speed increaseLeft/Right heavy Starter are currently 900ms (were 1000ms)Left/Right heavy Starter damages are currently 27 (were 32), because of speed increaseHeavy Finishers now Soft Feint to GB in ~ the same timing together branching come Feint and also Sifu's PoiseNormalized Heavy assault stamina prices (Starters and also Finishers) to 12. Stamina costs were a little over the ar (Tops were constantly 12, but sides were occasionally 24 (after Zone strikes mostly), periodically 28 (when chained normally)Adjusted left/right trajectories come fit properly with assaults (increased side selection on best heavy, front range on left heavy)

Developer’s comment: Jiang Jun have the right to now use his Top hefty opener together a Guard rest punish and his Side hefty openers as Light parry punishes for extra damage. Also, Jiang Jun should have the ability to catch adversaries with Guard break from the Finisher.

Jiang Jun’s stamina punish on his next Heavy attacks is no longer relevant v the main point Combat Update; lock retain their properties yet now cost the standard amount that stamina for heavy attacks.

__Dodge Forward heavy __Dodge Forward hefty is currently 600ms (was 1000ms)Movement phase on evade forward hefty is now a single phase the moves 4mRemoved Feint and Soft Feint from evade Forward HeavyDodge Forward heavy now can start at 200ms right into the dodge__Kick - evade Forward Melee __Uses kick animation500ms strikeBegins 300ms right into front dodge, chains to openers, and also guarantees a lightDeals 20 stamina damageNo longer stays clear of Stamina renewal for 1.8s

Developer’s comment: These alters are twofold: Jiang Jun now gets a more reliable opener v his Kick as well as much better chase v his evade Forward Heavy.

__Dodge Heavy/Light __Added web links to Sifu's Poise native miss/hit/blockSifu's PoiseSifu’s stance Zone attack is now UnblockableSifu's view Zone strike reduced knockback to ensure a follow-up hefty finisher soft feinted to GB will connect

Developer’s comment: This lets Jiang Jun be more effective in group fights by throw multiple, target-swapped unblockable attacks and be threatening against external opponents.

__Sprint assault __Bug Fix: addressed an worry that was reported via pest reporter the Jiang Jun's guard break will certainly bounce off the opponent every time once performed ~ feinted sprint strike - by changing the strike come a medium Hit Reaction (was Heavy)Dou Shi’s ChokeRecovery is currently 300ms longerNo longer gives cost-free hits once it lands

Developer’s comment: This makes Jiang Jun need to decide which choice to do after a parry. Dou Shi’s throttle is no much longer the finest option after every solitary Heavy Parry.


__NEW CHANGES based upon Testing Grounds Feedback: __

__Rei absent __

Now deals 10 stamina damage (was 15)No much longer pauses stamina regenerationRange is now 2 (was 1.6) to prevent backstep

__Sweep __

Now transaction 10 stamina damage (was 30)No much longer pauses stamina regeneration

Infinite Chain Attacks

Now deals 22 damage (was 24)

New Move: Side dodge Heavy

Now deals 14 damageNow branches from dodge at a fixed 300ms (was 200ms-400ms)Improved the computer animation transitions

__CHANGES combined from the trial and error Grounds: __

Chain Starters

Zone assault is currently a Chain StarterDodge Forward hefty is currently a Chain StarterSprint strike is now a Chain Starter

Developer’s comment: This lets Hitokiri chain into their limitless chains much more easily and also apply more pressure overall.

__Zone strike __Zone assault now forces a tool Hit Reaction (was Heavy)__Dodge Forward heavy __Dodge Forward heavy now forces a medium Hit Reaction (was Heavy)New Move: Side evade Heavy__600ms strike __Hits on opposite side of dodgeIs a Chain StarterBranches indigenous 200ms-400ms

Developer’s comment: Hitokiri now has tools to manage bashes and can use this to initiate offense much more effectively.

SweepNow chain to unlimited Chain at 300ms, delayed until 400ms, delayable until 600ms. Guarantees Chained hefty after SweepNow chain to T4 at same timing as hefty Chained

Developer’s comment: These alters make Hitokiri’s Rei Kick/Sweep mix-up an ext potent and push in the direction of the limitless chain in a an ext consistent manner.

__Chain Heavies __Uninterruptible Stance starts on switch releaseSide Chained heavy forward movement is currently 2.5m (was 2m)Side Chained heavy trajectory angle is currently 10 (from 30)Side Chained hefty trajectory with is now 1 (up indigenous 0.8)

Developer’s comment: Hitokiri must now have the ability to use their Infinite heavy Chain attacks an ext effectively in group fights.

__Sprint assault __Now chains to OOL chained attacks__OOL Top heavy __Bug Fix: OOS Neutral Top heavy is now 1100ms (was 1200ms)


__NEW CHANGES based on Testing Grounds Feedback: __

__Zone assault __

Zone assault is now 600ms (was 500ms in the trial and error Grounds)

Dodge front Heavy

Dodge Forward hefty now transaction 24 damages when performed ~ a remarkable Block (was 30 in the testing Grounds)

__Subduing punch __

Subduing blow no longer has Uninterruptible Stance during its recovery

__Dodge attacks __

Dodge assaults remain as Light Parries

__CHANGES integrated from the trial and error Grounds: __

__Dodge Cancels __

All dodge cancels occur at 333msAll attacks including Finishers can now be dodge Cancelled

Developer’s comment: Zhanhu deserve to now dodge-cancel all of their recoveries, consisting of Finisher recoveries, to stay on the move and apply pressure to opponents.

__Dodge assaults __Side Dodge strikes are now enhancedForward evade Light is currently 500ms (up from 400ms) (this is so that isn't frame advantaged)

Developer’s comment: Zhanhu’s Dodge attacks should currently be more secure to use, and Zhanhu deserve to now likewise use their Palm assault to open up opponents.

Subduing BlowMoved Subduing punch to former DodgeStrike is 500msBegins 300ms right into dodge (can be delayed till 500ms)Chains to OpenersGuarantees Light and Zone ~ above HitRemoved web links from DeflectsDodge AttacksAll dodge strikes were meant to count as heavy parries in the trial and error GroundsSuperior Block Dodges currently make followup attack UnblockableAll Light and also both Side heavy Superior Block evade followups transaction 22 damageFront heavy Superior Block dodge followup deals 30 damage

Developer’s comment: Zhanhu no longer has Palm on exceptional Block dodges however can now guarantee damage when they successfully block.

__Finishers __Right hefty Finisher trajectory is now similar to LeftLight Finishers are currently 566ms (were 600ms)Zone AttackZone strike is currently 500msNeutral LightsChanged block activity on neutral lamp to 2m (was 1m) for front/side/backCan currently do backstep light


RocksteadyREMOVED – changed by “Short-Tempered”“Passive | deal (20%) much more damage for a quick duration ~ taking damages from an adversary (hero)”

Developer’s comment: Rocksteady was a ‘problematic’ feat, matched only by thick Blood. Both tasks had completely obliterated whole opponent relocate sets, making Bleed heroes obsolete (for special Blood) and also heroes who need an Unbalance to reach their unique moves useless (like Caber Toss giving no damage). Yes no defending the old functionality of these 2 Feats, and now players and also devs alike deserve to sleep soundly at night discovering that they room both unable to do forever.

“Short-Tempered” we feel will certainly keep few of the flavour the Rocksteady, in that when you get hit you will then get a benefit. Unequal the unhealthy behaviour of Rocksteady, Short-Tempered services you a tiny bit no issue what hero friend face, and also never obsoletes one enemy.


Developer’s comment: While we strongly think that this development will substantially limit the situations in which players can end up being stuck or reach the end of map locations during a fight (most notoriously due to Bashes), us invite you to report any new issue that this type on because that Honor bug Reporter.


To provide an ext transparency a pop-up now informs the player that his player report has led come an investigation and potentially one action

Developer’s comment: give thanks to you for her reports! us will continue to monitor for Honor for inappropriate behaviors, as well as take action as essential to keep the truth of game.



Bug Fix: addressed an issue that resulted in Vicious Impale come starts 33ms as well late


Bug Fix: fixed an concern that caused the camera edge to be off in the battle Pass Emote Mood effects when a combine Emote to be equipped



Bug Fix: solved an concern that caused inconsistencies for the face expression of the Shaman in countless Outfit Thumbnail's in the Barrack