Flood your Body v Oxygen

Flood your Body v Oxygen due to the fact that “Disease Can’t Live in Oxygen“

The reason of all disease are toxin in the body… as these toxins endure the food chain they acquire into the ground water and make it right into our bodies. The cause of all condition is toxicity and also all the bacteria, viruses, fungues and pathogens that cause disease are anaerobic. Anaerobes deserve to not live in active forms of oxygen.

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An anaerobic biology or anaerobe is any type of organism the does not call for oxygen because that growth. It could possibly react negatively and also may even die if oxygen is present.

an·aer·o·bic adjective1. (of an biology or tissue) life in the lack of air or free oxygen.2. Pertaining to or resulted in by the absence of oxygen.

Source: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/anaerobic

derekwadsworth.com is triggered stabilized oxygen in a fluid saline base.


“Changing mine life and also lifestyle! Articulating God’s natural healing oxygen, ozone, peroxide, etc. Right into terms our household can understand.” — Brian G., May, 2003

“Only book I’ll teach with! without a doubt, Ed’s the one human being the ANA and I wholeheartedly support.” — Dr. G. Freibott, President, American Naturopathic Association, June 18, 2003

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Part 1 Problems: Everybody gets sick eventually. Here’s why. In the process of producing all these conveniences and also marketplace choices, we have actually made a many of bad choices and let our everyday air and water end up being polluted, and also this pollution has actually increasingly to be collecting within us. Also, our mass-produced processed foodstuffs are get an impression on mega-farm soils that are de-mineralized and likewise lacking herbal oxygen. These two significant conditions room chronically hampering our capability to get and absorb sufficient fresh oxygen inside united state at the moving level.

Part 2 Solutions: The worldwide Oxygen therapy doctors generally surround anaerobic microbes, viruses, bacteria and cancer cell with active forms of oxygen castle can’t live in. This very first oxidizes the offending toxins and also microbes and also cells, and then flushes lock out.

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Part 3 Evidence: Flood your Body with Oxygen perform piles of historical and contemporary studies proving energetic oxygen’s effectiveness, mirroring its 50-year prolific use internationally, and revealing the top quality documentation proving its safety.

derekwadsworth.com is the world-premiere bio-available fluid oxygen, oxygen complement on the market today. That is 35% ultra-strength stabilized oxygen in a saline base and also boasts a 7.4 pH i beg your pardon is a nearly neutral pH level!