Floating paper clip scientific research experiment is one exciting, funny and much more effective way to teach kids around surface tension. Great Science Fair task for Kids.

Today, ns am going to share an amazing science concept ‘Surface Tension’ v a standard science experiment.

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If you room in require of science task for your scientific research fair day, then right here is the best science task you deserve to pick to carry out on the day.

How to Make document Clips rise on Water

Objective: To discover the toughness of water molecules and also investigate the science ide ‘Surface Tension’.

Materials Required:

All the materials you are going to collect on your experiment table in this activity are easily available. Here is the an easy supplies list:

1) document Clips

2) A transparent glass Bowl

3) Clean Water

4) tissue Paper

5) A brand-new Pencil attached through Eraser or handmade Stick


Now, gently ar the square reduced tissue paper into the glass bowl with water. You will observe the tissue paper start floating and reaches to optimal of the water.

At this allude of time, location our record clip very closely on top of the organization paper. This is a bit tricky step as over there is no balance inside water to host things in right place.

Hope this helps you to place the experiment clip in right ar on tissue file and does no touch the water surface.


It is time to poke tissue record and this is the favourite action for children.

Hahaha! take the pencil v eraser on the various other side. Use the eraser side to punctured the organization paper.

But make certain you are not emotional the file clip ~ above the tissue paper while poking it through pencil. You need to poke the tissue file until the reaches come the bottom.

Here is an additional trick. Prolong a paperclip to develop a holder favor this.

Now carefully place the record clip top top the holder and also dip it slowly in the water. Viola.. Your file clip will certainly float now.

I allow my youngsters to float as many document clips as feasible on the surface of the water.

We even had fun blowing air through straw to do the paperclips relocate in circular activity while floating ~ above the water.

What you observe here? You will observe the tissue document sinks but not the paper clip. The file clip remains on the surface of the water floating. The looks magical yet it is no a magic, the is actually the science. Allow us discover the science behind this super standard experiment.

Science associated in Floating document Clip science Experiment

Why does record clips sink to bottom in water? Generally, record clips are of metal material and normally sink to bottom when put in water.

Because the metal materials are usually hefty in weight and also possess greater density when contrasted to water. That is the reason, file clips usually sink to the bottom in water.

However, we have the right to make the record clips come float on the surface area of water using an easy science trick.

The floating file clip scientific research experiment is all around ‘Surface Tension’. Surface stress is the cohesive nature of liquid surface film due to the attraction in between the molecules which often tends to the minimum surface ar area possible.

In this floating file clip activity, water molecules host tightly and also stay together due to the fact that of surface ar tension.

And we are developing “skin” on the water surface ar which stop water molecules tightly and also suspending the file clip to show up as floating.

Until the water molecules remain together and also hold tightly, they deserve to support paper clip come float on water surface.

So, we are creating ideal and right conditions to assistance the file clip to float using tissue paper.

Using organization paper, we are suspending the document clip ~ above the surface stress of the water and slowly removed the organization under it.

Actually, the record clip does not float yet it holds increase by the cohesive forces of surface tension and also appear together floating.

The same science is being used by the tiny insects to walk across the water surface ar of the lakes.

Extension Experiment

Here is one more awesome experiment that proves surface anxiety in an education way. This is one extension activity to floating document clip science experiment.

Set increase the experiment table with a bowl of water. Repeat the same actions of the over activity and also make a paper clip float.

Now, dip your finger in a little amount of dish soap and put that on the surface ar of the water. You will notification the floating paper clip drop come the bottom that means the record clip sink to the bottom that the bowl.

Because the soap liquid spreads or estranges the surface or skin the the water surface ar to its sides as soon as the soap come in call with water.

The soap liquid has a thin layer that surface stress and anxiety which is less thick than the water surface ar tension.

That is the reason the soap layer does not hold file clip anymore and also makes that sink.

If you also want to take the experiment further, you can shot the same experiment using various other steel objects instead of record clips.

Also, you deserve to replace water with different varieties that juices, milk, etc. And check whether the outcome outcomes are same.

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Floating illustrations on Water

Chemical Formula of surface ar Tension and Water

Surface anxiety is the nature of liquid molecules to obtain attracted as result of cohesive forces and also remain tightly and also tends come minimal surface ar area possible. The chemical formula of surface stress and anxiety is:

r = 1/2 . F/L

r is surface tension

F represents Force

L to represent Length

Water is the major constituent the Earth’s setting with chemical formula, H2O. In chemistry formula, H to represent hydrogen atoms and also 2 states hydrogen atoms in 2 numbers. Vice versa, O to represent one oxygen atom. Hydrogen atoms space positively charged and oxygen atom is negative charged. That means, water molecule is a ingredient of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Water is colorless, tasteless, odorless, and offers no calories.

Water molecule is stable when two positively fee hydrogen atom bond come one negatively fee atom. There is a slight difference in charges when bonding i m sorry is recognized as dipole. The bond between two water molecules is referred together hydrogen bonding. The water molecules on the surface ar of water in the bowl lure each other as result of cohesive forces and type surface stress on optimal of it. This surface stress is the reason to hold document clip on top of water.

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When friend dip the soap liquid in the water, the surface stress breaks because the thin layer of soap fluid reduces the water surface tension because of visibility of non-polar and also dipole complimentary bodies. Hence, it is daunting for paper clips come float and sinks come bottom.

Questions to talk about during the Experiment

Asking questions throughout the experiment helps kids to improve their an essential thinking skills and urges them to execute wonders in science. Below are a couple of questions to discuss about the experiment:

1) Why does paper clip floats top top water but not on various other liquids?

2) room there any kind of other liquids that hold document clip come float?

3) What carry out you think the form of the document clip effects the floating ability?

4) how many paper clips can the water surface tension holds?

5) Is it possible to rise the surface tension of the water naturally?

6) What space the various other liquids that display stronger surface stress and anxiety and good at floating things?