Fire Emblem Fates, the newest installment of the strategy RPG Nintendo franchise, has been an absolute success during its an initial week that launch. After several sleepless nights, it deserve to be stated that this installments are some of the ideal in series, revolving roughly two royal family members at war through one another and the decision of the key character on which route to choose. However, choosing in between Hoshido and also Nohr may actually no be the hardest choice. What’s really difficult in this game additionally is not Permadeth in Conquest, or maniac difficulty. The real struggle lies in selecting a companion for Corrin come marry, as there space several exceptional S-Support options in both games. Marriage options galore, in fact.

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Marrying a companion is not just an adorable facet of romance, it offer an even bigger purpose in combat. Characters who room S ranked will provide each various other max pairing bonuses once on the battlefield, and also having an affect on their children’s traits. Every one of your devices children can be acquired through a Prologue fight.

This list is a Fire Emblem Fates marriage options guide for your avatar, whether it be for classes, combat, or a personality with an excellent personality and also charm.

NOTE: These space NOT ranked, and also child units are not had (that’s a perform for another day).

1. Camilla


Camilla, at very first glance, is certain gorgeous. She’s the crown princess/royal of Nohr, delightfully taking treatment of Corrin. Many civilization have misconceptions about her character, yet she has actually a very interesting personality and also is a strong, faithful fighter that will defend Corrin at all costs. Her assistance is sweet, as she do the efforts to take it the protagonist ~ above trips because he/she has been locked in a lock their whole life. She may be Corrin’s big “sister” however she is not pertained to him in any kind of way. Camilla is also flirty, her assistance filled v memorable lines. She additionally is one of the finest fighters on the conquest side, absolutely wrecking (almost) everything as a Wyvern Rider. What’s not to love about her?

2. Xander


Xander is the mature enlarge “brother” next in line for the throne that Nohr, and also has among the cutest supports through female Corrin. He is nothing however nice to the avatar, express his love for his “little princess”, which he states often. The assistance feels genuine and also from the heart, together both the protagonist and also Xander show care for one another, expressing their respect for each other throughout the years. Favor Camilla, Xander is no blood related. He really is a true gentleman which is probably one that the factors he’s therefore high top top the Japanese popularity poll. Outside of the support, his character breakthrough is absolutely an excellent as the plays a huge function in every story.

3. Azura


It’s nearly as if the creators of Fates wanted Azura and also the protagonist to it is in the canon pair of the game, since everything just “fits” between the two. Azura is obtainable on every route, playing a far-ranging role in the story. She is an personality awesome in a number of ways, from her beautiful singing voice to her kind and also caring personality. Back she is reserved, Azura progressively opens up, specifically to the Avatar. Many choose Azura to marry top top the final route due to the fact that it can be considered the “true ending”. There are additionally many hints and also aspects that the story that indicate feelings between the protagonist and also Azura. One of two people way, she is definitely a good choice because that a male Corrin on any type of route.

4. Takumi


Tsundere characters, or ones that act cold climate gradually end up being warmer in the direction of a specific person, room often popular for a number of reasons. At first, Takumi does no seem to it is in a good marriage choice at all, especially with exactly how he acts towards the avatar. Hoshido welcomes the heroine with open up arms, despite them being through Nohr their entire life. However, Takumi automatically labels the protagonist together a traitor in spite of which side the player chooses. That does at some point get previous his early stage impressions, ending up being one that the many interesting personalities in the game. Being the middle child, that longs to it is in as effective as his siblings, resulting in details events developing in Fates. His S-rank conversation reveals the he has fallen in love with the avatar ~ spending time training together, revealing the they room not connected by blood.

5. Rinkah


The fiesty fighter from the fire Tribe, Rinkah was standing out together a strong, elevation female character in the Birthright route. Rinkah has a bit of a spicy tongue and tries to be alone due to her tribe’s customs and her great to ultimately succeed her father. However, she learns the opening up to others isn’t a bad thing, i beg your pardon is revealed v the masculine Corrin’s S location conversations. Her style is additionally really nice, as she look at as strong as her character is.

6. Jakob


From the an extremely beginning, Jakob proves his absolute commitment to you. He, together your butler, has actually been a devoted worker from day one. In fact, Jakob’s seemingly nice actions is just directed in the direction of the mrs MC, as he is rather rude to everyone else. The is happy to offer the demands of Corrin no issue what, his assistance with the MC ultimately leading come the currently of his feelings towards the avatar. His support feels genuine, and also he is additionally a great combat partner with ranged attacks and the unique butler class. Like a few other characters on this list, the is accessible to get married in all 3 games.

7. Niles


There’s a lot to say around Niles. Originally named Zero in the Japanese release, Niles is rather a distinctive unit, his double entendres and flirtatious habits bringing life come his personality in Conquest. That is rather of a sadist, the root of his behavior revealed in his backstory through assorted supports. Niles is a same sex marriage option because that a male MC, and also can additionally be married through a mrs MC. His character development is interesting, and he is just one of the best archers in the game.

8. Oboro


In the Birthright route, countless characters have an individual qualms v Nohr, and have to be personally effected by the war between the families. Oboro is no exception, as she lost both of her parents native Nohrian assassins. There is no going into too numerous spoilers, it can be stated that Oboro is definitely a unique character, struggling v the lose of her parents, fighting ~ above the battlefield, and sewing/coordinating outfits for the army, together she is really skilled in fashion. She supports are quite good, and although she has a like on Takumi, she is a good option because that a male Corrin, especially with her spear fighter class.

9. Kaze


Another unit who will follow you whichever path you take, Kaze, from a Hoshidan ninja clan, is a renowned marriage selection for mrs avatars. The whole support is filled v heartwarming dialogue, together Kaze believes that is not a kind human when he is in reality the complete opposite. Corrin and Kaze have great chemistry and a heartfelt collection of conversations throughout their time together.

10. Felicia


Jakob may be the Avatar’s butler, however Felicia is the maid counterpart. Clumsy, however cute, Felicia serves Corrin to the best of she abilities. Although she is no the best maid around, she is great on the battlefield, using ranged attacks and healing staffs. For the male MC, she’s obtainable from the beginning and also will follow you on either course you choose. She older pair sister Flora is likewise a great marriage choice, yet is more tough to attain in the storyline.

11. Leo


The genius that Nohr’s royal family, Leo is quickly one the the most popular marriage options in the game. His magic attacks are brutal, as he is highly skilled on the battlefield. Besides having a very handsome appearance, Leo is very strong and confident. Although he can appear to be rude sometimes, over there is an interpretation behind it. Choose the various other royal siblings, the is not concerned the avatar.

12. Odin


BEHOLD, ODIN DARK! without spoiling, there’s a factor why Odin seems comparable to another character native a past game, i beg your pardon is glorious. His prolonged battle calls and also belief to it is in the “chosen one” add to his hilarious and also well constructed character. Odin deserve to be compared to a bard, informing a heroic story while he is in it. His daughter acts the same way, making your supports several of the best in the game. Marrying such a nerd is amazing. Return Odin isn’t particularly strong as a dark mage, he have the right to be reclassed.

13. Hinoka


One of the Hoshidan royal sisters, Hinoka is a good marriage choice for the Avatar. Ever because a young age, she cared deeply because that Corrin, coming to be upset the she couldn’t safeguard him/her. In Birthright, lock finally affix again and Hinoka is the strong woman that she aimed come be. She heartfelt supports do the suffer worthwhile. Some added bonuses are that she has very good mobility approximately maps because of her skies Knight class.

14. Kaden


The leader the the Kitsune clan, Kaden is a fifty percent human, fifty percent fox hybrid who is an extremely cheerful and has a charming personality. That is really large on repaying people’s debts, i m sorry is something he emphasizes v the female MC. Throughout the support, he is an extremely happy to be in her company, and also each rank is certain adorable. Due to the fact that he supplies a beast stone and Corrin is additionally a form shifter, there space some good stat bonuses for their children.

15. Silas


Childhood friends together romantic partners room usually a renowned pairing in Japanese games and also pop culture. Silas, a Nohrian items who has reconnected with you is easily accessible to get married in all three routes. The support between a woman MC and also Silas is for sure adorable, mirroring on your childhood storage together and the futures together partners. If the MC marries Silas, friend will have two children, including Sophie, Silas’s daughter.

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16. Ryoma


The older brother of Hoshido, labeling by fans as “Lobster King” is a calm and gathered future leader the the clan. A great strategist who always thinks points through, Ryoma is a master fight tactician through a soft side. Favor Takumi, his functions in both Birthright and Conquest are spectacular come the very end. He has actually similarities v Xander that Nohr but stands out as his own distinctive character and also husband.

Other great first generation options: Elise, Sakura, Severa, Lazlow, Peri, Keaton, SubakiGreat second generation options: Ophelia, Foleo, Rhajat, Selkie