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The childmuch less Emperor Hadrian, Faustina’s maternal uncle by marital relationship, was compelled to adopt his successor. His initially alternative was Aelius Ceasor who passed away before he might succeed. The following favored follower was a 51-year old senator through the name Titus Aurelius Fulvus Boionius Arrius Antoninus. He would marry Faustina about the year 110, and also they would certainly go on to have four kids together.

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Their eldest son was a daughter named Aurelia Fadilla, that lived long enough to marry a man named Lamia Silanus. However before, she died in the early 130s before her father’s accession. Two sons named Aurelius Antoninus and Galerius Antoninus passed away in early childhood. Their youngest daughter Annia Galeria Faustina lived to adulthood and became Empress of Rome as the wife of Marcus Aurelius.

Emperor Hadrian passed away on 10 July 138 and Antoninus came to be Emperor with Faustina as his Empress. She was accorded the status of Augusta. He instantly asked for his predecessor to be worshiped, however this research was denied. Ultimately, the name “Pius” – the Pious one – was bestowed up Antoninus for his efforts. Hadrian had likewise not only favored Antoninus as his follower, yet he had actually additionally preferred Antoninus’ successors. Antoninus was told to adopt Lucius Verus (kid of the Aelius Ceasar – Hadrian’s initially choice as his successor) and Marcus Aurelius, that was his and Faustina’s nephew. Since Lucius Verus was quite a bit younger than their daughter, she ended up marrying Marcus Aurelius. They were formally betrothed in 139, and Lucius Verus ultimately married their daughter Lucilla.

Faustina only took pleasure in her Imperial status for around 2 years. She died in October or November 140, from unrecognized reasons. She was probably still only in her early on forties. Antoninus was devadeclared, and also he would proceed to honour her memory for the next 2 years of his reign. Faustina was deified and also dubbed “Diva Faustina” on the royal coinage that was issued in her memory. She was worshipped in a new cult via its own priesthood, by decree of the senate. A holy place was dedicated to her in the Roman Forum, and several gold and silver statues were erected. Antoninus also established a charitable organisation in her name for the advantage of negative Italian girls, dubbed the Puellae Faustinianae (Faustina’s girls).

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It provided them through financial support and a totally free education. A surviving letter from Antoninus to a friend says, “In reality, I would rather live via her on Gyara (a desolate island) than in the royal residence without her.”

Her husband outlived her till 161, and also he was succeeded by Marcus Aurelius and also his daughter Faustina the Younger.1