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People dice if They room Killed is a memorable quote uttered through the character Shirou Emiya in the 2006 anime series Fate/Stay Night by studio Deen. The quote is a result of translation concerns from Japanese to English, producing a humorous redundancy that came to be a well-known catchphrase online. The quote has due to the fact that become popular among fans of the series as well as 4chan"s /a/ board.

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Though the quote originally showed up on the manga version of the series, it ended up being notable on animated adaptation. Top top June 10th, 2006, the episode "Holy Grail" aired. In the episode, the series" key protagonist Shirou Emiya discusses his body"s capability to regenerate native fatal injuries because of a relic well-known as "Avalon" the was implanted inside of him by Kiritsugu Emiya. The is during this scene the the line appears in the English-translation subtitles (shown below).



The earliest examples of the quote is believed to have originated from 4chan"s /a/ board. Individuals would mock at the seemingly redundancy statement and how the represents personalities at gift passionate yet really thick-headed. The quote would additionally be attach by various other statements or pictures that are synonymous/contradicts through it or with the image macro O RLY?, you Don"t Say? and also Demotivational Posters (examples below).


The more quickly surviving document of the quote was a screenshot of the step in the photo search engine site Danbooru <1> ~ above June 17th, 2006. Months later, ~ above February 10th, 2007, the Danbooru wiki it is registered an entry regarding the quote<2> which was pasted native the Lurkmore Wiki<3>. Top top 4chan"s Archive.moe, there are over 1m700 archived threads concerning the quote with the earliest gift from February 4th, 2008.<5>

On July 24th, 2008, YouTube user Albana uploaded a video clip titled "People dice if they are eliminated !" which mirrors the step of the quote. The has because gathered much more than 652,000 views as of 2015<4>.




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