In the 2nd book of the Horus Heresy series, the Warmaster is lugged low with the treachery of the Chaos-possessed Erebus. False gods picks up straight where Dan Abnett"s Horus climbing left off, with Warmaster Horus" 63rd Expeditionary Fleet top to the Davin system, where the planetary governor, Eugen Temba, has been overheard speaking treason against the Imperium. The Luna Wolves, newly rechristened the boy of Horus, soil on the moon Davin 3, where the traitors have actually based themselves. Through the loyalist forces is Garvil Loken, captain the the 10th firm and protagonist of the novel, and also the Warmaster himself.Click right here to watch the remainder of this evaluation

As lock advance, the forces of the Imperium find the moon to be oddly dead and also sickly, and are assailed by a pressure of the dead risen from your grave by foul sorcery. With his forces divided and fractured by the undead assault, Horus arrives at the "Glory the Terra," the warship being supplied by Temba together his primary base. Horus self confronts the rebellious governor, twisted right into an inhuman kind by his dark understand Nurgh-Leth. Horus prevails, however is wounded through a cursed anathame blade, last seen in the hand of Erebus, the sinister room Marine of words Bearers legion.

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The wound inflicted through the evil blade carries a poison, and also fells the mighty Horus. After ~ Loken and also the various other captains and soldiers of the sons of Horus extract your fallen master, the force"s medics, utilizing unimaginably advanced medical technology, seek to recreation him, yet to no avail. The anathame"s poison is of Chaotic origins. Erebus, the hidden architect of all of this, suggests taking the Warmaster come the holy place of the Serpent Lodge, concerned the warrior lodges the Loken has discovered infesting his forces. The temple is secretly run by the pressures of Chaos. Together his faithful captains was standing helpless outside the Temple, the Chaos priests work-related foul magics ~ above Horus" body. Opposing lock is the astral type of Horus" other Primarch, Magnus the Red that the thousand Sons.
Magnus tries to warn Horus of the treachery the Erebus, however the Chaos priest, in the guise of Horus" dead advisor Hastur, shows the Warmaster a vision that a time in i m sorry the Emperor has actually betrayed the reasonable dogma of Imperial fact in donate of a citizenry worshiping him together a god. Erebus cases that this was the Emperor"s function all along, and also that the Primarchs and their Marines were only ever tools. Magnus unmasks the false Hastur. However, Horus" pride leads him to turn to the god of Chaos anyway, in bespeak to establish his very own empire. Magnus looks for to warning the Emperor that the treachery of his son, yet
Horus leader his troops come butcher a peaceful person civilization; he likewise cleans house of anyone in his fleet the he believes capable of discovering his new course. Loken, as well as Torgaddon, have actually their suspicions aroused by these actions, and also the books ends v the two preparing for the possible necessity of fighting versus their own brothers.

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Best component of story, including ending: Graham McNeill is fairly a renowned writer for gamings Workshop"s black Library imprint; the reason why, however, escapes me, as his prose is plodding and his feeling of personality is virtually entirely lacking. His books move follow me at a same pace, yet that"s yes, really it.Best scene in story: Horus" near-death desires are at the very least somewhat interesting.Opinion about the main character: Loken moves in this publication from the amazing knight-errant of Abnett"s previous novel come a boring empty-suit with a pistol under McNeill"s inept pen.

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Plot & Themes

Composition the BookDescript. That chases or violence 30%planning/preparing, gather info, dispute puzzles/motives 30%Feelings, relationships, character bio/development 20%Descript. Of society, phenomena (tech), places 20%Tone of publication - depressing/sadFANTASY or science FICTION? - scientific research fiction storyWar or invasion - YesMajor type of combat: - guns

Main personality

Identity: - MaleProfession/status: - infantry soldierAge: - long lived adultsReally unusual traits? - at sight genius


Spaceship setting: - futuristic human warshipA substantial part of this book takes place on a non-Earth planetary body: - human beings in a contemporary societyPlanet outside solar system? - YesTakes location in spaceship? - Yes

Writing style

Accounts the torture and death? - moderately detailed references come deathsscientific jargon? (SF only) - none/very tiny science slang neededHow much dialogue? - significantly an ext descript than dialog
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