Do you reap high damages classes? Do you enjoy being able to solo high HP bosses without using a single potion? Do you likewise gain doing that while also being long-ranged? The Fae Trickster is well known for doing all of that. The Fae Trickster’s single tarobtain DPS is unmatched and deadly to any mob that comes cshed expecting to discover an innocent little bit fae to munch on. Long ranged attacks, loads of damages and 3 abilities based upon kiting and juking, enabling for a really high and rewarding ability cap that you will certainly love!


Extremely high skill cap Built about limitless survivcapacity Fun to play with Highest single-tarobtain sustained DPS(Damage per second)


Hard to address huge teams of mobs Requires great equipment and stats Requires practice Mistakes are even more punishing than other classes

Role of a Fae Trickster


When soloing, perform NOT stress too much about your passive, you WILL be acquiring hit by ranged mobs a lot of of the time. Instead, you want to have max energy regen on your gear(at least 160-180 energy regen), so once encountering dungeons/raids with multiple adversaries, you deserve to simply spam the heck out of your low mana-costing Glitterbomb to deal AOE damage(make certain to still use your clones to soak up damage)

For your build, you desire to still go complete glass cannon with magic damage, attack rate and energy regen yet likewise get some health regen, so if you accidently obtain hit, your health and wellness will certainly regen earlier up aacquire.

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SAFESPOTTING TIP: when in dungeons/raids without any kind of ranged mobs, develop a 3-5 high pillar and fire at the mobs listed below, they won’t have the ability to acquire to you


In a group, you will constantly have actually someone else tanking the mob aggro so you do not need to problem about getting attacked and also dropping your passive. As lengthy as you are on a ledge or a pillar ameans from the action, just let your lengthy ranged auto assaults do job-related and also throw out the occasional glitterbomb for AOE damages if mobs are grouped up. It is suggested that you have at least 1 item(commonly weapon or ring) that has actually have actually the jump stat so when going through biomes via heaps of platdevelop dungeons(eg information spires) you will certainly reach the activity conveniently instead of wasting time (being in a group is all about efficiency)

Breakdvery own of skills


Ego Blast:

Charges standard strikes if no damages was taken recently.

Believe it or not, the Fae’s passive is the many essential capacity to use, while energetic, your auto-strikes deal substantial damage approximately that of a Glitter Bomb. Integrated via high attack rate, this is what a lot renders this class’s single taracquire DPS unrivaled. Note that if your passive is inactive, your auto-attacks will certainly deal substantially lower damage.


Colored ring that appears about your character once the status of your passive is changed


Fae’s Unempowered Auto-attack


Fae’s Empowered Auto-attack


Teleport forward, leaving a decoy behind.

This distinct ability gives the Fae it’s survivability. When used, your character is teleported in the direction of the area you are pointing at and a decoy appears at your original area. All mobs that were aggressed onto you will certainly attack your decoy instead.

TIP: you deserve to decoy ameans from mob charge-up abilities to completely prevent them


Throw a shiny bomb which deals moderate area damages.


This ability enables the Fae to deal decent AOE(Area of effect) damage and also to kite. The knockago merged via ridiculously low power expenses on this capability enables for melee mobs to never get cshed sufficient to touch you. This capacity can additionally be provided to mine, throw a number of of these at some ores and they should break.


A Glitterbomb acquiring thrown

Faerie Dance:

Summon 3 dancing and shooting staves to strike your opponents.


Fae’s primary assets, survivcapability and damages rolled right into one ability. When supplied, you will certainly summon three staves that deal the same damages as your empowered auto assaults yet attacks slower. What most civilization don’t recognize is that these staves additionally act as a decoy, offering you further survivability. This capacity also has actually fairly a brief cool-dvery own so don’t be afrhelp to usage it at eexceptionally lair or dungeon you encounter!


3 Staves summoned by a fae

Gearing up

As discussed earlier, high forged equipment via necessary stats are crucial to play the Fae to the maximum as you are to be developed glass cannon. Tright here are 3 major stats that are essential, Magic Damage, Energy Regen and also Attack speed

Key Stats:

Magic Damage:

This is vital as fae’s abilities and auto strikes scale off magic damages.

Energy Regen:

Fae’s abilities have very tiny mana costs, therefore having high energy regen allows you to spam your Bconnect for decoys and to throw even more glitterbombs for more damages and survivcapacity.

Attack Speed:

Attack speed is the factor why fae has high single taracquire DPS. As your passive boosts auto-assault damages, it implies that having actually greater assault rate enables you to fire more auto attacks, making use of your passive to it’s max potential.

Secondary Stats(not as important):


This stat is fairly crucial in Shadow Arena’s, as a squishy fae you want to prevent all damage and also jump is the respond to to teleporting mobs so this is a need to if you don’t have low ping and also high reflexes to instantly Bconnect ameans.


Knockearlier is fine for soloing, your auto assaults will certainly push opponents back so you can kite them less complicated. But the problem with this lies within grouping and Shadow Arenas, your knockearlier is exceptionally irritating to melee classes and will certainly reduced their DPS as the mobs will certainly obtain puburned ameans from them.

Health regen:

Health regen is great if you are constantly making mistakes and taking a couple of hits to the face right here and there and also offers you some breapoint room to heal up. This isn’t very crucial though as being a fae, you have actually sufficient utilities to protect against damages so you should exercise till you perfect.


Magic Damage Energy Regen Attack Speed Hp Regen



Max HP Hp Regen Attack Speed Jump



Magic Damage Max HP Hp Regen/Energy Regen Attack Speed



Magic Damage Energy Regen/Jump


Optimal Build

My Build has actually enough power regen, strike rate, hp regen, magic damage and jump which permits it to be optimally beneficial in solo, group or Shadow Arena via no problem;

Combat guidelines

The Fae Trickster sure is fun. You are able to duplicate yourself, summon magical staves and knock amethod adversaries right into area but this needs your consistent attention of your surrounds and also adversaries. Whether you are fighting in an open area or a dusty dungeon room via no air-conditioning, you must be constantly mindful of who you are fighting. If you view a robot charging up a punch, Blink away and also leave it confused as it smashes with a veil of colored dust. If you see a power plant charging up a spin, Glitterbomb it’s backside to the various other finish of the room and also obtain a couple of added auto strikes on the silly creature. You should be smart as a Fae Trickster, you must synergise your auto attacks through your abilities if you wish to leave fight unscathed.

As a Fae Trickster, you desire to focus on hitting your auto attacks and surviving. You have 3 abilities that all help you endure and also not one of these abilities cost more than a tiny amount of energy. If you have actually high power regen, you’ve likewise currently beat your toughest contender, grouped mobs. Your Glitterbombs are your friends(and also opponents to mobs!) so straightforward Blink and also spam your bombs as they mobs are hunched over the carcass of your clone.

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The Fae Trickster is a really rewarding class, if you learn the in’s and out’s of this high skill-cap/high DPS class you will be an absolute monster, I guarantee it! What I enjoy about this course is just how it isn’t as boring as the other ‘organize best mouse button’ classes, the Fae Trickster needs you to be adaptive EG) You desire to be conscious of what you are fighting; “does this boss have actually teleport?” if not, construct a pillar and also safespot.” Am I able to usage a Glitterbomb and also have actually sufficient power to Blink to the side?” you will certainly need to think and also realize these things to come to be a good Fae Trickster.

The class difficulties you through it’s distinct mechanics and also is various in eincredibly single method, so if you’re searching for a fun high damage course, the Fae is the means to go!