LORD of THE rings fanatics could not be happy through this latest video clip from Cinema Sins. THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION of SMAUG is out following week, therefore of food they've produced a brand-new "Everything not correct With…" video clip for THE lord OF THE RINGS: FELLOWSHIP of THE RINGS. The film was a large hit v audiences and also critics, so what precisely is wrong through Peter Jackson's film? transforms out, a few things. As always, there's part nitpicking and I'm sure fans the the publication will have something come say about a few of this sins, however if you've gained a feeling of feeling or didn't think the film to be that good (Randal graves would love this video), you'll more than likely enjoy every little thing wrong with THE mr OF THE RINGS: FELLOWSHIP the THE RINGS.

"Jeez, just how deep have the right to a hobbit reach into the water from a boat?"

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