What does Eurylochus average when that says, "I"d rather die in ~ sea, v one deep gulp the death, / than die by inch on this desolate island here!"
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The price is the Eurylochus to be attempting to to convince the rest of Odysseus" guys to slaughter and also eat the sacred livestock of Helios, the sun-god. Circe had warned Odysseus that his ships would be damaged if he and also his guys ate Helios" cattle. Consequently, Odysseus make his guys swear to...

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The answer is the Eurylochus to be attempting to to convince the remainder of Odysseus" males to slaughter and eat the sacred cattle of Helios, the sun-god. Circe had warned Odysseus the his ships would be damaged if he and his males ate Helios" cattle. Consequently, Odysseus made his men swear to leave the cattle alone.

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However, the ship"s stores began to run low. The men started to starve. Eurylochus—Odysseus" second-in-command—mutinies and also attempts to to convince the men to eat the cattle, even though they understand that it can lead to their deaths. He says:

Listen to me, my comrades, brothers in hardship. All ways of dying space hateful come us negative mortals, true, but to dice of hunger, starve come death—that’s the worst the all. For this reason up with you now, let’s journey off the pick of Helios’ sleek herds, slaughter them come the god who dominion the skies increase there.

If we ever make it home to Ithaca, native ground, erect at once a glorious holy place to the Sungod, line the walls through hoards the dazzling gifts! But if the Sun, inflamed for his longhorn cattle, means to wreck our ship and also the other gods key in—I’d quite die in ~ sea, through one deep gulp that death, than die by inches on this desolate island here!

Eurylochus to know he is risking fatality by eat the cattle. However, he believes that is dealing with starvation (even despite Circe had actually promised they would certainly return safe if castle left the cattle alone). After compare a rapid death—drowning—with a lengthy death—starvation—Eurylochus says that that would rather die quickly—"with one deep gulp of death"—than slowly—"by inches."