Hereby i would choose to share with you on exactly how I have journeyed knowing, learning and also trusting enemas and essential oils because that long-lasting and optimal health.

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There were numerous episodes in mine life that triggered my search for alternate treatments.


One unforgettable incident or suffer that was practically a miracle to me is my exceptional recovery from trigger finger. I think the medical term supplied is stenosing tenosynovitis. It would certainly manifest chin in the type of gentle nerve pain at the basic of one or numerous fingers that wouldn"t walk away and also in some cases, mobility of influenced fingers would certainly be affected. Because that me that was just my center finger that my appropriate hand. It is a condition that many clinical doctors would diagnose it together a type of nerve degeneration (damaged tendon nerve) resulting from overused or simply aging and also there is no known cure and also patient needs to either live with it or fix to surgical treatment which was the recommended option for me (surgically remove the impacted tendon nerve).

At that time top top diagnosis, i did not choose the idea of surgical procedure which come me would certainly be the last option hence I made decision to seek in other places for cure. I checked out a reliable Chinese medical professional to seek assist and was put on a course of acupuncture for numerous months at the very least twice a week. The therapies did relieve the pain yet only temporarily as the ache came earlier stronger and was acquiring worse. Also the acupuncture therapy itself was no pleasant and uncomfortable. I ongoing Chinese acupuncture for nearly a year and also never seem to get much better and the pain continued to haunt me.. Basic actions such as clenching my right fist, transferring a bag that connected the finger and shaking hands with world were painful for me. Pain medication did assist but i did not desire to count on them. Ns was then practically at the verge the considering surgical procedure to aid me normalize mine life there is no the pain. However just before it, i was browsing the internet for anything relating to my problem and suddenly concerned know about helichrysum crucial oil and also how it would certainly heal nerve naturally aiding regeneration.

I did more research and also became convinced that this wonder oil might help me. The was choose nothing to lose for me to give it a shot so i took the possibility to walk right into a specialty shop handle in pure vital oils and bought my very first bottle. Top top my first application, I had actually a pleasant surprise as truly i experienced nearly immediate relief so much so the I carried it follow me whenever ns went using several time a day. Originally the reliefs were temporarily as the pain go come earlier but through a difference. The pain became lesser and lesser as I could actually feel the difference. That urged me to store going and also in about 2-3 months, ns was an extremely sure that helichrysum has actually healed my affected nerve since the pain level though could still be felt to be just around 2 on a range of 10 when the condition started. Ultimately in the following 4-6 weeks of continuous application, my affected finger recovered fully. It to be truly remarkable and it was from that moment I learned indigenous my very own experience and became a strong believer of necessary oils in helping and also aiding our body to heal, recover and also regenerate naturally.


Another illustration that adhered to was even much more awakening for me. It was a really nasty shingles attack around two years ago. Ns remember that to it is in the year when I turned 50 years. As necessary every one of us who has had chicken pox in previously years space susceptible to it particularly for those who space 50 years and also older.

Here space some facts to start with. Around 1 in 5 civilization have shingles at part time in their life. That can take place at any age, yet it is most typical in people over the period of 50. Most people have chickenpox in ~ some stage (usually as a child). The virus go not fully go after ~ you had chickenpox. Part virus particles stay inactive in the nerve roots beside your spinal cord. They perform no injury there, and cause no symptoms. For reasons that space not clear, the virus may start to multiply again (reactivate). This is regularly years later. The reactivated virus travels follow me the nerve to the skin to reason shingles. Another explanation is that it would strike one once one"s immune mechanism is compromised or weak.

In my case, it came so suddenly and I had actually no idea at all the it was shingles. It began with one unbearable constant pain at my appropriate temple that typical pain killers had actually on effect and it lasted for days. At the time I had actually no idea in ~ all that it was the beginning of shingles, I checked out the emergency in ~ the hospital and also the doctor might not diagnose the cause and also only offered me pain killers that did no work. The was recurring visits to number of clinics that ultimately my household physician shown it to be shingles based upon symptoms yet unfortunately together told by the doctor, it has reached a stage with possible nerve damage and also that recovery would certainly be long and could take several months also up come a year and pain can linger. In ~ this time, this sickness began showing significant rashes top top one side of mine face and also the pain was extricating. Ns was placed on anti-viral and various nerve certain pain killer medication. Automatically I knew I can not take my problem lightly and could no depend solely on medicine to aid me.

Realizing that shingles has to do v nerve issue, ns turned to helichrysum vital oil to assist with my pain and recovery. This time ns was wiser as I have actually understand more about essential oils requiring dilution and hence diluted the oil accordingly before application. And within 3 weeks, ns recovered fully from the which to be not supposed by my medical professional who then accounted mine speedy recovery as result of my great health which was inconsistent to how the virus had activated in the onset. Still I moved on through a stronger id in using crucial oils come heal. I would certainly say that it needs to be the anti-viral medicine that assisted most but linked with helichrysum, it intensified the healing process more holistically particularly on the worried system avoiding long hatchet complications.

Upon recovery, i was concerned and also wondering top top my very own state of wellness which might have led to the 2 episodes in my life -- trigger finger and shingles. I went for a full body check-ups and also a series of blood tests. I passed most if not all tests confirming that ns was usually healthy and also fine however one reading indicated that ns was a small off and that to be my liver file -- SGPT/ALT -- U/L -- ( 37). What doctors told me to be that i did not have actually to issue as the was only off marginally and also hence no medication nor further action required come correct. Ns was of course no knowledgeable sufficient medically to completely understand what this one reading implied on my health however common sense told me the my liver was not functionally optimally.

I then turned to the internet to research around liver health and wellness hoping come find appropriate essential oils that would help. However my knowledge of important oils then was minimal only because that application. There to be not sufficient information around how for sure oils could be spend internally. And if so, what purity, what grade and also what dilution. Unless I might ingest internally, I might not figure out how I could help my liver. Along this direction the searching, I involved know of coffee enema and that is a natural means of liver detoxification and at the exact same time stimulating glutathione production by our body naturally enhancing overall immune system. Originally I was very skeptical and relied ~ above the web to learn and know an ext and ultimately took the plunge come experiment making sure I gained all the measures right. It to be not straightforward without Optimal health Network climate or gaining the procedures as well as equipment right.

After my first attempt of which the process was no so comfortable, the after effect was significantly uplifting through an explainable put in order energy. The was specifically this exorbitant feeling despite some inconvenience and trouble that maintained me walk on a everyday routine that coffee enema protocol for the next three months. Climate after I had my blood tests to check my liver condition and to mine relief, consecutive readings in ~ 2 month interval confirmed my SGT/ALT as 34, 31, 30, and 28. My last test was simply 3 month ago. Come me this has actually proven beyond doubt that coffee enema has helped mine liver come improve together with many wellness benefits the I would certainly not be able list them all. I claimed it here because I an initial intended for coffee enema to assist my liver but I feel my full health has actually benefited means beyond. I am emotion better, have actually a clearer mind, have an ext energy and did not fall sick because then. I have learned that as soon as our liver functions optimally, every little thing falls in location as our various other organs works well too. The is indeed a holistic natural approach for optimal health.


Above experiences have helped me come appreciate organic healing v use of crucial oils and also believing in coffee enema for great health. Just when I assumed I was all on the right path to healthy living, i encountered yet one more condition that ns was said again the nothing can be done medically and also I would need to accept it as component of the aging process.

It was my low testosterone displayed from a hormone test report suggested by a household physician throughout a regimen check-up. Ns then repetitive it a few more times through intervals and they to be showing listed below the normal range enemas and most interestingly because that me to know was the usage of oils together with enemas in the appropriate combinations. To me, the is an absolute perfect combination for total healing. What to be most beneficial was your an individual attention come receive and reply come my letter addressing my difficulty which was distinctive and an individual to me.

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You take it time come write and understand me an ext and suggested an excellent protocol combining different essential oils using the enema collection and Idaho Blue Spruce suppositories to obtain into mine system. I following the regime which i did not doubt and also expectedly mine testosterone levels came back within normal selection within two months. And also that same level continued to maintain within selection for much more than year till now. Few of my test results were -- 10.00, 11.70, 11,90, 10.90, 10.80. My critical test to be taken on third Jan 2014. Friend would note that mine testosterone did not go up high increase in the range which i perceive it together perfectly fine and normal due to the fact that unlike using fabricated testosterone which may elevate my levels method up do me feeling different maybe as well good. That to me isn"t graceful aging. I would say ours body requirements to attain equilibrium and this level alters as us age and in natural method through organic means, our human body would adjust itself optimally and as necessary subjectively and also individually. What matters many now is that i am in ~ the normal selection and ns feel good and hopeful living my life aging actively.