As with any kind of medical procedure, over there are certain drawbacks and also potential risks linked with one epidural steroid injection for back pain, foot pain, or arm pain. Among the many important problems to consider is that the procedure only tends to substantially lessen the patient"s pain about fifty percent of the time.

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Effectiveness of Epidural Injections

Unfortunately, epidural steroid injections space not always effective - that is estimated that they aid relieve the patient"s pain only around 50% of the time. In some cases the pains relief will certainly be permanent. In others, the pain will be lessened enough to enable the patience to progress with rehabilitation and also exercise, which helps the patient heal and also find pain relief top top a permanent basis.

Epidural Steroid Injections Video

If excellent pain relief is obtained from the an initial epidural injection, there will be no need to repeat it. If over there is a partial benefit (greater 보다 30% relief indigenous pain) the epidural injection have the right to be repetitive for possible additional benefit, or it may be necessary to conduct extr tests to more accurately identify what is resulting in the patient"s pain. Up to three epidural steroid injections might be performed in ~ a one-year period, spaced at least two to four weeks apart. If the early injection provides minimal benefit (less than 30% pains relief) the physician may either repeat the injection, or try a different type of injection or treatment.

Potential Risks and also Complications

As with all invasive medical procedures, there space potential risks connected with epidural steroid injections. However, in basic the danger is low, and also complications are rare. Potential threats include:Infection. Young infections occur in 1% come 2% of every injections. Severe infections are rare, arising in 0.1% to 0.01% of injections.Bleeding. A rarely complication, bleeding is much more common for patients with underlying bleeding disorders.Nerve damage. While extremely rare, nerve damage can take place from straight trauma indigenous the needle, or secondarily from infection or bleeding.Dural puncture ("wet tap"). A dural puncture occurs in 0.5% the injections. That may cause a post-dural puncture headache (also called a spinal headache) that commonly gets far better within a few days. Return rare, a blood patch may be necessary to mitigate the headache from a dural puncture.

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For a lumbar epidural injection, paralysis is no a risk since there is no spinal cord in the region of the epidural steroid injection. In enhancement to threats from the injection, roughly 2% of patient will endure epidural side results from the steroid medication, together as:

Transient flushing with a emotion of warm ("hot flashes") for number of daysFluid retention, weight gain, or raised appetiteElevated blood pressureMood swings, irritability, anxiety, insomniaHigh blood street - diabetic patients should educate their primary care physicians around the injection before their appointmentTransient to decrease in immunityCataracts - a rare an outcome of too much and/or prolonged steroid usageSevere arthritis that the hips or shoulders (avascular necrosis) - a rare an outcome of extreme and/or lengthy steroid usage

Lumbar epidural steroid injections should not be performed on patient who have actually a local or systemic bacter infection, are pregnant (if fluoroscopy is used), or have actually bleeding problems. Epidural injections should additionally not be performed because that patients whose pain is indigenous a tumor or infection, and also if suspected, an MRI scan have to be done before the injection to ascendancy out these conditions.

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Injections might be done, but with extreme caution, for patients with allergies to the injected solution, uncontrolled medical difficulties (such as congestive love failure and diabetes), and also those who are taking aspirin or other antiplatelet drugs (e.g. Ticlid, Plavix).