In this article, we teach players what one Unknown Slate is and much more information around it because that the game Epic Seven.

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The Unknown Slate is a an extremely rare material that is provided to rise the Devotion Imprint of a organic 5★ heroes.

This material is greatly used to upgrade the Devotion Imprint of restricted Heroes like Dizzy and also Seaside Bellona due to the fact that it is really hard come predict as soon as their banners will certainly be easily accessible again.

Where to acquire Unknown Slate?

The Unknown Slate deserve to only be got by purchasing that in the occupation Points section of the Shop. This material deserve to only be purchased as soon as per Arena Season which renders it a incredibly valuable resource for football player to have.

Players were likewise able to obtain this material during a balance patch that nerfed multiple organic 5★ heroes. Football player would be able to receive this as an additional reward when recalling your heroes through Devotion Imprints.

Similar Materials



The Meteorshard has nearly the same duty as the Unknown Slate but, it is offered to update the Devotion Imprint of herbal 4★ heroes.

Currently, this can only be attained once players recalled your Crimson Armin v a Devotion Imprint throughout the spot it to be nerfed.

World Fragment


The civilization Fragment is the exact same as the Meteorshard, however using the product is minimal to only Mercedes and Celestial Mercedes.

World fragments can be acquired by clearing each Crack In the human being Stage for the an initial time in Adventure mode and Unrecorded History.

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