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ESC help its students build valuable skills and fosters a vibrant community

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“ESC provided me a warm familial atmosphere during my high school journey and application season. I have the right to still psychic the crowded ESC center when everyone was inputting non-stop throughout application season. Such an excellent memories.”

Turvey Chu

ESC course of 2020, Pomona course of 2024

“ESC counselors room really responsible and also supportive. Thorough conversations v my counselors not just sparked an useful ideas for my essays but likewise enhanced my self-confidence.” 

Heather Guo

ESC course of 2018, Brown University course of 2022

“The best part about my university application suffer was meeting my counselor. My counselor has been extremely useful to me transparent the process and has actually truly end up being a girlfriend that ns felt comfortable simply talking to.”

Alice Zhao

ESC class of 2018, college of Pennsylvania class of 2022

“For the previous three years, the ESC neighborhood has been very supportive the me. At any time I accomplish with mine counselor, not just do i feel comfortable talking about my school life and also education goals, but I am ready to share my thoughts and also feelings through her.”

Keira Han

ESC course of 2018, Columbia University course of 2022

“My favorite facet of gift an ESC student is the everyday lunches. After spending the morning meeting v my counselor, incorporating brand-new ideas right into my supplemental essays, ns look forward to listening to the various conversations going roughly the lunch table.”

Amy Cheng

ESC course of 2015,Yale College class of 2019

“What i love the most is just how supportive and also close-knit the ESC ar is. Be mentally prepared for how countless revisions her counselor will certainly ask you come do before your essays room ready, yet once I had actually my final versions, i knew every the initiative I placed in was worth it.”

Jennifer Hong

ESC class of 2015,Duke University course of 2019

“The best part about being an “ESCer” is that ns can fulfill other human being who room equally hard-working, if not more. Whether ns am struggling come brainstorm for my essays or just taking a break, ns can always immerse myself in fruitful conversations with other students or counselors.”

Eric Wu

ESC class of 2017,Tufts University class of 2021

“ESC influenced me come express who I truly am in my application essays. Much more importantly, ESC is a ar where the experience of so many wonderful human beings intersect. Ns am really grateful because that the lasting friendships the I gained from this community.”

Victoria Shao

ESC class of 2016,Princeton University course of 2020

ESC is creative company, and everyone dram an integral duty in the success and growth. Team members spearhead projects based on their experience working v students, the needs of the company, and also their personal skill sets.

Join a neighborhood who: trust in the strength of mentorship worths an entrepreneurial spirit and also mentality celebrates a cross-cultural workspace Fosters one intellectually stimulating environment

“I have took pleasure in the an innovative process of helping students grow and develop intellectually and as elevation young adults prior to embarking ~ above the university admissions journey. Working v students through a vast array of understand has tested me to end up being versed in brand-new fields. Ns am thankful to be component of together a talented and motivated group of specialists at ESC.”

Rachel BrodieEDUCATION CONSULTANT | B.A. Haverford College

“It’s an excellent to have the ability to work v the several of the brightest college student in China. Help them research and develop their concepts is incredibly intellectually engaging.”

Matthew WuEDUCATION CONSULTANT | Bowdoin college

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“In the 4+ years due to the fact that I’ve join the ESC team, I’ve marveled at how our technique has always been focused on… occurring innovative curricula and an extensive services.”

EJ MitchellEDUCATION CONSULTANT | B.A. Amherst university

“I love functioning at ESC! As part of the phibìc America High institution Scholars Program, I work-related from my residence in Connecticut, and have good flexibility in organizing my time.”