All ns seem to find is her symbol but I can't it seems ~ to discover an actual photo of her.

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The reason I want photo is due to the fact that I'm playing an Aasimar and she'll be showing up occasionally in my character's dreams. I desire to much better visualise the dreams.


Page 94 of the 3rd edition complement Faiths and also Pantheons has an illustration that her.

(Edit: discovered the illustration here.)

Keep in mind, god in Faerun aren't have to locked right into a single manifestation form. When they might have particular appearances they prefer, or use much more than others, they have the right to pretty much look like whatever they want - though any form is most likely to betray your true nature in some means (ie, Waukeen tends to have gold hair and also eyes, Helm's virtually always a dude in complete plate armor through his face hidden in the helmet, Lolth is practically always a drow - or a spider, or some cross between the two).

(Her snapshot in Faiths and also Pantheons - which has already been post in this subject - is one potential form, yet it isn't her ONLY feasible form.)

Eldath's normally represented together a beautiful woman, yet that could potentially change depending on who she's appearing to (ie, if she reflects up in an elf's desires you could potentially have her look like an elf, to a dwarf she can look prefer a dwarf, and also so on). She hair could be quite much any color - red or blonde favor flowers, brown choose rich soil, eco-friendly like leaves, some shade the soft blue to represent water, or it might even it is in tied to the seasons - for this reason it's a vibrant green in spring and summer, fading come blonde or fiery red in autumn, then cycling v white, silver, or jet black in winter before returning to feather again.

She could also be extremely symbolic - if her PC has actually a far-ranging woman from their previous that to represent Eldath's ideals (peace, nature, shy and quiet yet self-assured, valuing the sanctity the life, etc), she could show up as that human being (or simply looking very comparable to the person, in "a type which you room comfortable with". She nearly certainly has a soft, soothing voice, and also knowledgeable eyes the seem to hold deep mysteries. Depending upon who she's getting here to, she could be wearing little an ext than a shift, or she could be totally naked, or do the Lady Godiva thing where she's naked however her hair cascades down and covers all the vital bits, or she could even have "clothes" fashioned out of bark, leaves, vines, and also the prefer to go for an Adam & Eve/Poison Ivy vibe. She could likewise potentially be a "maid of the mists" due to her association through waterfalls, and she's simply sort of always seen surrounding by a faint swirling spray the water that simply happens to cover all the significant bits.

Basically, Eldath look at like mommy Nature, except less "mother" and more "maiden". Anything the fits that type of description probably works pretty well as lengthy as she ACTS favor Eldath.

Since you're mainly doing this because that your very own visualization, it could work best if you choose what you most want she to look choose (or exactly how you think your character would be most likely to visualize her), and also then simply tell your DM that's what your version of she looks like (in case they want to explain her or point out her at some suggest as well).

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I as soon as played a character who worshipped Lurue whose mental image of her was much more or less The last Unicorn, v her human form looking suspiciously choose a young Olivia Newton-John. Gods are flexible.