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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The flames of passion room burning high and hot, in Roman’scabin in the woods with Lucia, and Marcelo’s apartment in D.F. Through Daniela.Lucia offers it the old college try, and Marcelo close the door his eyes and also thinks ofPuebla, yet neither one of them have the right to seal the deal. Lucia rolls over and startscrying, and even thick Roman realizes that’s no the solution you need to getwhile acquiring jiggy through your new lady ~ above your very first romantic weekend away.Marcelo jumps every the means out of the bed, almost as far as that can gain fromDani’s octopus arms and guppy kisses. Both Lucia and also Marcelo questioning theirrespective jilted lovers for forgiveness, and also begin a variation of the “it’s no you, that me” speech.

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Dani name the problem, Lucia, and also accuses Marcelo that stillloving her. (Well, yeah, the just broke up with her a couple of work ago.) Marcelosays he assumed they could begin a brand-new relationship, yet obviously it is notthe case. SLAP! (Drink!) “I don’t deserveto be treated this way!” Dani points out that she didn’t beg him to getback together (this time)-- he’s the one who asked her. “Are girlfriend going to rest up with me again?..You promised…It’s obviousthat friend can’t stand it as soon as I kiss or touch you, much less making love…I’mtired the this!” Dani storms out, refusing Marcelo’s help. “I recognize the way out!”

Gloria continues to play typical girl gamings with Leticia, andcalls come taunt her around Nora and Sergio. “Itold you the Sergio hadn’t forget Nora.” prefer a true frienemy, she theninvites Leti come go the end for coffee. “There’sno factor we can’t be friends.” Leti’s fuming and also hangs increase on the heffa. “I can’t stand her!” That provides both ofus, Leti.
No one’s approximately to prize the doorbell, so Nora is forced tohead downstairs and also out come the former lawn, where an unwelcomed guest iswaiting. Ricardo wears sunglasses and his slickest smile, together he admires CasaGaxiola and its grounds. He tells Nora that he’s always liked this house. Nope,he’s no there to watch Rebeca—he involved see Nora. His smile takes on a slightlymenacing top quality as he tells she he’s over there to give her some advice. Noradoesn’t recognize that Ric’s there to protect his baby girl’s, Leti’s, interests,but it’s clean that’s those spurred this visit. He cautions Nora that she’s tooyoung to it is in throwing her life far (echar a perder tu vida) and following hermom’s footsteps by chasing after various other women’s men. That advises her that it’snot too late to not turn right into her mother. The points the end that she’s alreadystolen she sister’s man, similar to her mama walk to she sister. Nora’s hadenough, and vehemently denies that her mommy would perform such a thing. “She capable of that, and also much more. Ifyou’re ever interested in learning what those are, you recognize where to discover me.Have a pretty day.” Ric gives her another smarmy smile, and saunters out,while Nora runs earlier into the house like a scared tiny rabbit. Ric justchuckles, and puts his sunglasses back on.

At the fabrica, Amador is trying to get Rebeca’s assistance inre-hiring Vinicio. Rebeca’s worn down of fighting with Lucia, and also doesn’t desire toget involved. She realizes that Amador is method more concerned around a lowlyemployee 보다 he have to be, and also asks what Vini has on him. Amador no wantto acquire into it, so he provides in. He just wants to provide Vini a an excellent severance.Rebeca refuses, pointing out that Vini hasn’t operated there long enough todeserve it.
Lucia is dressed and also drying she hair. Roman inn sheepishlyknocks on her door, and also says they have to talk. Lucia begs his forgivenessagain, and tells him the she’s placing in all her initiative to make their newrelationship work. Roman inn sees the composing on the wall. She shouldn’t need tomake an effort—it should occur organically. He apologizes for pressuring her. “You were constantly honest with me…You called methat you needed time, and I propelled for something that you clearly weren’tready for.” Lucia thanks him for being therefore understanding. Roman inn points outthat it’s the only way he could react. “BecauseI love/care around you (querer), and also when you care around someone, girlfriend respecttheir feelings. I can’t pressure you to feel what I desire you come feel.” Lucia’sready to reduced the weekend short, and also asks if they can go back, best now. She closesher eyes and gives roman inn a kiss loaded v guilt, and also it’s clear to both ofthem that that’s the just emotion she feels once she kisses him.
Dani goes straight to Milagros’ house to whine about Marceloleaving she high and dry. Mili thinks she should have been an ext understandingand much less of a harpy. Dani’s not buying it. She’s pissed. She provides crypticthreats around being capable of many things, including finishing off the womanwho enraged the fatality of Federico. Mili desires to understand what’s that woman obtained todo with her Marcelo situation. In Dani’s warped mind, that woman is the reasonMarcelo dumped her as soon as he ran turn off to Puebla. Even Mili’s spring at she like,girl, the don’t do no damn sense!
Meanwhile, Rafaela goes over to Marcelo’s apartment, and also isconfuddled when she look at Dani’s abandoned wheelchair. Marcelo tells she aboutDani storming out in a snit. Rafa share some much more of her sage advice. “When yes love, couples fight. Whenthere isn’t, even much more so.” Marcelo claims he has actually to give it a try. Rafapoints out that he loves someone else. She loses she patience, and tells the toget part balls, end this farce, and stop with the stupidity!
Magdalena go to watch Sara in she office and tells she howthe police caught, exit (soltar), and also won’t tell lock the deal with of theex-maid (she doesn’t speak the Clara by name). They’ll have to keep trying tofind her via the internet. Sara pipeline to go consult v a specialist aboutBenito’s case, if Magda stays in her office to google Clara Rosales,unsuccessfully. When Sara returns, Magda laments the fact that she probablypassed the mrs on the streets and didn’t identify her. After Magda leaves,Sara takes out the call number because that Clara Rosales and calls.
Lalo and Normita snack, and chat at the front desk of thefabrica about Sara helping Benito. They talk about what one awesome person Sarais. Rebeca overhears this, and also is all kinds of salty hearing them song Sara’spraises. “That woman isn’t what youthink! ns don’t want to hear her name ever before again! you hear me?!”
Vinicio pounces ~ above Amador as shortly as he exits the fabrica. Amadortells Vini he can’t carry him back. “I’d watch for another job if i were you.”He supplies Vini a referral letter and severance. Vini’s not having actually it, andthings get physical together the two threaten and also counter threaten. “If friend don’t want me come turn into a bigger problem,you’d better help me out!” “Don’t threaten me! If ns fall, you fall first.” Amador provides to pay Vini’s “severance” fromhis own pocket (bolsa).

Night has fallen, and apparently Lucia and also Roman drive allthe means back to Puebla in silence. Lucia nervously apologizes again as theyexit his automobile in front of she house. Roman inn insists the he’s going to stoppressuring her. When she’s ready, she knows whereby to uncover him. Lucia do the efforts tolet him under gently. “Even though youdon’t think me, I had actually a great time through you.” he graciously accepts this,and her chaste taking leave kiss ~ above the cheek, while fighting earlier tears. “And also though you additionally don’t think me,I go too.” roman inn gets in his car and also drives off, as Lucia bring away hersuitcase increase the front stairs and also takes out her keys. Just then, Marcelo pullsup, dashes the end of his car and also to the gate, and calls out. “Lucia!”
Lucia turns and runs under the steps, together Marcelo beginning thegate. They stop to watch deep into each other’s eyes, then start grinning likethe lovesick idiots lock are, before falling into each other’s arms. “I couldn’t keep acting a fool. Ns can’t livewithout you.” “Nor deserve to I.” between tears and also passionate kisses ~ above the walkway,at the gate, and versus the car, she asks him to take she away. She wants togo see the ocean, with him! castle giggle, stumble into the car, and drive off.

Meanwhile, within Casa Gaxiola, Nora rocks back and forth inthe fetal position in her bedroom, her hair loosened and disheveled. She walk overRic’s words around her mom in her mind. Later, once Rebeca finds she likethis, she panics and begs Nora to tell she what’s wrong. Nora start babblingabout no wanting HIM to come back. Rebeca asks, who? she alarmed as soon as Norasays it to be Ricardo Marquez, and also demands to understand what the said. “Things about you, and also that it’s no toolate because that me come NOT end up being like you…That friend did terrible things. Yet he didn’ttell me what.” Rebeca calls Ric a liar, as she do the efforts to patience Nora who’sshakily weeping in her lap.
In a bar in town, Ric drinks v Amador and coolly offersto speak come Brigida to extract Amador native the hot water he gleefully droppedhim in. Amador has had sufficient of Ric, and says he desires to placed an end (poner unhasta aquí) to their collaboration. Ric’s fine v that, however he wants to bepaid off first, for his lousy lawyer work and for the investment he carried toAmador’s shady next business. Amador has actually the inspect all ready, and pulls it outof his pocket. He’d additionally like Ric to obtain out that town, and advises the to gain aJ-O-B. The bank of Amador is closed! great luck!
Back in his home, roman sadly strokes pictures of his dead wifeand son. He climate grabs his phone, and also contemplates phone call Lucia…Who isn’t evengiving the a 2nd thought, because she and also Marcelo space on the road headed tothe seaside. They joke around what she sister and aunt will certainly think as soon as they findher abandoned suitcase. She no think they’ll care that she disappeared.Mili phone call Marcelo, demanding to view him best now. She’s coming over! Hetersely says he’s not in his apartment, he is busy, and he can’t talk now. Click!He then shuts turn off his phone. A few more smooches, and also Lucia and Marcelo getback ~ above the road. Mili automatically calls Daniela, to provide her the negative news.
Rod visits home and begs Brigida to tell the what yes, really upsether for this reason much. Amador arrives and also hovers. Brigida chooses her words carefully,knowing that Amador is listening. “It’ssomething really painful…but maybe you have a appropriate to know…” Amador rushesin, interrupts the conversation, and also sits in ~ Brigida’s side. The lovingly takesher hand, while informing Rod the the problem is something just between him andBrigida. Brigida to know this brand-new affectionate attitude way Amador is all set tocave to her demands. She provides him a systematic look, and calls him a goodhusband together they exchange a required kiss. Rod to know this is complete b.s. And eyeshis parents suspiciously.
Rebeca goes end to Ric’s place to cuss him out for approachingand talking smack about her to she daughter. What does that want?! Ric threatensto call Nora the Rebeca likely eliminated her daddy, and cockily tells Rebeca thathe wants her to accompany him come hell—they could make a good pair. “Want to offer it a try?” Rebeca doesn’t appreciate his feeling of humor,and points out that what was between them was simply desire—certainly not loveon one of two people of their parts. He teases that it’s not as well late because that them to give ita try, and attempts to caress she cheek. She curses him because that coming earlier toPuebla. Just how much walk he desire to leaving forever? “Seems that everyone wants me gone or dead.” Rebeca tells him toname his price.
Lucia and Marcelo journey all the means up to the coast ofan north beach. Lucia runs the end of the auto to inhale and embrace the ocean air. Marcelocomments that had he known she love the s so much, that would have broughther before. “It doesn’t matter whathappened prior to or what we stated before. The just thing that’s necessary is thismoment through you.” more passionate smooches and then Marcelo asks what Luciawants to carry out now. “I want to be through you,and watch the dawn/sunrise (el amanecer) together.” they sit on the sandand prepare come do just that, together they cuddle and watch the waves roll in.
Tere and Lalo stroll through the park and also chat around Sara’sgood deed and Rebeca’s nasty reaction. Tere spills the it’s since Rebeca isjealous, due to the fact that Alonso to be going come dump she for Sara. Al and Rebeca were evensleeping in different bedrooms! even gossipy Lalo thinks this is TMI. Instead, hewants to celebrate the Vini obtained the boots from Lucia. Unbeknownst come them, Viniis stalking and spying on castle from across the park.

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Rebeca make the efforts again to traction Nora out of her downward spiral.She even offers to contact Roman to come speak come her. Nora informs Rebeca thatRoman went the end of town with Lucia. Rebeca asks the obvious, and also asks if Nora isin this state since of what Ric said about her. “I love you through all my heart. I don’t prefer for world to speak badlyof me to you.” Nora bluntly tells her mother that EVERYBODY and their mama speaksbadly the her. “No one likes/cares for you…Evenmy father didn’t love you.” the one stung, but Rebeca tries to convinceNora, and herself, that Nora’s love is every she needs. “If you love me, that’s more than sufficient for me (me basta y me sobra)...Rest,my love.”
As Rebeca pipeline Nora’s room, she gets a booty contact from Alfredo.He’s coming ago from business in Monterrey and also decided to prevent in hisapartment in Puebla, instead of going straight earlier to D.F. Can Rebeca come outand play? for once, Rebeca choose to put her daughter first. However she agrees togo check out him tomorrow…
The rising sun casts a warmth orange glow over the s andthe sand, together Lucia and Marcelo take on and kiss top top the hood the his car. Realitystarts come seep in and they speak the the lovers they jilted the evening before.Marcelo knows he needs to go back to D.F. Come speak come Dani, come tell her that heloves Lucia and can’t live there is no her. “Andwhat space you going to tell her doctor?” Lucia confidently claims that Romanknows perfectly well just how much she loves Marcelo. Well, Marcelo knows thatscreechy Dani i will not ~ be therefore understanding. Lucia wants them to delay tellingeveryone for simply a bit, and enjoy part alone time, before Nora start harpingon her, and Dani start screeching at him. “Andwhat execute you want to execute to start the day?” Lucia provides Marcelo a mischievoussmile and says she’s going swimming. She hops off the car, and also the cameradiscreetly traction away as she starts to shed her clothing. She looks ago atMarcelo, that decides to join her for this early on morning skinny dip in theocean. Castle run right into the ocean, hand-in-hand, and begin to kiss and frolic inthe waves as the sunlight rises high above the beach.
Nora wakes to hear screeching and screaming coming from thefoyer. She goes below to find Daniel acquiring physical with negative Tere,who’s make the efforts to keep the harpy out. Dani turns her ire on Nora, demanding tosee Lucia. “I concerned see her sister,but the coward is hiding indigenous me!” Nora denies Lucia is there. Dani tellsNora that Lucia is walking to need to KILL her, before she allows her stealing Marcelofrom her again! then she starts to curse out all the Gaxiola ladies for beinghos. “In this family, all the ladies arethe same! beginning with your mama, who also while married was involved with…” Danistops just short of spilling the Federico dust on Rebeca, but the insinuationis sufficient to send Nora into a tizzy. Dani rather says she"s certain Nora’s mama waswhoring approximately with a many of males while she was married. Nobody talks about Nora’smama the way! She tries come rip the hair out of Dani’s head, as Tere make the efforts desperatelyto separate the two harpies. Dani leaves one critical parting threat for Lucia andrides ago out on she broom. Tere does NOT acquire paid sufficient for this sh*t!
Noraquestions Tere if Lucia important did come back. Tere confirms the she have to have,since she uncovered her suitcase on the porch and brought it within last night, butshe doesn’t think she slept here. The Tere’s day off (and she really demands it),so she leaves Nora alone. Nora goes directly to Lucia’s room, and also sees theun-slept-in bed. She phone call Lucia’s cell and also gets the the end of company areamessage. She flies into an uncontrollable rage and begins to rip Lucia’s roomapart, cursing her sister as she does. “Maldita!I hate you!”
Dani’s following stop is she Puebla apartment. She starts come callMarcelo, and also stops cold as soon as she sees 2 wine glasses-- one v a redlipstick mark. She marches into the master bedroom, and also stands in prior of thebed, wherein Alfredo and Rebeca are right in the middle of passionate and also enthusiasticlove-making. Caras impactadas all around!