Raja bring away Rani come the temple and also prepares come tell every little thing to her. He tells her who her genuine parents are and also they were eliminated by Kaal.

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Raja and also Rani walk to the temple and also Rani speak her that Dadu is also about to come. Raja states that he’s brought here for himself.

Rani put Dadu to sleep after informing her that nothing will go wrong v her. She close the door the home window and Raja meets her. She tells him that Dadu has been talk weirdly and is saying that somebody killed her parents. Raja tells her the nothing would take place to her and also starts complying with her to wherever she goes. She asks what he’s doing and also he claims that he’s only protecting his possessions. She makes him safety Dadu and goes come study. He sit on a chair and keeps glancing in ~ her. She thinks that he is looking in ~ her yet Raja then pretends no to. Rani drops asleep on the table when thinking around her mangalsootra and Raja.

Rani wakes increase the next morning and finds Raja is gone and also Dadu is not on the bed. Dadu comes and also asks why is she trying to find Raja. Rani speak her the she’s worried around him as he cannot be left alone ~ what taken place yesterday v Kaal. Dadu goes right into flashback through all the memories pouring in. Raja comes back and Rani meets him and also asks wherein he was. Dadu pictures them and sees the they’re as loving together Rani Gayatri and also Rana Indravadhan. Raja says exactly the very same things together Rana Ji and Rani walk the same and Dadu keeps listening to them. Rani speak Raja the she’ll wait for him it rotates eternity.

Dadu goes come her and also says the she shouldn’t wait for time and also she won’t let the very same thing occur to them, together it happened with her son and also daughter-in-law. Raja thinks that she’s right and also plans to tell Rani the totality truth before anyone else.

Rani tells Raja the Dadu it s okay these fits where she thinks that she is the Raj Mata but maybe it’s only her ambitious to end up being one. She’s enjoy it by the idea the she deserve to be the queen. Raja tells her that he’ll tell she the whole truth after test today. Jeevan and also Lovi room watching them indigenous behind the park.

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Raja and Rani go to the temple and Rani speak her that Dadu is also about to come. Raja claims that he’s brought here because that himself. The goes to pray and Rani join him. Raja climate prepares to tell her however Rani says that she go not desire to hear anything and wants to go home. Raja claims that it’s around her, the truth about their families. She asks what the was, and also Raja says that she father wasn’t Lakhan and her parents to be Rana Indravadhan and also Rani Gayatri. He tells her around their death, because of Kaal. She drops the thali and starts laughing and says that he’s only telling she stories. Raja says that this isn’t any type of story and also shows she a snapshot of she parents. She beginning weeping by looking at it and Raja asks why she has obtained tears through looking at them. He tells her that she’s related to them.