Popes of the Eighth CenturyPopeNumberReignedBirthplaceNotes
Sergius I84Dec 15 687 – Sep 8 701SicilyIntroduced the singing of the Lamb of God at mass in response to a prohibition implemented by the Quinisext Council.*
John VI85Oct 30 701 – Jan 11 705GreecePersuaded Gisulf the Lombard duke of Benevento to withdraw from the areas of the eastern empire he had overcame.

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John VII86 Mar 1 705 – Oct 18 707 Calabria The second pope to bear the exact same name as his prompt predecessor. He additionally did not assistance the Quinisext canons.*
Sissinius87Jan 15 708 – Feb 4 708SyriaOnly four popes have actually had shorter reigns.
Constantine88Mar 25 708 – Apr 9 715SyriaLast pope to visit Greece while in office till John Paul II in 2001.
Gregory II89May 19 715 – Feb 11 731RomeFeastern day 11 February. Held the Synod of Rome (721). Send Boniface to Germany. Mediated in between Byzantine and also Lombard pressures during their battles. Fought versus the Eastern Emperor in the Iconoclast conflict.
Gregory III90Mar 18 731 – Nov 28 741SyriaThe 3rd pope to bear the very same name as his instant predecessor. Was previously the last pope to have actually been born outside Europe until the election of Francis in 2013.
Zachary91Dec 3 741 – Mar 22 752CalabriaFeast day 15 March. Built the church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva.
Pope Elect Stephennever before consecratedMar 23 752 – Mar 25 752unknownSometimes known as Stephen II. Died 3 days after his election; never receiving episcopal consecration. Some lists still incorporate him. The Vatihave the right to sanctioned his addition in the sixteenth century; removed in 1961. He is no longer taken into consideration a pope by the Catholic Church.
Stephen II92Mar 26 752 – Apr 26 757RomeSometimes dubbed Stephen III. The Docountry of Pepin.
Paul I93May 29 757 – June 28 767Rome
Stephen III94Aug 7 768 – Jan 24 772SicilySometimes referred to as Stephen IV. The Lateran Council (769).
Adrian I95Feb 1 772 – Dec 26 795Rome
Leo III96Dec 26 795 – Jun 12 816RomeCrowned Charlemagne Imperator Augustus on Christmas Day in the year 800. Initiated what would certainly come to be the office of Divine Roman Emperor requiring the imprimatur of the pope for its legitimacy.

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* The Quinisext council was organized in Byzantium in 692 and attfinished by bishops of the Eastern Realm. The goal wregarding eliminate distinctions in between the Eastern and Western churches, however because it was an specifically Eastern affair the results were a tiny one-sided.