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Who deserve to resist the allure of old Egypt - and the thrill that uncovering mysteries that have lain surprise for hundreds of years? not the feisty miss out on Emily Sands who in 1926, four years after the exploration of King Tut"s tomb, led an expedition up the Nile looking for the dig of the god Osiris. Alas, miss Sands and also crew shortly vanished right into the desert, never ever to be watched again. However luckily, her keen observations live top top in the kind of a lovingly retained journal, full of drawings, photographs, booklets, foldout maps, postcards, and many other intriguing samples. Below are simply a few of Egyptology"s special features: - an extravagantly gilded cover, special a elevated Horus hawk pendant with 3 encrusted gems, a playable game of Senet, ancient Egyptian checkers, consisting of board, pieces, original-style dice, and rules- A souvenir booklet showing exactly how to read an easy hieroglyphs- A scrap of textured mummy cloth- A facsimile the the gilded mummy mask the King Tut- A gilded eye-of-Horus amulet with a jewel in ~ the endRich v information around life in old Egypt and also peppered with miss out on Sands"s vivid narration, Egyptology concludes through a letter from the previous Keeper the Antiquities in ~ the brothers Museum, explaining which components of this distinctive tale might be accepted as fact, which are guided through legend, and which reflect the author"s delightful sense of fancy. - Emily Sands, Dugald steer - 32 pages - 10.4 inch W x 12.2 Inches together x 0.9 inch H - Hardcover - Candlewick - 8-12 years - 2004 - Item#: 978-0763626389

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