Today we take a watch at an early mid round male Maccagnan and also the gang should be keeping an eye on because that day 2.

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Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY sports

Height: 6’ 4”

Weight: 270

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Born: April 22, 1995 (age 23 on breeze day)

Third-team All-ACC an option as a junior, Nominee for the Bednarik Award, Named third team by the Atlantic coast Sports Media Association

Career Stats

2014: 10 Games, 12 tackles, 2 TFL, 2 Sacks, 4 QB Hurries

2015: 7 Games, 28 tackles, 7.5 TFL, 4.5 Sacks, 10 QB Hurries

2016: 13 Games, 50 tackles, 17 TFL, 10.5 Sacks, 32 QB Hurries , 1 INT, 2 FF

2017: 12 Games, 43 tackles, 16.5 TFL, 6.5 Sacks, 28 QB Hurries, 2 FF


Great body control Has a never ending motorUses his hands really wellHas a great outside spin moveHas periods of gift unblockableHas a plan of assault on every playHas a selection of pass rushing movesCrashes down the line successfully Sets the leaf wellProgressed every yearAn effective tacklerCan rush from one of two people side, and also even inside.


Won’t wow anyone through explosivenessNeeds to do a far better at convert his hurries and hits right into sacksCan be sluggish off the snapNeeds to sniff out displays quickerNeeds to fight through dual teams better

Draft Grade: rounds 2 - 3

Our require for a pass rushing sheet defender is almost comical through now. We haven’t had a genuine edge presence because the work of john Abraham. Because then, the ideal pass rushing addition was Calvin Pace. While various other positions on defense obtain a glutton of resources and talent, the edge proceeds to put barron. We won’t be going sheet in the first two rounds, yet that doesn’t mean we can’t find some jewel in the center rounds.

Duke Ejiofor is the epitome of reliable. The tape mirrors a gritty defender that knows how to obtain the project done. He i will not ~ jump off the display for being an strong freak, yet he uses what the has very efficiently. Ns love it as soon as you deserve to see a quite upward development in production for a player and also Ejiofor no disappoint.

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Usually by now in the draft, if you desire an edge guy, they room usually one cheat ponies, or injury risks. Duke is neither. His large repertoire of pass rushing moves enables him to play gamings with tackles, and win consistently. There space times wherein he plans his sirloin so fine it is together if there wasn’t also a tackle over there at all.

I i will not ~ be shocked if battle each other is favored at the finish of the 2nd round, yet I to be comfortable penciling him into the 3rd round. The inquiry is, if we had actually the selection of duke or an explosive playmaker ~ above offense, which need to we choose?