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Do you know what happens when you fill up a bottle with any gas? You can put more and even more gas in, yet the push will keep enhancing until > at some suggest the lid will blast off or the bottle can also explode!

In this experiment, we’ll use the explosive power of gas under press to blast rockets right into the air and also who knows, maybe all the method into space!

The Experiment

You’ll be making a rocket that will certainly be powered by nopoint even more than a item of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) in water. In this experiment you’ll acquire to watch exactly how frozen CO2 have the right to sublimate, or readjust from a solid state directly to a gas state without passing through a liquid state. While solid, the CO2 fits nicely in your bottle through room to spare, however in a gas state, it will certainly expand also under pressure till it can’t fit in the bottle anyeven more.

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You’ll likewise be able to discover the physics principle that eincredibly activity has an equal and opposite reactivity. As the pressurized gas pushes your cork out of your bottle, the cork will likewise push back on the gas in the bottle, resulting in it to shoot up into the air.

Remember: CO2 freezes solid at a temperature of –78.5˚C, making it super cold and dangerous to touch via your bare hand. Never before touch dry ice via your skin – always usage tongs to take care of it!

What do you think will certainly happen?

Due to the fact that you’re making a rocket, make a prediction – exactly how high up execute you think your rocket will fly? Write it down and also check if you were ideal after the experiment. How long perform you think it will take for the gregarding build up in the bottle prior to the rocket fires? Write down a prediction of this too!

What to Use

dry ice (frozen CO2; commonly available at chemisattempt supply stores and also also businesses that ship their commodities cold)a corka plastic bottle, 1-2L capacity (make certain the cork fits snuggly in the mouth of the bottle)watercard paper, tape, plastic, hot glue, coloured markers and so on for decorating your bottletongsa manhole cover or sewer grate (make certain the cork fits snugly right into one of the holes so that it will certainly be hosted in place)stopwatch (optional)

What to Do

STEP 1 – Make a Rocket

a) Do a quick Internet search for rockets. You’ll watch that many type of have actually pointy noses to aid them shoot with the air, and fins on the ago to stabilize them. Remember that your rocket will be a bottle that will certainly shoot a cork out from its mouth, so it’s the flattish bottom that will certainly fly through the air. If you want to make it fly more aerodynamically, attempt attaching a nose cone (made from stiff paper or plastic) and also fins. Don’t forgain to make your rocket beautiful!

STEP 2 – Scout a Launch Pad

b) The simplest way to fire the rocket is to put the cork in its mouth, then turn the bottle over and also plant the cork firmly right into among the small holes in a manhole cover or one of the slots in a sewage system grate. Look about for a perfect fit BUT additionally remember that you can’t control which way your rocket will certainly go after it’s fired. Find a safe area wbelow tbelow is nopoint around that deserve to be damaged, and a location where you will be safe – not in the middle of a street!


STEP 3 – Ready, Aim, Fire!

When it’s time to fire your rocket, make sure you have an adult helping and supervising to help you stay safe!

c) Clear the location around the launch pad. Fill your bottle about ¼ full with water. Prepare your cork, tongs, and also dry ice (which should be in a bucket or any kind of safe container). When whatever is prepared, act quickly! It’s as straightforward as:

1 – Use tongs to drop 1-2 pieces of dry ice into the bottle.

2 – Turn it over and also cork it.

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3 – Turn it over aacquire and also jam the cork into the planned hole. Run for cover!

If you have actually a stopwatch, start it and watch as the dry ice bubbles furiously in the water and the bottle starts to look favor it’s bulging. Are you ready for blast-off?


What Did You Find?

What happened? Did your rocket fly as high as you had actually hoped? Did it leave the setting and also disshow up into space? Remember, as lengthy as you can collect all the parts you can store firing your rocket till you run out of dry ice.