It just means that your having among those incredibly vivid desires that are widespread in pregnancy. I had actually that exact exact same dream a couple of weeks earlier and also I"m still scared to watch blood eextremely time I use the bathroom. Just remember that a dream is simply a dream, it does not suppose anything.

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I"ve had 2 dreams about me bleeding, extremely weird ones... One was prior to and also OB appt, heard the babies heart beat at the appt and whatever was fine, healthy and balanced heart beat and a healthy and balanced baby

Okay thankyou ! I heard the heart beat at my 10 week appointment and also got an ultra sound done couple days later! She said the baby is healthy! My following appointment is November fourth by then I"ll be favor 13 weeks and 3 days! Cuz I"m 12 weeks and 4 days today! I just get scared of those dreams

I hear ya, also though I just heard the heart beat last week, I"m anxiously awaiting my following appt in November so I deserve to hear it aobtain and understand baby is ok. Those dreams freak me out too, I wish the vivid prego desires were more pleasant

I know I simply desire it to be next Friday already so my physician deserve to just confirm still every little thing is okay!

I had one of these dreams the various other day. It was terrifying and also it woke me up. I dreamt it happened at work-related of all places.

My last one was 2 nights ago, and in the dream I started bleeding so I visited the physicians, but it was my medical professionals, it was a really intricate building and to acquire to the receptionist you had actually to climb an insane amount of stairs. Once I gained to the optimal I was freaking out reason I was bleeding so a lot by then, yet the stair instance turned into a ladder, then the ladder puburned ameans from the wall and also I was simply balancing on the ladder freaking out about how I"m going to acquire dvery own and that I was bleeding worse. Then I appeared in the medical professional office and also that was it ..,,, oooohhhh prego dreams

I had the specific same dream now omgoodness....i just want to understand what happened through you and also if every little thing turned out fine please. Thank you x

I had a dream about bleeding last night. It was very vivid! And I haven"t also been anxious lately so it was a little unsettling.

So weird! I never before had a bleeding dream with my various other 2. I dreamt that I reached down and also observed blood a couple of nights earlier..really freaked me out!

I hope you made it to the ER. Your bleeding have the right to also be brought about by placenta previa wright here the placenta is flourishing across the cervix. It can reason bleeding throughout pregnancy however is controllable.

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I had actually a chemical pregnancy last week and was pretty upcollection. A few years back I struggled via infertility. I uncovered out I was pregnant on my wedding day, on my honeymoon I was dizzy and also started bleeding, upon rerevolve house uncovered out it was ectopic....