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Draw and also write your way through production all the way to Joseph, learning around the Ark & animals on it, the Trojan horse, Egypt and also the plagues, quail in the desert, David, the Olympics and more! illustrations are shown with step by action illustrations, and writing samples are written the end in cursive. Great for supplementing any history program. Periods 8-12. 62 pages, softcover.

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Draw and also Write with History: production through JonahBy: Carylee GressmanFormat: PaperbackNumber of Pages: 63Vendor: CPR PublishingPublication Date: 2006Dimensions: 10.88 X 8.38 (inches)
Weight: 8 ouncesISBN: 0977859703ISBN-13: 9780977859702Ages: 8-12Series: Draw and Write through HistoryStock No: WW859703

Your artistically skinny students will certainly love the chance to make their history lessons come alive! quantities cover the moment of creation to the 20th century, so you have plenty of duration options to choose from. Every lesson attributes a influential event, step-by-step drawing instruction, and also a an introduction paragraph to be replicated for cursive handwriting practice. Scattered throughout the book are tidbits about each drawing.

A great supplement come any history program, especially for students that love come draw! ages 8 come 12, however adaptable for younger children. 64 pages each, softcovers indigenous CPR Publishing. -- Rebekah

Author/Artist Review


Author: Carylee GressmanLocated in: Fennimore, WISubmitted: July 18, 2007Tell us a little about yourself.I to be a homeschooling mother of seven. I have actually home schooled because that 10 years. My oldest is beginning 10th grade and my youngest is 3 months old. My husband works for a home school art supply firm and us travel across the nation to home-school conferences every spring/summer. In mine "spare time" ns love come write, garden, volunteer in ~ church, and also scrapbook.

What to be your an inspiration behind this project?God was certainly my motivation! I have actually wanted to compose a book because I to be ten year old, however I never ever knew what to write. Home-school parental at the conferences us attend would certainly talk around what form of publications that lock wished we had....so we listened and started writing and publishing them. Part encouraging friends, a many prayer, and two year later, here we are!

What execute you hope folks will gain from this project?I hope the this series of books will assist make history more memorable for both children and their parents. I also hope that it will give kids a sense of achievement and confidence in their artwork.

Who room your influences, sources of catalyst or favourite authors / artists?I have always been a vast fan the C.S. Lewis.

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Anything rather you"d choose readers / listeners to know:More books will it is in coming the end in this series. So store watching! We setup to save going up the time line with publications on the vikings, center Ages and Renaissance and American History.