He claims to eat one meal a day consisting that 1300 calories. I just watched that deadlift because that 660 in ~ 180lbs. Rofl. Claims he's drug free.

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At this point, he might unequivocally prove and also confirm his regiment by opening himself as much as scientists and also others, but he hasn't yet, which renders me completly unconvinced ,especially for a man interested so much in science ; that coukd fundamentally change the science if what he's doing is truthful.


Very legit. I've to be practicing the age Inhibiton Regimen because that a tiny over a year and have had actually tremendous results, both mentally and physically. I began to attenuate the deleterious affects of the autoimmune disease Hidradenitis Suppurativa and feel I've substantially succeeded in act so. I feel very fortunate to have discovered Nun Amen Ra.

Why not share some results with the community. Would certainly love to see. I am additionally interested in Nun Amen Ra.

I can’t speak come this specific claim, however yes, many world do swear by one meal a day. His caloric intake go sound a little bit low, therefore he can be taking in more calories in various other ways.

This diet is working for him, and he should submit to medical tests come prove this, if the is encouraging others to perform the same. Plenty of different world can prosper on numerous different eating plans.

This diet is not working for him, and he is either making use of drugs/eating more or miscellaneous else, etc.

I'm ~ above the Amen Regimen (Age Inhibition Regimen). And also I take it a blood test around 2 months right into it. Every my vitals to be within healthy and balanced ranges, except phosphate which was just external of the minimum recommended. I would certainly happily upload it, however it's only one person's data. You would desire to get a couple of hundred or even a couple of thousand to make it statistically significant.

He's legit. I'm doing the period Inhibition Regimen and also have review the waiting documentation (over 600 pages of dense academic, dry, research). From both a practical, personal perspective and also a theoretical perspective, it check out.

I've been analysis a tonne of chatter digital (Quora, derekwadsworth.com, blog articles, etc.) from human being questioning the regimen. Which is fair enough. But what I'm see is the the world who room doing every the talking/doubting/slandering space the ones that haven't read the documentation and aren't doing the regimen.

So they're no really qualified come speak ~ above the subject. And sure, the documentation isn't funny to read. However without reading it you can't really say if it's true or false, or if it functions or not.

The other concern as I check out it is the these people are obsessing over '1,250 calories per day'. And also of course when you choose out this one aspect of the regimen (caloric restriction) and also scrutinise it in isolation that the other equally important elements (like nutritional supplementation, etc.) then you're walk to acquire a it was crooked understanding.

Caloric restriction by itself have the right to have dig consequences. You're essentially starving yourself. But when friend restrict your caloric entry in conjunction with the correct nutritional supplementation you'll get the benefits of caloric restriction without starving her body that nutrition.

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You need to look at the entirety regimen. Because the regimen is complete. And when girlfriend look in ~ it together a whole you'll know why it works.

And, if you're brand-new to the Amen Ra Diet here's a an excellent overview the what that is and how that works: https://amenradiet.com/what-is-amen-ra-diet/