Battling excess fat under the chin have the right to be a very frustrating process for guys and also women. Many patients struggle via this area regardless of their as a whole weight. A prevalent story is of a patient that has kept a healthy weight or efficiently shed weight but the fat under the chin (“double chin”) just won’t go ameans. This function deserve to make any kind of perkid look heavier than they are and also have the right to also make you look older.

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In contrast, a well-characterized jawline and also smooth contoured neck is an extremely youthful feature. Often patients come to talk about neck liposuction or double chin surgery as soon as they are not happy with the appearance of their double chin in profile pictures. Neck and lower facial liposuction is a straightforward way to accomplish a much more attrenergetic neck. This is a perfect procedure for a guy or woman still too young to proceed through afaceliftorneck lift.

For some patients, neck liposuction may be combinedchin implants, chin augmentation and/or neck muscle tightening (submentoplasty) to accomplish symmeattempt and contour. Throughout your consultation we will use digital computerized morphing innovation to analyze your challenge overall and discuss the choices via you to recognize realistic surgical purposes. Repursuit your consultation digital or call(650) 327-3232to schedule an appointment to watch us in the Bay Area in our Palo Alto office.

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Discover unsurpassed ability, specialization, and aesthetic artisattempt. Trust an award-winning partnership for the confront. Find Out even more around the world-course duo of double board-certified facial plastic surgeons that provides L&P Aesthetics inequivalent.

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How is this surgical treatment performed?

Neck liposuction is perdeveloped under either regional or general anesthesia. Quick incisions are concealed behind the ears and also within the herbal crease simply under the chin. We usage a tiny cannula (tube) to rerelocate excess fat cells in an exact pattern through vulnerable suction, thereby recontouring the neck and also reducing the bulge or double chin. For some patients, the fat cells that are rerelocated from the neck can be purified and moved back into parts of the confront that have endured from volume loss, favor the smile lines, lips or cheeks. This is referred to as a fat deliver facelift. The procedure generally takes 30 minutes.

When neck liposuctionis performed in conjunction via other actions, such as neck muscle tightening (submentoplasty) orchin implantation, the procedure might take 1 to 2 hrs. Throughout your consultation, we will certainly determine if you are a candidate for extra measures, and talk about the options that will certainly give you the a lot of natural and balanced outcomes. We emphasis exclusively on facial cosmetic surgery and have a merged fifteenager years of surgical and also advanced fellowship training dedicated to the anatomy of the face and neck.

What need to I suppose on the day of surgery?

If you obtain general anesthesia, prior to surgical treatment you will satisfy the anesthesia team and likely will be asked to review your allergy and clinical background. You’ll be given medication to help you relax. We job-related difficult with the anesthesiologist to minimize any type of nausea or pain after surgical treatment. After 1 to 2 hrs of recovery you have the right to be discharged from the surgery center through a family member or frifinish.

Are there any non-surgical ways to treat a twin chin?

For The Face I wouldn"t go almost everywhere else.

Working as a team, we are able to provide a uniquely comprehensive organization for our patients. Learn how we helped others.

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Post-Operative Recovery Process

What should I mean after my surgery?

A gentle press dressing is applied for the initially night after neck liposuction surgical procedure and also is rerelocated the following morning at the office. Sutures are removed between 5 and salso days after the procedure. Recoextremely after neck liposuction will certainly most likely last a couple of days up to two weeks. Bruising is widespread however does not take place in eexceptionally patient. Makeup can be provided to camouflage any type of bruising and we are happy to help you in choosing an effective cover-up regiguys. Most day-to-day tasks can be resumed within a few days after surgical treatment. All task including full exercise can be resumed at three weeks. We follow each patient very closely after surgical procedure to encertain the best feasible long-term results.

Our core objective is to carry out a safe, comfortable surgical suffer that aspires to restore your appearance and also intends to create herbal outcomes. We have providedbefore and after photosof our patients to help you visualize the possibilities.

Request your consultation virtual or call(650) 327-3232to schedule an appointment to view us in the Bay Area in our Palo Alto office.

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Flying in From out of town?

When you travel to the Bay Area to be checked out by Drs. Lieberguy & Parikh, our patient concierge will certainly make appropriate travel accommodations so that your remain is as comfortable as possible.

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Elevate your beauty without surgical procedure. Sophisticated aesthetic therapies enhance your look via bit to no downtime, permitting you to look your finest without lacking a beat. Explore injectables, skin care services, body contouring, and also even more.

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