Battling overfill fat under the chin can be a very frustrating process for men and also women. Countless patients struggle with this area regardless of their as whole weight. A typical story is of a patience who has maintained a healthy and balanced weight or efficiently lost weight however the fat under the chin (“double chin”) simply won’t walk away. This function can make any type of person look heavier 보다 they are and can even make you look older.

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In contrast, a well-defined jawline and smooth contoured neck is a an extremely youthful feature. Often patients come to discuss neck liposuction or dual chin surgery when they are not happy through the figure of their double chin in file pictures. Neck and lower face liposuction is a straightforward way to accomplish a much more attractive neck. This is a perfect procedure for a guy or woman still too young to continue with afaceliftorneck lift.

For part patients, neck liposuction might be combinedchin implants, chin augmentation and/or neck muscle tightening (submentoplasty) to achieve symmetry and contour. During your consultation we will usage digital computerized morphing modern technology to analyze your face as a whole and discuss the options with girlfriend to recognize realistic surgical goals. Request her consultation digital or call(650) 327-3232to schedule an appointment to see united state in the bay Area in our Palo Alto office.

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How is this surgical treatment performed?

Neck liposuction is performed under either regional or basic anesthesia. Brief incisions are covert behind the ears and also within the organic crease just under the chin. We use a small cannula (tube) to remove excess fat cell in a an accurate pattern with fragile suction, in order to recontouring the neck and reducing the bulge or double chin. For part patients, the fat cells that are eliminated from the neck have the right to be purified and also transferred earlier into components of the face that have suffered native volume loss, favor the smile lines, lips or cheeks. This is called a fat transfer facelift. The procedure generally takes 30 minutes.

When neck liposuctionis perform in conjunction with various other procedures, such as neck muscle tightening (submentoplasty) orchin implantation, the procedure might take 1 to 2 hours. During your consultation, us will recognize if you are a candidate for additional procedures, and discuss the options that will provide you the many natural and also balanced results. We focus solely on face cosmetic surgery and also have a linked fifteen years of operation and progressed fellowship training devoted to the anatomy the the face and neck.

What need to I expect on the work of surgery?

If girlfriend receive general anesthesia, prior to surgery girlfriend will fulfill the anesthesia team and likely will be inquiry to testimonial your allergy and medical history. You’ll be provided medication to aid you relax. We work hard with the anesthesiologist to minimize any nausea or ache after surgery. After 1 come 2 hrs of restore you deserve to be discharged native the surgery center with a family members member or friend.

Are there any type of non-surgical methods to act a dual chin?

For The face I wouldn"t go almost everywhere else.

Working as a team, we are able to provide a uniquely comprehensive service for our patients. Learn how we aided others.

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Post-Operative recovery Process

What have to I suppose after mine surgery?

A gentle push dressing is applied for the very first night ~ neck liposuction surgery and is removed the adhering to morning at the office. Sutures space removed in between five and also seven work after the procedure. Restore after neck liposuction will most likely last a couple of days increase to two weeks. Bruising is common but does not take place in every patient. Makeup have the right to be offered to camouflage any kind of bruising and also we space happy to assist you in picking an effective cover-up regimen. Many daily activities can it is in resumed in ~ a few days after ~ surgery. All activity including full exercise have the right to be resumed at 3 weeks. We follow each patient carefully after surgical treatment to certain the best feasible long-term results.

Our main point objective is to carry out a safe, comfortable surgical suffer that aspires to gain back your appearance and intends to create natural results. We have actually providedbefore and also after photosof our patient to help you visualize the possibilities.

Request your consultation virtual or call(650) 327-3232to schedule an meeting to see us in the only Area in our Palo Alto office.

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Flying in From the end of town?

When you travel to the just Area to be seen by Drs. Lieberman & Parikh, our patient concierge will make suitable travel accommodations so that your remain is together comfortable together possible.

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L&P Aesthetics105 Addison Ave.Palo Alto, CA 94301(650) 327-3232Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results might vary.

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