donaldsonuts2622 Maple Ave. (map it!)Zanesville, five 43701(740) 753-4749Open Mon-Sat, 5a-2p; Sun, 6a-12p

After nearly twenty years in Ohio, we ultimately made it to The Wilds in Cumberland. If girlfriend don’t recognize it, The Wilds is a 10,000-acre keep operated by the Columbus Zoo, committed to giving almost 300 endangered pets land ~ above which to roam. We very recommend a visit, starting with the Open-Air Safari tour.

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BUT… me gift me, we had to do a pair culinary stops part of the adventure. And also I’ve lengthy heard the likes the CMH Gourmand praising Zanesville’s Donald’s Donuts as the ideal in Ohio, so naturally that was our first destination.


We approached Zanesville indigenous the north, and also found Donald’s follow me busy Maple Avenue. We had to do a quick left with traffic into the gravel parking lot, then discovered our means inside to the relatively busy shop. Throughout these COVID-times, we discovered things pretty safe there, although us took our donuts to-go. They had actually plexiglass dividers in between the employees and customers, employees and standing guests were masking (although a couple employees had masks hanging listed below their noses).


Donald’s is the summary of old school donut shops that period the state: open because 1960, family-run, long building with large display cases and also a respond to with quick stools.

Jim from CMH Gourmand has actually tracked plenty of of these across the state. From mine experience, Donald’s reminds me that Bill’s Donuts in Centerville, Schneider’s Bakery in Westerville, Holtman’s in Cincinnati, Buckeye Donuts close to campus, Lindsey’s Bakery in Circleville, many of the stop on the servant County Donut Trail. You get the picture.


These places are important due to the fact that a.) an excellent donuts are always a good idea, and b.) due to the fact that they’re necessary facets that a community. Everyone’s proud of their hometown donut shop, and also probably the taste/smell the a fresh longjohn or warmth cake donut triggers important childhood memories.


We choose up a box of ripe donuts, following some of our preferences and some that the lady at the counter’s proposal (we’ve discovered it’s always good to ask after ~ their biggest hits).

Well done every around, and certainly deserving of any type of accolades. We found the yeast-raised donuts just a little chewy and also not quite melt-in-your-mouth, but it’s nothing we wouldn’t gain again. I loved the Bavarian cream filling they used; the stand-out for me to be the raspberry jam-filled yeast beauty.

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If you’re passing through Zanesville – perhaps going to The Wilds or simply traveling by on I-70 – absolutely traction off and also make a stop at Donald’s. It’s a slice of Zanesville history and culture, and also supporting small, family-owned businesses like these is constantly a great iea.