Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Don’t girlfriend Dare read This Mrs. Dunphrey. New York: Aladdin Paperbacks, 1996.

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In the book Don’t girlfriend Dare review This Mrs. Dunphrey , by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Tish Bonner has to write in a journal for she English class. At an initial she believed the assignment was a drag, however eventually it to be the just friend she could turn to. Tish puts the heading "Don’t you dare read" or "Don’t Read" top top the top of she journals and her teacher agreed to only inspect to see if she was composing without reading the journals.

Tish’s father was never ever around. He pipeline for months, periodically years prior to he return to only fight v her mother and spend her mothers money and also then leave again. Tish would rather her father leave for good. Tish’s mom is a basket case and also goes right into a depression every time Tish’s father leaves town. As result of Tish’s mother’s lack of sanity she neglects both Tish and also Tish’s younger brothers Matt. Tish walk her finest to take treatment of her brother Matt by functioning at a Burger boy restaurant.

Tish’s Mother at some point leaves both Tish and Matt come go discover their dad in California. Leave the youngsters with nothing, no money or food. Tish is fear of being separated from her brother, so she doesn’t tell any kind of adults about her mom leaving them and also tries to take it on every the obligations herself. As soon as Tish gets fired indigenous the burgess Boy and also is unable to find another job she realizes she is unable to take care of Matt and also herself so then she turns to she English teacher. She told her teacher to read all the entries she had actually previously written the heading "Don’t read" on, i beg your pardon told around her instance at home. Through the teacher’s aid Tish and Matt were reunited with their mother and grandparents they had never met before who take it them in and also cared because that them.

Secondary Material:

1. Sparks, M. It happened to Nancy

2. Anonymous walk Ask Alice

3. Conan. What Jamie Saw

Appropriate age Group: 8 years old and up.

Themes: Abandonment, sex-related harassment, neglect, peer pressure, coping with death, family members problems and depression.

Literary Language: because this publication is written in the type of a journal, the language is informal. There are symbols and also images transparent the book.

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Discussion Questions.: 1. Tish’s crocheting is a symbol within the book. What does that mean? Why is Tish’s crocheting so symbolic in the book? 2. What is the prominence of the newspaper for Tish? Why is it so vital for she to test Mrs. Dunphrey before writing anything personal? 3. Tish’s grandmother was a big influence in she life. She learned all her morals and also values from her grandmother. How has that aided her make it through her parents fighting and also abandonment?