About Don"t ask Me exactly how I know

"Don"t ask Me just how I Know" is a debut tune co-written and recorded through American country music artist Bobby Pinson. It was released in February 2005 as the an initial single from his debut album guy Like Me. Pinson co-wrote the tune with Bart Butler and also Brett Jones.

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don"t ride her bike off a ramp that"s more than three bricks high, don"t take that candy native the store if you ain"t gained the dime, don"t choose a fight with the tiny guy that doesn"t speak that much, don"t pick up a cherry bomb thinkin that a dud,and don"t sneek out of a two story home using bed sheets for a rope. Don"t questioning me exactly how I know.CHORSESell your truck if its still runnin, save the jesus turn off the dash, speak a prayer as soon as you feel like cussin, conserve your money pay v cash, forget her pride purchase the roses if your sorry tell she so, don"t drink the water in mexico. Don"t questioning me how I know.don"t quit your high institution football team halfway with the season, don"t bust your buddy in the nose when you recognize he didn"t mean it, don"t loose the girl you love at house for a night in panama city, don"t rush turn off the phone as soon as your momma calls you ain"t the busy, girlfriend otta" make the drive to say good bye to your grandpa "fore that goes. Don"t questioning me just how I know.CHORSEforget your pride to buy the roses if her love her tell she so don"t go to vegas when your love broke, don"t bum her cousin for that very first smoke, I"m tellin ya don"t drink the water in mexico. Don"t asking me exactly how I know. Don"t questioning me just how I know. I just know. Offer your truck while its still runnin", to speak a prayer when you feel prefer cussin". I know.

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Bobby Pinson Bobby Olen Pinson (born 1970 in Tulsa, Oklahoma) is an American nation music artist. Signed to RCA records in 2005, Pinson do his debut the year v his album guy Like Me. The lead-off single, "Don"t questioning Me how I Know", peaked in ~ No. 16 top top the Hot country Songs charts, and was his only Top 40 nation hit. Two more albums, I typical Business and also Songs for Somebody, adhered to in late 2005 and 2007, respectively.

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The has likewise written number of singles for various other artists, including four Number One hits for Sugarland and one because that Toby Keith. More »