I came across Old Jamaica ginger beer and also wondered that actually renders it. Here’s what I uncovered whilst doing part research.

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So, who renders Old Jamaica ginger beer? Old Jamaica ginger beer is make by Refresco, who space a UK based company.

On the label is written either Cott Beverages, or Refresco.

But, Cott Beverages is currently owned by Refresco, as created on your Linkedin page.

According to Wikipedia, Old Jamaica ginger beer was initially made through a Jamaica-based company Desnoes & Geddes (D&G).

Sodas such as ginger beer usually have the same ingredients which include carbonated water, flavors, and sweetener.

But, I want to know precisely what’s in Old Jamaica ginger beer, as well as how much sugar is in it.

Read, on below where i explain all of this and other interesting info around ginger beers and Old Jamaica ginger beer.

How lot sugar is in Old Jamaica Ginger Beer?


Old Jamaica ginger beer has 13.2g that sugar every 3.4 oz (100 mL), as shown on the label. 3.4 oz is equivalent to about half a traditional sized cup.

It likewise has about 53 calorie (kcal) every 3.4 oz.

Most famous sodas have around the very same amount of sugar and calories together Old Jamaica Ginger Beer.

Here’s a next by side comparison that the sugar content of famed sodas so you can see how they compare to Old Jamaica ginger beer:

Per 3.4 oz (100 mL)Coca ColaPepsiDr PepperOld Jamaica ginger beer
Calories (kcal)280434253
Sugar (g)7711.610.613.2

Links come the data listed by the us Department that Agriculture’s Research service (USDA) are obtainable here:

NHS.uk and Harvard clinical School have stated that the recommended daily sugar entry is 25g come 30g.

Therefore, using a little of mathematics this means you can drink around 1 cup the sodas such as the renowned brands like Coke, and Pepsi, as well as, Old Jamaica ginger beer.


Old Jamaica ginger beer has less sugar 보다 Coke.

Another famous brand Bundaberg has a similar amount of sugar to Old Jamaica ginger beer.

Coca-Cola has 77g that sugar every 3.4 oz (100 mL), and ginger beer from brands like Old Jamaica and also Bundaberg have actually 10g the sugar every 3.4 oz.

Each individual brand the ginger beer deserve to have a different amount the sugar.

But, based upon the data above it shows up that most sodas have around 10g of sugar because that each half cup of soda.

And therefore, it’s most likely that all ginger beers have about 10g the sugar together well.

Some ginger beer brands might use other sweeteners prefer stevia, or love husband which would impact how much sugar lock contain.

I did a bunch of research on famous medical websites and it appears it’s still unknown whether sugar from herbal sources such as honey and also fruit are the very same as handle sugars favor table sugar, and also corn syrup.

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Is there alcohol in Old Jamaica ginger beer?


Old Jamaica ginger beer does no contain alcohol, as presented on their label.

It’s what’s described as a soft drink.

Companies that make ginger beer and root beer differentiate their drink that save alcohol by labeling them together ‘hard ginger beer’, which way it consists of alcohol.

I remember as soon as I very first heard the ginger beer and root beer I thought they contained alcohol.

Only later I learned the they almost every one of them don’t.

Some alcoholic ginger beers and root beers are offered in liquor stores, and also bars.

However, they’ll state on their brand that they contain alcohol in them.

And you generally need to ask specifically for an alcoholic ginger beer or source beer.

Or, they will ask friend which sort of ginger beer you’d like.

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Does Old Jamaica Ginger Beer have actually caffeine in it?


Old Jamaica ginger beer does not contain caffeine, as stated on the label.

Sodas prefer Coca Cola have added caffeine i m sorry they have said boosts the taste.

Caffeine is also known to boost alertness, and give a an increase of energy.

According to the facility for scientific research in the general public Interest, the caffeine contents in popular sodas are as follows:

SodaCaffeine content per 12 oz – 1 deserve to (354 mL)Caffeine convert to mg
Coca Cola34g34000
Pepsi35g come 38g35000 come 38000
Mountain Dew54g54000
Fanta Orange00

Also, most of the zero and sugar-free versions of renowned sodas save on computer the same amount that caffeine as the sugar free versions.

The recommended daily intake that caffeine is 400mg that caffeine follow to the medical professionals at mei Clinic and also the Food and also Drug management (FDA) the the USA. 1 milligram (mg) is equal to 1000 grams.

Therefore, sodas that contain caffeine generally have much greater rates the caffeine than the recommended daily intake and have about 10 time the recommended daily intake every can.

So, you’ll want to look in ~ the label of any sodas you’re drinking to see just how much caffeine lock have, and also if they do only drink a little bit.

Because girlfriend can conveniently go over the recommend daily caffeine intake.

There are well-known side impacts to drink too lot caffeine such as irregular heartbeat and seizures.

However, it shows up that you build a yongin to it, since so many world consume sodas that contain massive amounts of caffeine ~ above a constant basis.

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Where deserve to I buy Old Jamaican ginger beer?


As proclaimed on the main Old Jamaica ginger beer website, you deserve to buy it at:


As you might be aware, these are all UK-based supermarket chains since it’s do by Refresco who is a UK-based company.

Outside that the UK, you can likewise buy it online on websites choose Amazon, and other websites that sell sodas.

You can likewise buy it in ~ specialty UK food shop in her country.

And virtual UK specialty stores, that space based in your country.

Amazon is commonly a an excellent place come have assets shipped internationally, however, they at this time don’t ship Old Jamaica ginger beer come every country.

To find out you can have it delivered to you, carry out a search on Amazon because that it, and also see if they ship it to your location.

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Is Old Jamaica ginger beer healthy?

Old Jamaica ginger beer is healthy detailed you don’t drink more than one cup a day.

Old Jamaican ginger beer includes 26g per fifty percent cup, and the recommended everyday sugar input is 25g.

So, 1 cup will put you quite close come the recommended everyday sugar intake.

The ingredient of Jamaica ginger beer are:

Carbonated WaterSugarAcid (Citric Acid)Flavourings (including Ginger root Extract)Stabiliser (Gum Arabic)Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrates)Preservative (Sodium Benzoate)Sweetener (Sucralose)

None of these ingredients have been known to it is in harmful for your health.

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In Conclusion

Here’s a an introduction of the key points extended in this article:

Old Jamaica ginger beer is made by Refresco i beg your pardon is a UK based company.

Previous to that it was made by the Jamaican-based agency Desnoes & Geddes (D&G).

Old Jamaican ginger beer contains around the very same amount that sugar together other well-known sodas, at about 10g every 3.4 oz (100 mL).

And that doesn’t contain any kind of caffeine.

You can buy that in most huge supermarket stores in the UK such together Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

You can additionally buy that from outside the UK ~ above Amazon, and also on online stores that sell sodas.

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