Malady and the Godking have actually nothing to execute with one another, actually. Whenever you fail to come to be Divine, be it offering up source, permitting the God King back in to the people etc, she ends up upset at girlfriend for not being able to aid HER with her an individual problem, since you didn't become divine.

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Malady's factors are something for this reason unrelated and also unknown. I GUARANTEE they space a hook because that DLC / another game in the series. If she has actually a sworn pact and also wanted to break she pact, she might use one of the two Swornbreakers the you offer to Almira/Windego/Sadha. But she doesn't.

Anyways, the God King is in reality the Eternal King that the 7 Lords and also Fane served under. The Eternal King ruled over the Eternals for usually eternity till Fane the Eternal Scholar discovered the veil of Source. Once he'd discovered that and revealed it, the Eternal King's strength was ultimately threatened so he decided to punishment Fane by banishing him and also his family, to silence this danger. Fane ended up revealing this info to not just him, however the seven Lords. The 7 Lords decided to usurp the Eternal King making use of the strength of the source Veil. They broke the veil and harvested that is power, then once they all ended up being unstoppable gods, lock betrayed their whole race. This is because they became resource vampires, i think? Which make them extremely thirsty because that power. And as the gods say, "Power is taken. What it method to it is in a god is to be a Lion in a world of lambs." therefore they banished the whole of their gyeongju to the Void come make means for their new world the primitive source collecting lifeforms.

While in the void for eternities, the Eternals actually began to insanity in come the strength of it. Void magic is the contrary of source magic. It's the dark come the light, i believe? We learn this once we learn source mastery indigenous Mordus. A HUGE component of knowing resource is understanding Void. Because the void is basically just a super an effective force simply like resource is a super powerful force, the Eternal King became extremely powerful. You find out ALL around this by eat a ton the void-tainted fish as an elf. Prefer a SHIT TON that God King exposition. For this reason the God King end up becoming a solo Void-god together opposed come the source Gods 7 method split. The God King is so incredibly an effective because his power isn't split and also the entire Eternal Race are his preferred "godwoken" (voidwoken), whereas the 7 Gods chose an avatar of their powers, Lucian, who deliberately sought to ruin them. In fact, the god's powers weren't siphoned by the God King, their powers diminished since of the enormous amount that prayer shed as a an outcome of Tir Cendelius's pendant being deathfog bombed, the divine faking his own death causing a TON that panic and the methodical purging of sourcerers. A Sourcerer, together you most likely know, is just a walking source vat because that the god to feeding on. Lock generate and also collect source through prayer and just by gift alive, climate the gods feed on those prayers/their souls. So the purging that them was to damage the power of the Gods and collect enough resource to seal the veil.

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You're appropriate though, that us don't know around the Covenant. Nothing specific. However what we carry out know, is that when Tir Cendelius shed SO many elves, the point the gods did v all their resource (keeping the void out and also getting strong) actually failed for a bit, allowing the Eternal King and also the void (which are now one) to seep through in come the world. The God King then struck a deal with those that were most hurt by the God's avatar Lucian (The black Ring) and also created the covenant to get back at them (The gods). Come get back at the betrayers. The usurpers. The theif of this world. (You know, the shit the voidwoken to speak to origin characters, who space avatars that Gods.)

Finally, yes it's bullshit that we fought against the Kraken and Braccus instead of the God King, but it... Renders sense. Braccus is in reality a failed Divine. He sought strength and source in order to come to be a God. We discover of this from the Baladur brothers that require water and tell prophecies. Braccus request if that would come to be Divine, then they stated "No." then he punished them come eternal thirst. Anyway, the reason it provides sense come me is due to the fact that it's one Outdated magnificent (Lucian) vs the next divine (You) vs a Failed magnificent (Braccus). The Kraken is the substitute because that the God King, probably since the God King is stuck inside the Void? who knows. That's why i think it's BS.