Deus Ex was first released in 2000 together a solitary cyberpunk-themed role-playing action video clip game. The was emerged by Ion Storm, and also Eidos Interactive published it. Deus Ex obtained massive vital acclaim which contains the best PC game of every Time award.

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In addition, it frequently won game of the Year awards. The plot plays off in 2050 in a dystopian world and follows JC Denton together an anti-terrorist certified dealer who in turn uncovers conspiracies from fictitious organizations.

Deus Ex concept art

Image source: RICHARD DUMONT

With a video game that offers complicated and fictional cities as we check out in Deus Ex compelled incredible ability to create the Deus Ex ide art. Several of the top principle artists collaborated to provide the masterpieces that came to be Deus Ex. They incorporate Eric Gagnon, Richard Dumont, Sébastien Larroudé, Trong Nguyen, Brian Dugan, Theirry Doizon as well as Jim Murray. 

Series that Deus Ex

The Deus Ex principle art, stories, universe, and also characters are of a dystopian close to future i m sorry was motivated by movies like Robocop and Blade runner. Each one of the four main titles space stories on its own. Over there are likewise comics and also books in the Deus Ex series. Even though each title has its own storyline and distinct settings, lock all discover the very same conspiracy theories and also methods that the world elite use to manipulate and also control society.

Deus Ex (2000)

Anti-terrorist agent, JC Denton that is one employee of the United countries Anti-Terrorist Coalition is on a mission come stop and prevent wars but discovers deep-seated conspiracies. The storyline has actually fictional institutions like Hong Kong Triads, the Illuminate and also Majestic 12 which that encounters. The game is developed to play turn off in 2052.

Deus Ex: Invisible War

In 2003 the sequel to Deus Ex to be released for Xbox and also Windows players. Invisible war plays off two decades in the future. It adheres to strongly is the setup of Deus Ex together first-person shooter game.

Here the story follows Alex D. Who is a trainee in the Tarsus Academy. That fights conspiracies in a people that is in the process of gift rebuilt after it was destroyed during the Collapse. Invisible War permit the player to pick both gameplay and plot while continuously branching gameplay element and plot lines. 

Deus Ex: person Revolution

Image source: De-monVarela

Human revolution is the 3rd in the Deus Ex collection of games which to be released in 2011. Deus Ex: Human transformation should in reality be the an initial in the video game timeline. Consider that the very first game plays off in 2052, while fee Ex: Invisible battle plays off 20 years later in 2072, yet Dues Ex; Human transformation plays turn off in 2027.

The characters of this game include Adam Jensen that is the protagonist and a former Swat Commander for the Detroit Police. ~ his dismissal from Detroit Police, he came to be Sarif Industries’ security chief. Through a perform of excellent personalities including the CEO that Sarif Industries, Adam’s girlfriend, Megan Reed both of whom play a large role in his life, after ~ all, it to be the CEO the Sarif, David Sarif that was responsible for the mechanical augmentation that Adam Jensen ~ he to be critically injured. 

Deus Ex: The loss (2014)

Image source: I-GUYJIN-I

Deus Ex: The autumn was released because that PC and also mobile devices and the 4th of the series. It was the first of the Deus Ex gamings to be occurred with mobile football player in mind and one of the biggest. It plays turn off in 2027 i m sorry is a flourishing time for global conspiracy and also social divide.

It is likewise the golden era of person augmentation, technology and science. Here you follow the story that a brothers SAS soldier, Ben Saxon. The is desperate because that the reality behind drug conspiracy after the underwent mechanical augmentation. 

Deus Ex Go

Image source: MOOD design Studio

Deus Ex go is one more mobile variation which follows Adam Jensen during his struggles. The partakes in combat, hacking and also solving puzzles. In this game that is different than the rest of the series, football player can create their very own puzzles too and also share it online. There are 7 chapters within the Deus Ex Go game with 54 levels in total. 

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Image source: CKGoksoy

Deus Ex: Mankind separated was released in 2016 because that Xbox One, playstation 4 and also Windows. Here Adam Jensen returns again as the protagonist. Since he remained in Deus Ex: Human change as an augmented protection chief he it s okay a pair of new augmentations in this series too. The is currently two year after Human change and Jensen now works for a various company.

He works for Task force 28 i beg your pardon is one Interpol funded organization. His allegiance is split in between a hacker group referred to as the Juggernaut Collective and also Task force 29. Since Jensen wants to carry down the Illuminate, he wants to collaborate through Juggernaut cumulative who wants to lug down the Illuminate. 

Deus Ex ide art: Characters

Adam Jensen

Image source: Paul Nong

Adam Jensen is the key protagonist the Deus Ex: Human change and returns again in Mankind Divided. In the an initial series he works for Sarif markets under David Sarif, and the last he works for Task pressure 29 while collaborating through the Juggernaut cumulative to carry down the Illuminate. He has a heavily augmented body. 

Yuen Kong

Yuen Kong was prior to the release of Deux Ex. He was the Hong Kong Red arrow Triad leader. Maggie Chow eliminated him long before JC Denton checked out Hong Kong, but she pinned the murder on the Luminous Path, nevertheless. Yuen Kong’s successor was Max Chen together Red arrow Triad leader. 

David Sarif

Image source: doubleleaf

David Sarif is the former boss the Adam Jensen and also the owner the Sarif Industries. In later series his company has unable to do bankrupt and he is checked out investing in various other industries. Sarif sectors was a north American based biotechnology agency and likewise the one to offer Adam Jensen mechanically augmentation. 

Faridah Malik

Image source: Silmuen

Faridah Malik is an aircraft pilot for the agency that Adam Jensen works for, Sarif Industries. Shea dram in Human revolution and well together in the novel fallen Angel. She frequently helps Jensen and also he additionally helps she to fix the killing of she friend. 

Frank Pritchard

Image source: Jasmine valve Beek

Frank or Francis Pritchard likewise known as Nucl3arsnake is Sarif Industries’ cyber protection head in human Revolution. Once he shows up in Mankind Divided, he plays a freelance hacker. 

Gordon Quick

Gordon quick guards the Luminous Path’s compound entrance and the Dragon Head of the Luminous course Triads. 

Gunther Hermann

Image source: LiquidNitrogen

Gunther Herman also works for UNATCO as a mechanically augmented agent. He loves utilizing deadly force and uses combat knives, flamethrowers, plasma, and assault rifles. 

Alex D

Alex Denton is the third sibling and also protagonist in Invisible War. That is the clone that JC Denton which also makes that by expansion the brothers or clone the Paul Denton. When you begin playing girlfriend can select what you desire Alex D to be, either male or female. 

Anna Navarre

Image source: Michael Erhardt

Anna Navarre was very first an ally to JC Denton however turns enemy later. She is a mechanically augmented certified dealer in Deus Ex and also works because that Majestic 12 and also UNATCO. 

JC Denton

Image source: Elizarars

JC Denton is his brothers Paul Denton’s clone and also a Nano-augmented protagonist in Deus Ex. In invisible war, the is another significant character. JC has a key aim and also that is avoiding terrorism and works for the UNATCO. He also plays a function in bring about the Collapse.

The distinctive Look of Deus Ex: human being Revolution

Human revolution reflects a Renaissance theme and also you will notice that even characters that have actually human augmentation dress in late medieval Italian style. Houses are additionally decorated in a similar fashion.

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Looking at the game, you will notification a sepia-tinted color palette which strong ties through the historic manuscripts. While huge parts the Human revolution take place during daylight hours, the locations are still dark and also brooding.

Image source: Mike Chassagne
Image source: Arseniy Vouchak
Image source: RICHARD DUMONT

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