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The wars which elevate Rome to superpower status likewise sow the seed for the downfall of its political system. Money, servants, ambition, political stalemate and also class warfare prove to be a toxic, bloody mix

Publish Date:Sun, 27 Jun 2010 PSTDuration – 1:22:22

1. “Lives” by Plutarch2. “Civil Wars” by Appian

Disaster threa10s the Republic, but the cure could be worse than the condition. “The Dan Carlin version” of this story continues via ambition-addict Marius overcoming the story and also Plutarch conquering the resources.

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Publish Date:Sun, 29 Aug 2010Duration – 01:35:15

Rome’s political violence increases in intensity from riots and also assassicountries to outbest war as the hyper-ambitious generals Marius and Sulla tear the Republic and its constitution apart vying for power and glory.

Publish Date:Sat, 29 Oct 2010Duration – 01:37:47

Sulla returns to Rome to present the Republic what REAL political violence looks favor. Civil battle and deadly partisan payback will pave the method for redevelops pushed at sword point. Lots of heads will roll…literally.

Publish Date:Thu, 27 Jan 2011Duration – 01:25:03

The last good generation of the Romale Republic emerges from the historical mists. The dynamic between Caesar, Cato, Cicero, Crassus and also Pompey forms the axis about which the remainder of this tale revolves.

Publish Date:Thu, 31 Mar 2011Duration – 01:25:50

In a enormous complete to the “Dan Carlin version” of the fall of the Roguy Republic, conspiracies, civil wars, beatniks of antiquity and also a male named Caesar figure prominently. Virtually everyone dies.

Publish Date:Wed, 29 Jun 2011Duration – 05:25:32

Articles:“MHQ SUMMER 1990 VOL: 2 NO: 4. The Battle of Britain: How did The Couple of Win?” by Williamchild Murray


Never before have I felt background in this method. Rome has actually always been a favorite topic of mine ,but this brought Rome into truth showing me human being doing things I can understand also. People I see everyday and for the initially time their wasn’t a distance in between me and the previous. To be hoswarm it gained exceptionally emotional as the world carried to life was so relatable and also actual I can feel its loss. If you desire to cheer on Romans as they work their method up to honor then cry as they autumn from glory then listen to this podactors. Thanks for everything Dan.


Brilliantly epic and accessible account of the fevery one of the Roguy Realm. I particularly favor the way that Dan gets right into the heads of the civilization connected in these historic occasions. This is exactly how history have to be taught in institution. Instead of listening to a arsenal of dry facts and dates we acquire to live via these actual events together with the real civilization that they occurred to.



This was an amazing series. Although I am no wbelow close to knowledgeable enough to personally validate the ‘truth’ of what Carlin is conveying, I feel as if I am being told a story that is being reiterated to the ideal capability of the factual proof. I love Dan Carlin! This is now my fourth series collection I have finished and am simply continually amazed at the enthusiast level which Carlin tells the tale of our historic record. I never assumed I can be so excited about history, however Carlin has actually me hooked on this journey to centuries past. Thanks for being amazing!

We listened to the first three episodes uninterrupted. They were great. They shed so a lot light on our own ‘republic’. We should learn from the past!

By and also much among the finest history podcast I have actually ever heard. This is S-course background displayed and spoken in a method no other has actually ever done prior to. If you have listened to any type of HH prior to now, this is your moment to show your appreciation because $10 dollars is a steal for the amount of indevelopment that is in this podactors. I extremely recommend this to anyone that enjoys background or even listening to podcasts, it will lug you enthralling entertainment for hours!

buy this below cos $9.99 is a much better rate than on iTunes.i was never before really interested in prehistoric background, yet this really comes alive though Dan Carlins “storytelling”

Many of the Roguy histories you hear around anyeven more are around the Romale Emperors prefer Caligula, Nero, etc…This podcast precedes the majority of of the contemporary “History Channel” stories and also tells us around the fall of the Senate. I discovered this fascinating because Dan paints the photo of the many kind of reasons that Roman Culture & the Romale Senate damaged itself. Very well done!

For $10 this is just one of the finest worths in the Hardcore History library. You could easily spfinish hundreds of dollars on a college course to acquire this same information but through nowhere near the passion and art of storytelling presented in this series. My individual favorite (so far) in the HH library.

No various other podactors has actually pushed me to get external knowledge around history fairly favor Hardcore History. Dan makes you WANT to learn. I have actually listened to each of his podcasts multiple times and also am constantly informing other world to listen to them also. I have actually even picked up publications from Dyer and others that he quotes in the podcasts to widen my expertise on each topic. Sindicate remarkable work-related Dan and Ben.

I cannot recommend this series sufficient. In 2014 I was fortunate sufficient to visit Rome. Walking via the Forum, the Colosseum, and the many kind of various other historical monuments littered throughout the old city, the drama and horror of the events told in Mr. Carlin’s unique and also chilling method were playing through my mind. Eincredibly HH episode is impressive, however this series is definitely a standout and also a should for anyone through also a modeprice interest in Romale history and also society.

Dan should be charging $99.Im not certain just how I came throughout Dan’s work-related however from currently on once I think around publications and also learning about civilization and also history there’s a BDC and an ADC.It’s exciting, entertaining and also so detailed that it offers the topic excellent great respect.

I have listened over and also over to this series. I absolutely love it, it is in my mind Dan`s finest work-related. It is so great, that each time I listen to it, I commit a little bit even more to memory and by now I deserve to give a turn by revolve account on the downfevery one of the Republic. Combine this through the History of Rome Podactors by Dundeserve to and also you can really end up being an armchair expert.

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This series adds a tremendous amount of context to the incredibly limited clip of occasions that are taught and also recurring in Amerideserve to colleges. The background story of Julius Caesar adds so much depth to occasions that he is not just a “power-hungry dictator,” but a product of a culture that valued and also rewarded the ambitious strong-guy types. It has quite literally adjusted my perspective on these events of background.