Encountered after ~ ringing the 2 bells that awakening, here are 10 things Dark Souls fans may not have actually known around the primordial serpents.

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Dark Souls is full of crazy, creepy characters, and two of the many off-putting would need to be the primordial serpents Kingseeker Frampt and Darkstalker Kaathe. Enormous snake-like beings will on advertise the preferred Undead towards either kindling or extinguishing the an initial Flame, they"re some of the most necessary NPCs in the entire series.

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that said, we don"t actually know much about them. Like countless things in FromSoft"s Souls trilogy, much of your background info can only be discovered by analysis item descriptions and also paying very close fist to minute details. Through that in mind, right here are 10 things most players most likely won"t have known about Dark Souls" primordial serpents.

This may seem noticeable to anyone who played 2018"s God that War, but Dark Souls" primordial serpents room likely based on the so-called world Serpent of vikings Mythology.

recognized as Jörmungandr, it was stated to be the kid of Loki and Agrobooa and also was thrown right into the seas the Midgard by Odin. Allegedly huge enough come wrap itself roughly the entire world and also capable that bringing around Ragnarok, this powerful, mystic creature definitely bears some resemblance to the primordial pair we watch in Dark Souls.

A vast majority of football player will only encounter one of the game"s two primordial serpents, Kingseeker Frampt, after ~ ringing the 2 bells that awakening. However, have to players loss the four Kings straight after getting the mr Vessel without ever before speaking come the serpent, they"ll fulfill Darkstalker Kaathe in The Abyss.

Kaathe wants to bring around the finish of Gwyn"s period of Fire and permits the player to sign up with the Darkwraith covenant which values Humanity and offers part interesting distinct equipment favor the darksword and the dark hand.

though a vast bulk of players are most likely to just encounter Kingseeker Frampt in your initial playthrough, it"s possible to conference one other serpent, Darkstalker Kaathe, in The Abyss. However, there are at the very least eight various other primordial serpents that us don"t obtain to meet.

have to the player opt because that the Dark mr ending, i m sorry is accomplished by exiting Gwyn"s boss arena without linking the an initial Flame, the primordial serpents will appear and also bow to the preferred Undead, and a chuck 10 that them space shown. Us don"t know precisely how many of these beasts exist, yet there are certainly more than the two through whom we"re many familiar.

We recognize from the introduce cutscene that all of the dragons conserve for Seath were killed after Gwyn waged war against them, yet it seems prefer some lesser beings choose the Hellkite Drake and also the Everlasting Dragon still remain. Similarly, the primordial serpents may also fall into this category.

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together per the description of the Covetous yellow Serpent Ring, "the serpent is one imperfect dragon and also symbol the the undead." This argues that not only are the serpents somehow pertained to dragons, however they also harbor some distinctive kinship v the undead humans of Lordran.

though the chosen Undead technically regulated it double throughout the course of Dark Souls and also its DLC, entering The Abyss is no small feat, and also it requires a significant amount that preparation.

that said, the primordial serpents can apparently execute this in ~ whim, with Darkstalker Kaathe effortlessly showing up below brand-new Londo damages should certain conditions be met. This, alongside your association through humanity, suggests that they may either live in or have actually some association through The Abyss, though this connection is largely speculative.

when Darkstalker Kaathe either can not or is do not want to carry out this, Frampt will exchange undesirable items, weapons, and also pieces that armor v the liked Undead in exchange for souls. It appears innocuous, but how precisely did the come across these souls?

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As much as us know, souls and also intrinsic come every being and also can"t come from constant items. This method that Frampt either has a near-unlimited supply of spare souls or has actually the capability to generate them. We have no idea how this would be possible, and it only adds come the secret of this primordial monsters.

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This might seem evident to devoted Dark Souls veterans, but, offered how cagey the video game is with the lore surrounding these beings, many players may not understand that Frampt and also Kaathe room meant to represent light and also dark respectively, though these principles have to be twisted somewhat.

Frampt may represent the light and quest to find a successor to mr Gwyn, but he"s plainly manipulative and withholds crucial information. Kaathe, top top the other hand, is an ext outwardly sinister and has cursed his fair share of nefarious deeds, however he"s at least willing to tell the player the truth around humanity and also the oncoming age of Darkness.

after rooting v the video game files, hardcore Souls fans discovered that there"s actually an animation for killing the primordial serpents, though such an activity is difficult in-game. Us don"t recognize if lock would have actually fought ago or to be intended to be enemies at some allude in development, yet it"s an amazing tidbit, nonetheless. Perhaps the serpent the favored Undead made decision to side against would have struck on-sight?