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This to be an awe-inspiring episode that embodied all that is unique and also special around Dark Matter. Periodically an episode have the right to be greatly hyped and also be unable to live as much as the expectation of the fans. Not only did this illustration live as much as expectations yet it surpassed them by leaps and also bounds. Dark issue asks your characters, and audience, to concern the definition of identity. What makes a human being a person? Is the our pasts? Is it the we’re flesh and also blood? Is it our totally free will? Is that the ability to think independently? These are all inquiries asked this week together the Android explores her existence with the android upgrade that she acquired in the former episode. Each character has had actually to deal with the topic of identification as they struggle to specify these versions of us from that they were prior to the storage wipe. The interesting thing about the Android is that even without the update she was currently on a fascinating trip of self-discovery even much more pronounced and defined than her crewmates as result of her lack of the elements we would usually use to specify humanity.

It has actually been noticeable from the beginning that the Android was different from other androids. In her mind, that renders her “flawed”, but in truth, it makes her unique and also special. Still, also with other upgraded androids in existence, they it seems ~ to be the minority within their very own kind. That way that she is quiet an anomaly, and just like early humans, she may really well be the first step in an evolutionary monitor for she kind. Just due to the fact that she is mechanical, and was constructed versus being born, does no exclude her from the potential come evolve. Also today the scientific research exists because that AI’s, yet the are afraid is that need to humans provide them an avenue come exist in mass quantity we’ll it is in participating in a self-fulfilling prophecy provided to us by the likes of Battlestar Galactica, Terminator, and most recently shows like human of Interest and Humans have also tackled this topic. Apple has Siri and other tech carriers seem poised to role out competing systems, for this reason a future with fabricated beings doesn’t seem far off from being a reality. If our future selves act them choose slaves climate a change wouldn’t be the end of the realm of possibility, yet if us were come treat them together the crew the the Raza treats the Android it can be a marvelously symbiotic relationship. The scientific research behind the Android and also her evolution tendencies room not that far removed indigenous what may one work happen. Very sewing the Android is benevolent and also not malicious, however now that we recognize there is an android revolution of sorts ensuing in Dark issue I’m certain we’ll ultimately meet a maliciously developed android.

Something interesting to think around is the truth that us don’t know just how the androids came right into possession that the illegal tech that permits them this human-like upgrade. Did the various other upgraded androids take it it of your own totally free will, due to the fact that they were currently evolving like the Android, or was it compelled on castle as part of one experiment? I’m curious to find out whereby this upgrade started and if the various other androids to be as far into their very own evolutionary treks as the Android. In lot of interviews, I’ve heard Melissa O’Neil cite how exact Dark matter is with its science, and also the show has proven her suggest time and also time again. They have done a brilliant job of taking already existing science and predicting what it might evolve into. The idea the AI’s is fascinating and I don’t think shows favor Dark matter are much off on how the future may one work look.

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All of that made this episode all the much more intriguing and the occupational Zoie Palmer did to be magical. She had actually to juggle playing all three versions of her character in a solitary episode native the Android we know to her upgraded me to her uptight Red Android self and she never once let go a beat. In the hand of a lesser actress, it’s likely the various versions of the character could have seeped into the various other incarnations, yet even if castle weren’t aesthetically differentiated it would have been easy to tell castle apart thanks to she well-crafted performance. What I additionally found really interesting about Palmer’s technique to the upgraded Android was just how she blended the naivety the a kid with the brilliance of her android intelligence. As soon as she was trying to acquire arrested there to be this innocence in she performance the made her very endearing and also made it really believable that the cop wouldn’t arrest her. Then, when she wasn’t obtaining what she wanted, she began to act choose a defiant teenager. There were every these tiny moments in her power that as soon as you translate into them with each other make she flawless power all that more spectacular.
She wasn’t the only one to shine in this episode. The whole cast, and I do median every solitary one that them, upped their video game to extraordinary levels and delivered an illustration without a single thing come fault. Melissa O’Neil yielded an intensely emotional performance as Two faced down Jace Corso and also got revenge because that the lose of the guy she loved. Anthony Lemke, coming off of an extraordinary performance in the prior episode, expertly guided three through a facility array the emotions about Six and also dealing v his trepidations through Nyx. Alex Mallari Jr. Fiercely proved Four’s stoicism in the confront of capture and gave a commanding look right into the toughness within Four. Jodelle Ferland brilliantly verified Five’s no hope attempts come reconcile her feelings for Six and showed her toughness as she chased right into the challenge of danger to help save the rest of the crew. Roger Cross commanded his scenes as he took 6 through a journey of self-anger and an effort to redeem his troubled character. Melanie Liburd expertly tackled the cryptic nature of Nyx as she yielded an insightful peek into her mysterious character while additionally showing her strong need come belong. Shaun Sipos delivered an illuminating performance the shone an ext light on Devon as he had actually to guide his character with a complex journey of making it through while trying come hide a deep troubling secret. Every single one of this performers deserves praise for the work they carry out on a weekly basis, yet they deserve an extra sheep of praise for this illustration in particular.
I can’t leave the end Marc Bendavid that graced our displays as Jace and also delivered a dynamically sinister performance. Through the heartbreaking ns of One, and now the death of Jace at Two’s hands, the odds of the making a return are slim. This is sci-fi, so nothing is ever entirely impossible, however in this case, Bendavid returning to the series seems unlikely. Even though Jace was as a miserable excuse because that a man, Bendavid made him a an extremely three-dimensional character. The found an excellent ways to identify Jace native One and played sinister through as lot ferocious toughness as the did One’s kindness. I’m sure that if the display runs long enough they’ll find a method to lug Bendavid earlier in part capacity, yet I think this episode is his critical for rather some time and also it is sad. At least this appearance allowed the crew to acquire a much-needed sense of closure.
While One’s death was painful, seeing 2 kill Jace was cathartic and something that had actually to take place in bespeak for 2 to be able to move forward. I’m glad that it was 2 who enacted this minute of revenge. Despite I execute wish she had compelled some more information the end of him prior to pulling the trigger. However I guess it would have actually been too easy for them come just have the answers of that their adversaries are just handed come them. Component of the magic the this show is the crew figuring out things on your own, without aid and lock will too prevail end whomever these opponents are the took One native them.
Even despite it was great to check out Jace pay for the senseless killing of One this scene yes, really was all about Two. When Jace hit the ground and also the levity that the moment slammed right into Two, O’Neil permitted the audience to check out that Jace’s monitoring of Two’s newfound vulnerability was precise assessment. When Two stood over Jace with her pistol trained on him for the briefest of moments you could see 2 seeing One. As 2 depressed that trigger and also took Jace’s life it to be done through the toughness of a stoic leader, but it was also extremely emotionally driven. No sooner walk Jace struggle the ground 보다 O’Neil’s eyes flourished glassy v tears the she refuse to allow Two come shed. She opened herself increase to allow the audience to have actually a quiet and also intimate minute with 2 as the stoic leader was forced to confront emotions Portia Lin had actually skillfully learned to suppress. This was a beautifully raw acting minute where O’Neil fully embodied every painful believed running v Two’s head in that moment.
As 2 was dealing with all of this the remainder of her crew was scattered and also divided all around. Four was trapped through Chief Inspector Kierkan (guest star Kris Holden-Ried) and also was no hope trying to get out of the literal rock and also hard location he to be stuck in. Lucky for that the Raza crew is an extremely loyal and they never leave one of their very own behind. They to be either walking to it is in the ones come mercy kill four or they to be going to acquire his freedom. One of two people way, they weren’t walking to enable their girlfriend to fall into the hand of the G.A. Again. The entire crew unified as a team and through your unity they were able to attain Four’s freedom. It was good to watch Holden-Ried ~ above the show and since his character endured the episode I hope we’ll watch him back again. Through the G.A. Play such a large part in this season I would wager a guess that we might see that again at some point. Possibly we’ll gain lucky and also the following time he reappears he’ll have a fully healed and really much lively Anders (Jeff Teravainen) through him. Four seemed to be obtaining through come him around the corruption just as six was beginning to obtain through come Anders, for this reason it would be interesting for them to both reappear a little an ext receptive come the corruption the the organization they occupational for.
This illustration was filled come the brim through intriguing moments including just about everything to perform with Nyx. I discovered it curious the Nyx was so passionate to go with them top top the search for Jace, yet I think she witnessed an chance to really prove herself. She knew she had to get on the ground v the crew and also show them her true worth and also that’s precisely what she did. It was rather ingenious to team she up v Three as soon as the crew got split apart because they absolutely had some concerns to hash out. After beating the up at their very first meeting it to be a heavy olive branch she prolonged to the by conserving his life this time around. I’ve seen debates that the crew has actually been too fast to to trust Nyx and Devon, but what have they done to not deserve the crew to begin trusting them? Devon stepped up and saved Six in spite of knowing he was a G.A. Officer. Nyx has battled side-by-side v the crew numerous times now. She has been faithful to Two because the minute they hashed the end their distinctions in the sim-yard. In this illustration alone she saved both Two and also Three add to she aided rescue Four. Yes, Nyx is maintaining secrets, yet they every are, and also I think that she is maintaining her keys for the same factor that 2 is.
Whatever provides Nyx one-of-a-kind is likely to have originated from very illegal tech and she’s as hesitant to trust people with her an enig as 2 is. Ns think once her mystery is revealed, hopefully, in the next episode, the will aid the crew and also the viewers far better understand her. There is also a possibility that she doesn’t completely know what that is that offers her these amplified senses and also intuition. Nyx is one enigma wrapped in a galactic size mystery, so i can’t wait to obtain some of she backstory in the following episode. So, come summarize, we understand Nyx has actually an instinctual capacity to guess her opponents moves, she has heightened hearing, and also a healthy and balanced knowledge of just around every weapon placed in her hands. Sound somewhat comparable to someone we already know and also love? i wouldn’t be surprised to discover out she has some dark history with Dwarf Star Technologies since they appear to have a thing for developing illegal genetically one-of-a-kind beings. I’m an extremely curious to see her episode following week to see what kind of answers we get about all this.
Every personality was put through a whole array of obstacles and, regardless of his healing injuries, six wasn’t immune come that. As the location of the illustration references, 6 was forgive from gift spaced, yet that doesn’t median all is forgiven. If it were up to three they’d ditch him in ~ the nearest outpost and bid that goodbye forever. Happy for 6 he has actually both Two and Five ~ above his side. Lock both have their issues with him, yet they also understand just how the facility lives they each are living could lead among their very own to the decision 6 made. I execute like that 6 was ready to seek the crew, to assist them, regardless of his still fresh mended wounds hindering him. He’s no hope to make appropriate his wrongs also if it costs him his very own life. The was really nice to view Six earlier behind the helm of the Marauder. I get it Cross has a large personality and also a stage existence that requirements awe, so that is good to see him ago in action on the show.
This illustration was jam-packed v epic sequences, however the kind of the Raza come the planet’s surface was among the coolest looking ones. The method the Android was enabled to guide the ship through Devon and also Five nervously the town hall on to be a fun adjust of pace and the graphic of the entrance were really well done. I’m curious if Devon would have questioned the Android if she was her pre-upgrade me or if her much more human illustration made him nervous and also less i was sure in her abilities. Five has constantly had infallible faith in the Android and it was wonderful to check out her prolong that same trust to this new version of she friend. My favorite line from this illustration was when the Android to be explaining the Devon didn’t desire to know the specific probability of their success however she most definitely did. This totality scene played perfectly come the tone of the episode and also aided in more ramping up the stakes.
As if this episode didn’t have enough going on it ended at an interesting allude as the Android was challenged by Red Android. Even though she acknowledged that she make a boy miscalculation during the landing it to be still hard for the Android come hear Red Android point out she inability to properly control all the materials of the ship throughout the risky maneuver. Based off of photos that have been released mirroring the Android in a new white uniform it’s for sure to speak she doesn’t store her upgrade yet is left greatly influenced by her time living in a human-like way. I’m torn on this since I love see Zoie Palmer have the ability to deliver a more complimentary performance, however I likewise love the story of the Android evolving top top her own without the aid of tech. She was special simply the method she was and her crew loved her the way, for this reason it would be quite to see her go back and be enabled to evolve naturally. Top top the bright side, currently that the upgrade has been created there is nothing avoiding the display from pulling it the end from time come time for undercover missions. If by some really odd chance, she does store the upgrade I would be happy about that together well, however I don’t believe that’ll it is in the case. She care for she crew with all of her being and also if she thinks, for also a second, the the upgrade could reason her come endanger she crew she’d have it eliminated immediately. I’m interested come see exactly how she starts off the next episode. Will she still have the upgrade and struggle with giving it up or will certainly her confrontation through the Red Android lead she to remove the update off screen? What does everyone hope will certainly happen? What version of the Android do you prefer? exactly how will the experience change her? also if she downgrades earlier to normal it would be fun to watch her on chance slap 3 on the butt simply for fun. I have the right to only imagine exactly how much funny Palmer and also Lemke had filming the moment. The was among the lighter moments in this extreme episode and also it quiet fit in perfectly with the whole tone. That was likewise really funny to see the Android walk into that bar all sexy 보다 on a dime turn full on badass in one of the most epic Android struggle sequences yet. Speaking of that, i loved that the Android turned him end to the various other women top top the crew to interrogate him. The Raza males are amazing, but you need to admit the all the Raza ladies in one room deserve to be really intimidating.
The best way I can describe this episode is a miracle masterpiece. This episode extended a ton the ground and also nothing ever before seemed required or rushed. The flow was perfect and also the actors was certain flawless. This display has had some extraordinary episodes, however there is just something extra special around this one that makes it was standing out amongst a whole variety of spectacular episodes. It shines simply a tiny little brighter 보다 those the came prior to it. There yes, really is something simply magical in just how this entire episode come together.
Don’t miss the next episode whereby we’ll lastly get some answers about Nyx. Tune into the following episode ~ above Friday, August fifth at 10/9C ~ above Syfy in the united state and room in Canada

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Hit the comments v your thoughts about this episode. What did girlfriend think about it? were you as impressed through it together I was? walk you gain watching Zoie Palmer pat a different version of the Android? carry out you think 2 will be viewed as weak by others? can Six gain back his ar within the crew? In the preview i asked girlfriend what personality Joseph Mallozzi defined as a dog particularly a mutt. Below is his answer:JM: i think of 3 as probably a dog. Type of among those mutts, those loveable mutts the usually get a small bit cranky but dopey as well in type of an endearing way. Tongue hanging out, sort of a tool to huge sized mutt.
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