Having had actually three toddlers, i’m pretty certain that a one- or two-year-old has actually a entirety lot in usual with the iconic little monkey who desires to obtain into everything.

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This curious creature and his friend, the man in the Yellow Hat, do the perfect design template for a birthday party and also there space so plenty of ridiculously cute principles out there! yes no much better time to party choose a monkey.

Banana Cupcakes


These cupcakes are straightforward and sweet! roasted up this banana-flavored treats, then height with some frosting and those small banana-shaped candies. No artistic capability required.

Monkey Juice


Any yellow drink is perfect – try lemonade or pineapple juice!

Monkey Bark


How DARLING is this sweet treat? offer it at the party or pave it up in a clear bag through a yellow bow for a perfect party favor.

Curious George Costume


There’s practically nothing sweeter than a infant in a costume, and also this monkey costume is surprisingly easy to make! dress in theme and the photos will be that lot cuter.

Yellow Hat place Settings


Put a black band approximately the peak of a yellow cup, collection it upside down on a yellow plate, and voila! guy in the Yellow Hat location settings.

Monkey in the Middle


This classic game is simply right because that a Curious George party. Have everyone stand in a circle v one guest in the middle, then shot to toss a round (or a stuffed Curious George!) across the circle there is no the “monkey” in the middle recording it.

Yellow hat Ring Toss


Grab part yellow traffic cones and add black electrical tape and also you’re ready for simple game that toddlers and adults deserve to play!

Monkey ears Headbands


This simple craft needs no sewing and also lets everyone have a opportunity to be your favorite curious monkey. Do them beforehand or allow guests make their own as lock arrive!

Monkey Pudding Cup


These are a completely kid-friendly treat, plus they look darling as decorations on the food table.

Banana Centerpiece


A large tower of bananas is the perfect (and inexpensive!) centerpiece for the food table.

Honeycomb Banana Backdrop


This background adds a yes, really fun contemporary element to this party and also it’s ridiculously eye-catching.

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Guest Book


Get a gorgeous endowment of Curious George stories and also have the guests authorize it because that an extra distinct bedtime story.