The pendant of the Eternal fire cult prayer the disastrous power of fire in all its manifestations. They seek the power to burn far the “corruption” the both civilization and also nature v volcanic eruptions, woodland fires, warm waves, and droughts, producing a wasteland the ash and cinders ruled by fire alone. Eternal flame cultists believe the world and all its peoples are wicked and malformed, and they take into consideration it a sacred duty come “purify” everything approximately them by reducing their surroundings to smoking cinders.The Eternal fire appeals come those attracted to damage for its very own sake. Creatures of elemental fire room most most likely to take it up this reckless philosophy; also non-intelligent fire monsters feeling the reckless lust for destruction lurking in the understanding of fire cultists and also consider Eternal flame believers come be your allies.The authorize of the Eternal Flame. The prize of the fire cult is memory of a bowl-like brazier through a burning flame. Fire cultists sometimes recognize themselves through a symbolic hand sign: stop one hand in a fist, ignorance up, and laying the other hand over the fist as if to cover the bowl but permit the flame to show. Members that the cult can additionally be identified by your burn scars.


Fire cultists room impetuous, hot-tempered, and violent. They no mindless savages; their impetuousness also encompasses fiendish inventiveness and also a drive to devise new tools for their mad cause. They room masters that fire and also forge, taking captives to work in their infernal foundries. Fire cultists see conquest and also enslavement that the weak as important steps in bringing about the chaos they intended to unleash ~ above the world.In battle, fire cultists launch sudden, overwhelming assaults. They litter themselves into reckless assaults with no regard for their own lives, seeking to cause as much damages as feasible before falling. They are fearless and also would fairly die fighting among a lot of adversaries than retreat a solitary step.Followers that the Eternal flame cult surround themselves v the biggest fires they deserve to create. Their favorite tactic involves using magic to open up volcanic fissures or vents and also channel flows of molten rock. Widespread arson and also deliberately set forest fires are acceptable alternatives. Many fire cultists believe that other important and beautiful need to be collection on fire every day, or else they’re simply not doing your part. 


Eternal flame cultists detest the pendant of the Crushing Wave. They check out the water cultists as slippery and untrustworthy, perhaps even cowardly—after all, the Crushing tide retreats conveniently from opposition and also seeks the route of least resistance before committing the strength. The planet cultists room stolid and also courageous, but maddeningly sluggish to act. The cultists of the Howling hatred share the fire cult’s impulse to action swiftly and also show many of the same features of inventiveness and creativity in the organization of element Evil.

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Cults of Elemental evil



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