As Crusader kings 3 is a medieval empire simulator, it's obviously an extremely important the the personalities have the capability to construct a good family - whether this method in quality or quantity. There room two success in the video game that encourage the latter playstyle, profitable players for having big families and also a huge dynasty.

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To gain the Prolific achievement you require to have 100 living empire members in ~ once. This just way 100 members of her dynasty, the does no mean having actually a close family members of 100 members, thankfully. Top top your way to get this, you will certainly likely obtain The sequence is safe achievement which just requires having actually 10 living children.

structure A big Dynasty

Crusader emperors 3 family tree view
The an essential to having babies is, naturally, fertility. In Crusader emperors 3, fertility is an attribute that dictates how likely a character is to have a child and is no necessarily related to their biological capacity to have actually children. The attribute to represent the percentile opportunity of a couple becoming pregnant each month.

Fertility is influenced by plenty of variables, in-depth in the table below.

Male characters will certainly never shed the ability to sire children, yet they will become less able when they hit the age of 36. At the period of 70, your base fertility is 50%.

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Female characters, however, start shedding fertility at the period of 26 and will quickly lose their base fertility rate. At the age of 46, lock will totally lose the capability to end up being pregnant.
Many traits impact your fertility, some an ext than others. Fecund is the many effective, offering a +50% to a character's fertility rate. The assorted Attractiveness traits also improve a character's fertility to varying amounts. Lustful also increases fertility.On the flipside, some characteristics will alleviate fertility. These incorporate the negative Attractiveness traits, Disfigured, and also Sterile/Barren.
Lifestyle choices can impact fertility in lot of ways.Completing the Family Hierarch, Seducer, or Whole of human body perk tree (in the Diplomacy, Intrigue, and also Learning lifestyles respectively) will improve a character's fertility.
The Seducer tree the the Intrigue lifestyle has the Like Weeds in a Garden perk which boosts fertility through a huge 30%. It's additionally the first perk in the tree, for this reason it's straightforward to dive in and get it for an easy boost to fertility.
For woman characters, gift a mam or a lover has no result on your fertility rate with a male character. Concubines and secondary spouses, ~ above the various other hand, have actually a 50% reduction in their fertility applied to them. The is still all at once beneficial to have them if the aim is to have actually a substantial family.

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For each child a female character has, she fertility is lessened by a static 5 percent.

as soon as taking all of this information into account, some techniques for producing a vast dynasty come to be apparent:

pick the lifestyles that administer fertility bonuses, especially Seducer together the like Weeds in a Garden perk is an extremely easy to get. concerned that point, playing the video game with an emphasis on seduction can be a an excellent strategy and leads to some fun occasions in the meantime. Faiths that have actually the Polygamous marriage theory will advantage from the big royal households that can produce multiple kids at once. This is probably the best means to aim because that the accomplishment The succession is Safe. Making sure that you have male heirs deserve to be advantageous as male personalities are typically able come have an ext children in a life time than woman characters. with female children, just settle for matrilineal marriages to spread out your empire even further.

once you fight 100 living dynasty members, friend will achieve the standing of Prolific and obtain the associated achievement.


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