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By Erica Thomas, regulating editor

ARGO — many things have adjusted since the coronavirus pandemic and one that those transforms is a positive readjust for the city of Argo. Crazy horse restaurant underwent a re-branding and is all set to offer more than ever.

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The new name the the business is town Hall Market and also it’s opening on Wednesday, July 8, 2020.

Owner Hunter Evans stated the ar will encompass a butcher shop, seafood market, in-house dining, wine, craft beer, produce, home decor, occasion rentals and more. Exclusive event space can be rented for parties, wedding rehearsals/receptions and other celebrations.

Evans’ father opened up the Crazy horse restaurant eight years ago. After 7 years of owning the restaurant himself, Hunter Evans made decision to re-brand.

“I’ve to be talking about doing a butcher shop because that a while,” claimed Evans. “When this COVID thing happened, i heard all the grocery store stores were the end of meat and also I instantly said, ‘We’ve obtained to sell meat.”

Crazy Horse started selling meat for pickup.

“My household owns Evans Meats, so they market to fine-dining restaurants,” Evans said. “I am the manager of operations at Stockyards, i m sorry is a meat processing facility because that U.S. Foods, for this reason we are in the business.”

Even Evans’ grandfather was in the meat business.

“I was kind of born into the business,” Evans said. “My granddad started Southeastern Meats earlier in the 60s.”

Manager Susanne Ray claimed the changes and re-branding were heavily influenced by alters that had to be made because of coronavirus. Anyone at town Hall industry wanted to execute all they could to get civilization supplies and also products castle needed.

The business is partnering through Stray Cats house Decor. Everything in the structure will be for sale or because that rental.

“They have products with us,” said Ray. “The idea is to have the ability to come in and also get noþeles you require for her dinner party.”

Ray said also the floor have the right to be rented.

“The floor is going come be accessible if perhaps a bride wants that kind of theme,” ray explained. “Everything is mobile so the key floor the the restaurant can be rented, as well as our venue an are upstairs.”

Ray really hopes the organization will be a one-stop-shop destination for people throughout the region.

“We’ve obtained a many things walking on yet they are all connected in a method that will be attractive to people,” stated Ray.

Fresh produce will be put throughout the market. Evans said the locally grown fruit and also vegetables will add to the offerings at city Hall Market.

“We’re working with different farmers,” said Evans. “Smitherman’s out of Clanton is walk to it is in doing a great bit of it, however we’re open up to happen in new, regional farmers.”

Evans claimed he to plan to usage gardens at big Canoe Creek Outfitters to thrive his own develop as well.

Town Hall industry will no longer have actually liquor because that sale.

“We cut the dimension of the bar in half and we’re not selling liquor anymore,” stated Evans. “We can’t offer liquor for on-premises usage if we’re going to sell beer and also wine to go.”

Chef James Hammons will continue to cook and also he will now run the butcher shop. Evans claimed that will include a lot to the quality of the cuts provided.

“Not only does that know exactly how to reduced meat, yet he can tell you what to do with it,” stated Evans.

Town Hall market will be open Tuesday – Sunday.

Tues. – Sat., 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.Sun. 9 a.m. – 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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Dinner will be served Thursday – Saturday, indigenous 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. Sunday brunch will be native 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

The team at city Hall Market wishes to market a distinctive experience because that customers. Your tagline is “Live Life Local.”

“There’s nothing like it,” said Evans. “I don’t recognize of anything prefer it anywhere about Birmingham.”