So, you want to visit Cozumel in Mexico, great choice. It’s no an enig that i love visiting the Island as there are so countless fun things to execute in Cozumel, particularly to go scuba diving. However Cozumel is one island and getting there deserve to put people off visiting, especially if you need to acquire from Cancun to Cozumel. In this post, I’ve walk to go through every one of the means you can get to Cozumel indigenous Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and also Tulum, together those space the most common starting points.

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The main hong to understand when figuring out how to acquire to Cozumel is that unless you fly right into Cozumel airport climate you will have actually to acquire the ferry to Cozumel. There is no Cancun – Cozumel ferry just a Playa del Carmen – Cozumel ferry so where your beginning point, friend will need to transit with Playa del Carmen.

Did You gain Your travel Insurance Yet?

If you are planning a pilgrimage right currently then you have to thing seriously about insurance. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s the you should be ready for anything!

Travel insurance money has always been high on the perform of points to get before you travel but now an ext than ever it must be in ~ the top of her list! I’m pretty certain we have actually all had travel to plan messed up because of COVID and also not every insurers covered this. Therefore you require to discover an insurer that covers travel disruption due to COVID-19, human being Nomads and also Safety Wing space the ones to go for. People Nomads is an excellent for cases that happen prior to her trip, so if you obtain sick or are unable come travel due to travel restrictions some the their policies will sheathe that as cancellation cover. Security Wing walk the extra mile and covers quarantine external your residence for up to 10 days, they likewise have a really handy map on your website showing requirements and also restrictions for each country.

If you are doing shorter trips or a onger backpacking pilgrimage then WorldNomads is the best option. If you room a digital wanderer or planning take trip of at the very least 6 months then walk for SafetyWing. Alternativly take trip Insurance grasp is a great site to perform a much more general serch for vacation insurance. Just make sure whichever insurance plan you go through will cover you for COVID.

How to gain to Cozumel native Cancun airport

The best method to obtain from Cancun come Cozumel is yes, really going to rely on her budget and how much of a rush you are in! If possible it’s precious checking if you can fly direct into Cozumel airport and skip Cancun altogether. Even if it’s $100 extra, it’s most likely worth that with the time you will invest traveling and also the cost of the travel.

You have the right to fly indigenous Cancun Airport come Cozumel, yet many that the companies only operate during peak season and you will probably need to publication a private plane to do this journey. Suppose to pay at least $500 USD for the plane.

If girlfriend can’t fly straight to Cozumel and also renting a private aircraft to get you over there is the end of her budget, climate you space going to need to go through land and sea. There space several various ways of doing this depending upon your budget and comfort level. Together I currently mentioned girlfriend will very first need to obtain to Playa del Carmen and then from there take the ferry come Cozumel. If you want to protect against all fuss then publication a private transfer and ferry service like this one.


Option 1 – fly from Cancun Airport come Cozumel

If you have the budget, this yes, really is the way to go! especially right now when the ferries space still chaotic due to the fact that of the pandemic. Chartering a airplane is straightforward via paris Cozumel and you can fly straight from Cancun Airport come Cozumel airport v them. No ‘bag drag’, no stunner ferry lines, no fuss. To gain a quote because that a private aircraft to Cozumel (or native Cozumel to Cancun airport) click here.


Option 2 – Taxi and also Ferry

I personally would certainly not take a taxi native Cancun airport as they are method overpriced and as a tourist, specifically if girlfriend speak no Spanish you space going to acquire ripped off. Even if girlfriend agree ~ above the price before you obtain in the taxi they will regularly demand huge tips indigenous you, therefore I’d simply avoid them unless you have actually no choice.

If you carry out take a taxi do not pay much more than $1500 pesos and ask castle to take you come the Cozumel Ferry. They can’t fall you appropriate there, yet they can gain you a quick walk away. If you have a many bags over there are males on bikes the can aid with her luggage because that a fee.

Option 3 – private Transfer and Ferry

If you want to be together comfortable as feasible then this is the alternative to choose. Girlfriend can book a exclusive transfer to Playa del Carmen v Cancun Airport transportation for as small as $50 USD. They will certainly be there wait for you in ~ the airport, generally with a cold wet towel so you have the right to freshen up! If you space a solo traveler this probably isn’t the ideal option because that you, but if you are in a team then this is walking to be a an excellent choice to get you indigenous Cancun to Cozumel. Friend can additionally use a private transfer company like this one which contains your ferry carry too.

Option 4 – ADO Bus and Ferry

If you room on a budget and don’t desire to pay for a minibus every to you yourself then the ADO bus is walk to be the best method to obtain from Cancun to Cozumel because that you. Native Cancun plane head to one of the ADO bus stations and also book a ticket to Playa del Carmen. It will certainly cost roughly $10-15 USD yet you will need to pay in cash, for this reason make certain you have some pesos on you (there room ATMs in the airport). The buses run regularly and are airconditioned. The ADO bus station in Playa del Carmen is really close come the ferry come Cozumel so your walk will be around as far as if you acquire a taxi or a private transfer.

Playa del Carmen come Cozumel ferry


From Playa del Carmen friend will have to take the Playa del Carmen to Cozumel ferry. There space 2 companies operating this route and they both fee the very same price and also depart in ~ the exact same time (bonkers i know) which is top top the hour every hour, there room some exceptions in the morning and at night, however this is the general rule.

As soon as you get out that the taxi, mini ban, or bus you will have civilization shouting in ~ you make the efforts to sell you ticket to Cozumel. Personally, I constantly walk past them and buy from the office closer come the ferry.

This is since I favor to salary on a card and 9 times the end of 10 when I’ve bought from the little booths one of two people the card an equipment isn’t working, or it’s so slow I’ve missed the ferry (true story). Anyway, it doesn’t matter so much, they all fee the same. I usually use Ultramar together I prefer their boats, however there isn’t much difference between the 2.

You can publication a one-way ticket or a return, there isn’t much of a discount for booking a return. The cost of the Cozumel ferry because that tourists is about $400 pesos for a ring trip. You have the right to pay a little extra because that a first classed ticket, yet I never do.

Once you have your ticket it’s time to go inside and get in line. Together both ferries walk at the same time it frequently gets crowded. Just look out for the line of the agency you booked. You will all get in together and also have to go v security prior to being able to walk on the ferry.


Some notes about the ferry come Cozumel from Playa del Carmen:

You have the right to take your bike on the ferry no trouble for no extra charge, you will be directed to a various entrance top top the soil floor so you don’t have actually to try and get up the escalator through your bike!It’s the very same if you have actually a most luggage or in a wheelchair. You just go under the escalator and also enter from there.Personally, I always sit at home in the ac fairly than outside, however that’s probably because I’m not a tourist and also it’s not so interesting for me anymore.

People selling you stuff

On both sides of the ferry, you are going to have a lot of of world trying to offer you stuff. Carry out yourself a favor and just to walk right previous them. You will certainly never gain a an excellent deal on points to execute in Cozumel in Playa, and also you will certainly never get the finest deals as you room leaving the Cozumel ferry terminal. Just organize on and wait until you acquire to her Cozumel accommodations and also ask them because that the companies they recommend. It’s always much better to walk off references than trusting the salespeople at the ferry terminals who will tell friend anything just to near the sale! You can find all of the Cozumel tour carriers I introduce here.

I very recommend renting a car in Cozumel together it really is the best and also safest means of seeing the island. Execute not be tempted to rent from any kind of of the service providers at the ferry though, instead publication ahead of time v a reputable local company. I constantly use Fiesta Rentals, they are the most honest and also reliable agency on the island. They will drop friend off and also pick you increase at your accommodation so friend don’t should stress about having to walk to them and their price are really reasonable.


How to acquire from Cozumel come Tulum

Getting from Tulum to Cozumel is pretty comparable to acquiring from Cancun to Cozumel. You can even book a private aircraft to paris you there, or you need to gain to Playa del Carmen and then take it the ferry to Cozumel indigenous Playa.

I wrote a whole article on getting from Playa to Tulum if you want an detailed guide. However in brief, you have the right to take a taxi, book a transfer, hop top top a colectivo, or take it the ADO bus. The cheapest choice is a colectivo which will certainly drop friend pretty close come the ferry top top Calle 4. However it’s no the most comfortable. Girlfriend can likewise book a attend to Ultramar v transfers indigenous Tulum included.

Playa del Carmen come Cozumel ferry prices

The cost of a round trip is usually $500 pesos (around $25 USD), however if you publication online it is actually more expensive! If you are regional then you can get a very good discount, for this reason be certain to show your neighborhood ID card.Playa del Carmen to Cozumel ferry timetable

For the latest ferry time come Cozumel indigenous Playa del Carmen click on the links to the ferry companies’ websites. In general, despite the ferries leave on the hour every hour at the very least from 9 am until 9 pm.

Ferries operation from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen indigenous 8 am until 8 pm.



Car Ferry to Cozumel

There is a car ferry the will gain you from Playa del Carmen come Cozumel. There room two suppliers that run this route, Ultramar and Transcribe. Lock both leave from the port of Calica ~ above the southern side of Playa del Carmen (close to Xcaret). Lock arrive into Muelle in Cozumel.

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For the Cozumel vehicle ferry timetables click the links below:

Transcribe car ferry timetable

Ultramar auto ferry timetable

Transportation in Cozumel

Need to rental a vehicle in Cozumel or wondering how best to get roughly the island? climate take a read of this short article on the ScubaTony Blog.