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DeranthPosts: 2Joined: 27 Dec 2014, 12:26

Is food preparation broken?

by Deranth » 27 Dec 2014, 12:35

I"ve been gradually figuring points out through my friends, we have one human going down each skill tree ~ above a personal server.I"ve finally gotten far sufficient in procuration to be able to start cooking, and also I have been totally unable come gain any kind of skill levels.Here space the details.I was, in ~ first, using an oven and a primitive cooking pot.I thought, after 2 successful meals v no gains, that I might need to upgrade my pot, for this reason I gained our blacksmith to make me a food preparation pot.After two an ext meals, i searched roughly online and also found someone saying the you required a big cauldron to gain gains. I then persuaded our blacksmith come waste the 18 ingots to provide it a shot.The huge cauldron to be showing around twice as many choices for cooking as the oven, for this reason I obtained excited and also gave that a shot. Two meals later with no gains, I acquired pissed off and moved mine charcoal earlier to the stove to find that now the range was mirroring those extra food preparation options. I tried cooking another meal there and also still acquired no gains.I climate tried cooking one of the 5 ingredient meals, yet was can not to. The bar filled prefer I was food preparation something, however when it perfect nothing happened, no pop up error or anything.My clan is trying to sirloin me into tailoring so i can gain the stuff we need together to do training dummies, however I can"t get there without food preparation gains, and I don"t understand what"s going on.
AtroxkeepPosts: 31Joined: 12 Oct 2014, 05:43

Re: Is cooking broken?

by Atroxkeep » 28 Dec 2014, 07:06

It virtually sounds choose something is bugged for you. Cooking works because that me on any kind of and every one of the gadgets for cooking. Campfire, big Cauldron, range or Kitchen and with either pot. But normally because that me ns dont check out the high tier recipes till i get the required skill to make them. However i do gain skill points for anything i make on any kind of cooking item.I think afterwards they are going to make it so every cooking machine will allow you come prepare higher and higher tier recipes (ie camp fire: 1-2 ingredients, large Cauldron 1-3, range 1-4 and Kitchen 1-5)
OrsusPosts: 255Joined: 29 Oct 2014, 06:38

Re: Is food preparation broken?

through Orsus » 28 Dec 2014, 10:05

Did you have a chef pot fitted at the time?Also what is the preceding an abilities level?Were there any kind of messages in the device chat?Also if every else fails, perform it again ~ logging out and also include the device logs on a write-up here for the Devs and also players that know that to walk through.
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