Bruising come the best upper quadrant the the abdomen complying with blunt trauma is many suggestive of injury to the:


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The mesentery is:

a membranous fold that attaches the intestines come the walls of the body.

Contraction or tensing the the abdominal muscles in an initiative to ease pain is called:


Accumulation the blood in the ab cavity will certainly MOST most likely cause:


When worn properly, a seatbelt have to lie:

below the anterior premium iliac spines the the pelvis and versus the hip joints.

The presence of tachycardia adhering to a far-reaching abdominal injury:

should be assumed to it is in a sign of shock.

Early bruising following ab trauma regularly manifests as:

red locations of skin.

During her assessment the a patience who skilled blunt trauma to the abdomen, you notification bruising approximately the umbilicus. This is a authorize of:

intra-abdominal bleeding.

Compression injury is most likely because of which that the following?

Improperly placed lab belt

When a patient stiffens the muscle of the abdomen, that is well-known as _______.


Injuries come the exterior male genitalia _______.

are hardly ever life-threatening

Which the the following is true about injury come the kidneys?

Injury come the kidneys usually shows injury to various other organs.

You are transporting a 42-year-old masculine who experienced blunt abdominal trauma. He is receiving oxygen in ~ 12 L/min via a nonrebreathing mask and full spinal precautions have actually been applied. Throughout your reassessment, you note his level of consciousness has decreased and his respirations have end up being shallow. You should:

insert one airway adjunct if he will tolerate it and begin assisting his ventilations through a BVM.

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Which that the adhering to statements regarding abdominal eviscerations is correct?

The protruding organs must be maintained warm and moist.

Which the the complying with organs would certainly MOST likely bleed profusely as soon as injured?


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