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Buy for $23.99From: Card Kingdom

Card Color:Art  
Mana Cost9  
Type & Class:Artitruth Creature - Golem  
Card Text:Trample (If this creature would asauthorize enough damages to its blockers to damage them, you might have it asauthorize the rest of its damages to deffinishing player or planeswalker.) Colossus of Sardia does not untap in the time of your untap action. 9: Untap Colossus of Sardia. Activate this ability only in the time of your upstore.
Flavor Text:From the Sardian mountains wakes prehistoric doom: Warrior born from a rocky womb.

See more: An Equation Whose Variables Are Polar Coordinates Is Called A Polar Equation"S V

Artist:Jesper Myrfors
Card #:11/100

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Vendor Price
Spread: $10.49 Lowest vendor: Card Kingdom ($23.99) Best buylist: Card Kingdom ($13.50)


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