The turkey is a very beautiful and also popular bird transparent the world. Specifically their popular raise high during the holiday season. Turkey is also an extremely important poultry birds. There space two varieties of turkey obtainable and they space wild and also domestic turkey.

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Although domesticated and wild turkeys room related however there room some differences in between this 2 types. Domestic turkeys can’t fly yet the wild turkeys are capable of flight.

Generally wild turkeys have actually dark colored feathers. ~ above the various other hand residential turkeys room usually bred for having white feather and additionally for having huge breast muscles. Turkey meat contain short fat and a an excellent source of protein.

Turkey feathers Colors

Nowadays, turkeys have gained a an international popularity due to the fact that of the great taste and nutritional value of your meat. However, below we desire to define the turkey feather colors and also the varieties of feather wild and also domesticated turkeys have.

Domestic Turkeys

Domestic turkeys are obtainable with a wide range of vivid feathers. The colors of your feathers room also good indicator of their production. Both giant and small turkey varieties have white colored feathers.

Both Bourbon Red and vast Breasted copper turkeys have deep coloration the glows through copper, russet and chestnut colors.


Additional shades touched v iridescent blue and also green color are obtainable in Gray Narragansett, black Spanish and Blue Slate turkeys. Turkeys through white fancy feathers are many common and widely raised for meat production.

Wild Turkeys

Like tamed turkeys, wide selection of colorful feathers can likewise be seen in wild turkeys. The wild male turkeys room banded through iridescent feathers the shine in colors of bronze, copper, gold, green and red. Some wild breeds likewise have various color phases. For example black, brown, gray, reddish and also even albino.

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You may have seen only white and also brown colored turkeys, however you might be surprised in ~ the plenty of colors you’ll discover of wild and domesticated turkeys. There room a wide range of vivid turkeys room available. Each of the breeds have actually special characteristics and special feathers type.